too tight for corset friday

green-013 green-004

I made the mistake of “getting in the mood” too early for corset friday. the gimcrack is air conditioned so even though sydney is sweltering through a heatwave this week, I still thought I’d be cool enough while wearing a corset under a loose cotton top. Wrong.

green-006 small-green

couldn’t wait to get home and remove it – the boning was digging into me all day and I’m covered in marks and indentations. so now I’m sitting in front of a fan in a pale green babydoll with orange gingham trim with a long tall iced water. It’s too hot to even drink red wine. Remind me I said this when I’m complaining about the cold next winter…..

green-010 green-005


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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if you could preserve extreme temperatures and then use them as needed? Sort of like jam.

  2. I hear you Kyk…

  3. Gad!

  4. Heat in Australia is an incredible hardship. What did people do before air conditioning?

    It is simply not possible to dress in a European manner. True?

    Sorry, that was small talk, just filling in time, until I could say “great tits”.


  5. I don’t have air conditioning at home 😦

  6. lovely, as usual, dear nursemyra. think cool thoughts. i’ll send some your way from very cold here… where you have warmed me exquisitely.

  7. poor nursemyra – suffering a suffocating corset on a sweltering day. here… have some ice to cool your… oh, wait. i see they’ve already been cooled off! 😉

  8. Wow 🙂

  9. Could you expand on that word boning for us, nurse?

  10. what i like about you is the consistency… stunning as usual.

  11. I will happily tend to your poor breasts for you, my dear.

    No really. It is no bother!

  12. Holy cow! These pix and all that talk of the sweltering heat is enough to drive me to the best kind of distraction.

  13. This reminds me of my days in Mexico, the heat, the sweat, the love-hate relation you have with temperatures. Love the photo´s very arty.

    hey Mick thanks for dropping by. I LOVE your site

  14. The photos are lovely, as are you.

  15. i’m glad my office has a fan.
    it’s very hot in here.

  16. I always look forward to taking a peek at the Australian Open… this year a may have a new favorite in Women’s Doubles.

    Rod Layver

  17. Couldn’t you have asked one of those nice doctors for help?

    Sorry, I’ve lowered the tone. But so has everyone else.

  18. Yea, it’s getting a little hot here too.

  19. Inkspot: Sadly, there are no nice doctors at the Gimcrack 😦

    UncleKeith: I thought you lived in colder climes…..

  20. At least here they get the attention they deserve Nursey. Lol! We are sweltering over here too … I love it as I am not fond of winter cold.
    Iced water … yum. Although I’d settle for chilled white wine too!

  21. Poor Nursie, I can still see the marks of the boning on your breast. I admire the courage it took to wear a corset to work in a heat wave. I could not do it, not even on a cold day. I also will send you some cool air.

  22. Gulp.

  23. Wow…first time to your blog. I perused around for some time. Impressive. I probably shouldn’t be going here from the day care though, should I?

  24. Never too tight…

  25. Just for perspective, it’s winter where I am and I haven’t turned on my heat in four years.

  26. Thanks for the one click close-ups.
    Otherwise it would have been difficult to find the ribbing.

  27. Lovely forearms.

  28. I think I can see your thingy which is lovely too.

  29. Yes its definitely hot… Nurse if you want to remove the corsets I guess we can live with that.

  30. Sorry about how you ot marked up and I know if can get VERY HOT in your neck of the woods. But for what it’s worth, the pictures are lovely. I do like the last one.

  31. May have been uncomfortable, but it’s gorgeous!

  32. Speechless in wonder – – – lust

    Wanderlust! I must get my words right!

  33. is that NIPPLE i see!?

  34. The good nurse truly suffers for her adoring reading public… and we greatly appreciate the sacrifice.

  35. Hmmm… I must add to my list of things to buy myself: a babydoll…

  36. you could also see the movie and wear the perfume…

  37. I wonder why there are so many comments here – I’ll just have look …………. oh ……… gosh …….. mmmmm

  38. so do you wear bra’s? Because it would hurt or sting if anything touched it.

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