get off on a good footing


the phrase “being on a good footing with them” usually describes a pleasant relationship. according to some, it was derived from an early apprenticeship practice.  After the end of a first day at work an apprentice invited new colleagues out for drinks and “footed the bill” and thus gained a “good footing”



a second derivation links the phrase with a bizarre interpretation of human anatomy – the importance given to the length of your digits.  At one time, the dimension of the middle toes determined a person’s “standing” in the community. thus the measurement of their foot decided their status in the eyes of others. Those with large feet were lucky to be on a “good footing”.


What your toes Know tells you more

LARGE, ROUND BIG TOE If you’re big toe is somewhat bulbous you’re bound to do something to wow the world

LONGER, NARROW BIG TOE You’re likely to gravitate toward more technical pursuits.  


SMALLER, SQUAT BIG TOE You have the tendency to be very focused and a little cautious. 

VERY STRAIGHT, WELL-GROUNDED BIG TOE Confidence is your key to success, sister, so stay on track by keeping that self-esteem in check. 


toes from Gore Galore

CROOKED BIG TOE Could it be you’ve settled for less? Be true to you. 

A BIG TOE THAT POINTS UPWARD A real die-hard dreamer has a toe that doesn’t come in contact with the ground at all. 

A BIG TOE THAT POINTS DOWN You have untapped energy and talent.


shoe by vivienne westwood

Podiatry is a popular profession at the gimcrack. we have several who visit our patients regularly because lord knows most old people have ghastly feet. I can think of more exciting jobs but I’d rather cut toenails than clean up vomit so it’s worth considering……


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  1. I have greek feet… who knew…

  2. not me 🙂

  3. “You’re a poet, don’t know it, but your toes show it. They’re Longfellows.” UGH. Sorry.

  4. Lol! The toes knows! Who knew?

  5. I am so glad no toes were hurt in the making of this blogpost. Although that shoe looks like the return of Chinese foot-binding. Hurts to look at it.

  6. I’m sure those in podiatry are paid handsomely.

    How do you do your job nurse? I would not have the stomach for it. I commend you.

  7. oh I don’t do any hands on nursing Ricardo. I just hang around the reception area looking good 🙂

  8. I wonder how this ties up with “putting your foot in it”?

  9. depends on what “it” is…..

  10. I’m a dreamer…I’m not the only one.

    uh oh, now I’ll have that song in my head all day….

  11. I’ve always considered my feet to be one of my best features ……. let’s face it, I’m getting desperate …….

  12. …… mind you, since my haircut, mirrors are no longer cracking which must be a good sign …….. surely

  13. this is simply toetry, nursemyra… thanks for the lesson!

  14. I regularly get off on a good footing. Have a Philippino girl who is very good at it.
    Though what with the credit crunch I’m going to have to curtail it to twice a week.

  15. Of course, being U.S.-ego centric, I initially thought that “getting off on good footing” was a tip of your hat to Barak Obama, who will be sworn into the oval office in less than four hours. I wonder what kind of big toe President Obama has? (God, it felt good to type that.)

  16. I’d never be able to make a living working with feet – I can barely bring myself to tend to my own (though they are kept quite tidy and clean, rest assured).

    Pass the gin, please?

  17. I’d rather be a podiatrist than a dentist.

    Tonic and lime for you Rev?

  18. Wowing the world with my big toes? My sister would be amazed. She thinks I have the ugliest feet ever.

  19. one of my mothers (I had two) thought I had the ugliest feet. just because my big toes turn up slightly…. i think they’re kind of cute 🙂

  20. apparently I am out to ‘wow’ …. however, I broke my right big toe so it is a wee bit crooked.. and spookily I have settled for less in early years but not now .. wow how accurate are the foot gurus lol 😉

  21. Toes creep me out. They’re like tiny retarded fingers on the ends of feet and they’re nasty.

  22. What a lot of baggage we toet around on our feet – I’ll sit down and have another gin!

  23. You forgot camel toe. But it’s illustrated well by that minx (a self-portrait?) doing up her jeans.

    self portraits are on Fridays…..

  24. My head is bulbous. Does that count for anything?

  25. renalfailure… you remind me of the anti-toe goblins in George MacDonald’s Curdie books. Wow, takes me back.

  26. getting a kick in the ass from that Vivienne Westwood shoe? ye-owza!

  27. I wonder what mine tell about me … wait! I can’t see them.
    Can’t see your toes … Time to start exercising.

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