the right stroke is essential


A Victorian Passage is a delightfully instructional blog. Now that we have a kitchen in our recently remodelled dementia ward, the DT has been busy stocking it with appropriate tools. Because nothing keeps dotty old dames busy like whipping up something in the kitchen.


artwork by Gene Bilbrew

In an extract from The Lady’s New Receipt Book we are told how to beat eggs. “Persons who do not know the right way, complain much of the fatigue of beating eggs, and therefore leave off too soon. There will be no fatigue, if they are beaten with the proper stroke, and with wooden rods.ย Move only your hand at the wrist, and let the stroke be quick, short, and horizontal.


Then came a rush of patent egg-beaters, and a rush of purchasers as well, whose aching wrists and shoulders pleaded for relief from long hours of incessant ” beating,” ” whipping,” and ” frothing.”


There were wire spoons with wooden handles that broke off, and tin handles that turned the perspiring hand black; wire whirligigs that ran up and down upon a central shaft and spattered the eggs over the face and bust of the operator.


Then, our enterprising merchant overwhelmed us with a double compound back (and forward) action machine that was “warranted to whip up a stiff ‘ย meringue in a minute and a half.'”


With it I make the formidable ” snow-custard ” in less than half an hour, with no after tremulousness of nerve or tendon.


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  1. I hear there is actually an art to beating eggs with a whisker. There is a timing to it all even.

  2. The prospect of having his eggs beaten with a wooden rod is enough to give any guy a stroke.

  3. appropriate to start off a Monday with a post about beatings… ugh… is it friday yet?

  4. Surely they writing with an intentional double entendre, donโ€™t you think?

  5. Blimey, the old obsession continues methinks.

    Nice work (if you can get it).

    The King

    Willy! can’t tell you how delighted I am to see you here ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I wish you had linked to an enlargement of that last photo. What is that fascinating contraption the lady is sitting on, that appears to have two counterweights suspended by wires and pulleys that are then attached to . . . what? Paddles? And what’s that thing that seems to be parting her cleavage? That she is naked and is staring at a photo of a man in uniform (but only his head) makes it all that much more intriguing. C’mon nurse, what is it?

    All of those quotes are really from a field manual for hand jobs, aren’t they? Garn!

    Jesus Toby it’s not a thumbnail – that’s as large as it gets ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Oh my, bothered and hot, all of a sudden. That’s what happens when you work up a sweat with the right strokes.

  8. Exactly what kind of eggs are we, er, beating?

  9. That’s my photo in the last picture isn’t it? …… oh well, who can blame her ……..

  10. Routine boarding school stuff. My sister designed most of that, and modelled some of it.

    I think I could be friends with your sister

  11. And to think the same task is now completed in mere seconds. But then, I am a wimp.

  12. I’d never call you a wimp Silverstar. not in the climate you live in

  13. Thank you, but you haven’t answered my question. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I think you mean question(s) – there were so many ๐Ÿ™‚

    If I knew where it came from I’d send you the link, but I’ve had that image on my hard drive for over a year waiting on a post to put it with. Maybe if you do a search in images under “spank machine”….

  15. S&M Mondays are the bestest Mondays ever! Does that statement speak more about me or you?

  16. hee hee a superb interpretation of mundane domesticity .. only you could have done it NM ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Sexual innuendo aside, I once worked with a chef that had super human whipping skills. He could make chantilly cream in thirty seconds and meringue in forty-five, by hand.

    If I was that good at anything, well, I wouldn’t be working in a restaurant.

    Meringue in 45 seconds? Wow!

  18. i’m not seeing where it talks about the difference in stroking between men and women. hmmm… a stroke for one is a whip for the other?

  19. I once whipped crwam to a dessert-ready state wholly by hand, but it was because my bare hands were all I had.

    But try to find a guy who has the right wrist action. You have to show them every time, and it takes all the zing out of it.

  20. Should your wife be spanked… is the a rhetorical question.

  21. Since you and I don’t have wives Alex, yes I think it is rhetorical ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. i don’t much prefer anything that requires beating first.

  23. I think I’d like to whip up a stiff meringue as opposed to a floppy one.

  24. Why do I always feel…er…”tingly” after reading your posts?

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