my brain is operating on a different wavelength….

…. says the medical assistant who’s been using the Synchro-Energiser at the Universe of You in California. It consists of a set of headphones playing a combination of sounds and goggles that flash patterns of coloured light.


Another way of supposedly altering your brain for the better is to experience the Ganzfeld Effect


“The Ganzfeld effect is a sort of mini-isolation chamber. The mind reacts better to a blank but steadily-lit field for sensory deprivation than it does to darkness. Many light and sound mind machines have a setting to produce the Ganzfield effect, and at least one, the Tranquilite, is just for the Ganzfield effect. You can get some of the effects of this, though, with the cheapest mind-altering technology: cut a ping-pong ball in half, paint both halves orange or light blue, and tape them over your eyes, then sit where you can look into a bright light.”

real-homer-simpson-by-pixeloo also have information on Biocircuitry

“A biocircuit is made up of copper plates connected via copper wire to copper plated handles. You arrange them in specially designed “circuits” and then lie down on them, holding onto the handles, and it somehow “balances” your body’s electrical fields. Sounds silly to some of us, but there were some double-blind studies which suggest that they may be able to produce mind-altering effects. They are also available in silver and in silk”

If you’re into this sort of thing you might be interested in what USA Today had to say in this article about digital drugs…..

Some sites provide binaural beats that have innocuous effects. For example, some claim to help you develop extrasensory powers like telepathy and psychokinesis.

Other sites offer therapeutic binaural beats. They help you relax or meditate. Some allegedly help you overcome addiction or anxiety. Others purport to help you lose weight or eliminate gray hair.

However, most sites are more sinister. They sell audio files (“doses”) that supposedly mimic the effects of alcohol and marijuana.


It doesn’t end there. You’ll find doses that purportedly mimic the effects of LSD, crack, heroin and other hard drugs. There are also doses of a sexual nature. I even found ones that supposedly simulate heaven and hell.”

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  1. Ah, my husband put some headphones on me one day with these tones, different ones for each ear. Then he asked me if they made me feel relaxed or anxious.
    I didn’t feel anything but I didn’t go through an entire cycle.
    Pretty interesting though.

  2. Hmm, I suspect I would just end up with ringing in my ears, or eyes, or other parts!

  3. Isn’t it easier to just drink a bottle of Bailey’s and look at a magic eye picture?

  4. This sounds damned good Nursie. Could try it for us? Maybe one day we could do ping pong balls together.

  5. Where can we find these digital drugs… I’m asking for a friend of course.

  6. just tell your friend to click on the USA Today link Alex 🙂

  7. I’m sticking to plenty of bran as I apparently talk out of my bottom – I have it on the highest authority ….. and it always works on the same level.

  8. TMI daddyp 🙂

  9. I prefer real sex preferably with a real living woman (the dead ones take all the fun out of it).

    The author of that USA piece is names “Kim Komando.” LOL, that would be a great porn name.
    haha… good spotting Woeful

  10. having a sexual experience through headphones? that’s just fucked in the head…

  11. How many more ways can we disconnect ourselves from each other? Hmmm…let’s see we have the Internet, Cell Phones that do everything (so far) that we used to do for ourselves or nag each other into doing ( remember this, write this down, where are those pictures, find the directions…cause I said please…THAT’s Why.”

    Now this stuff.


    Before you know it people will be irrelevant to their own lives~

  12. Or you can just read Renal Failure for a whole day… that will surely alter your mind, and it’s free.

  13. There seems to be no end to mankind’s search for a way to escape the boredom and monotony that is inherent in the human condition.

  14. @ Dais – Only if it’s hooked up to an iBob *grin*

    And Nursie…aren’t you always on a different wavelength 🙂

    not from you Dolce. not from you

  15. I once knew someone that asserted that chiropractic adjustment could cure AIDS.

    Don’t believe everything you read.

  16. My brain is operating on a different wavelength. It’s Sunday, it’s sunny in Seattle in January. That is enough of a drug for me. Later, peeps.

  17. I’m with Silverstar, sunshine in January–who needs drugs on any kind!

  18. I’m with Silverstar, sunshine in January–who needs drugs of any kind!

  19. Although apparently I’ve been ingesting something that makes me see double.

  20. does it make you high as well Kym? if so, I’ll put up with the visual side effects

  21. On the contrary, I think I remember a distinct swing of mood downward along with a mental scolding that went something like, “You idiot, you know once you’ve pressed the submit button there is no retreat!)

  22. I’d love to give a few of these a whirl. How about you? I’m sure it’s expensive however.

  23. i’ve experienced tibetan bowls that vibrate with the same wavelength as that of the earth. it was very beautiful.
    you gave me a laugh, nurse myra, with the halved ping pong balls and the photo of homer simpson. understanding comes slowly for me, but that was a moment of blessed clarity.

  24. Hey Sera, glad you’re back safely from Costa Rica. We missed you around here!

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