how to make your own x-ray machine

nursemyra likes doing crosswords and playing mah jongg. relatively tame hobbies compared to Harry Simon’s  penchant for making his own X-ray machines. 


Fortunately for us, Harry has listed a couple of dos and don’ts for those who are tempted to try this experiment at home (don’t tell me you’re not interested, reverend

Whenever the machine is in operation, the experimenter must wear a lead apron and stand well behind the orifice through which the rays are emitted. Never turn your back on the machine so that you are between it and the apron! It is also advisable to place a few exploratory samples of film around the room while the apparatus is in operation. When developed, these will show the pattern of radiation and protective lead shielding can be installed accordingly. Finally, resist the temptation to make X-ray examinations of the bones in your hands or other body parts. A frozen fish makes a much safer test object.


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  1. That’s a very interesting frozen fish in that last photo!

  2. I believe it may be related to the electric eel

  3. haha :-)) great photo…

  4. Tee hee – that’s funny!!!!

  5. Who needs their own X-Ray machine…I bet you can still order up X-Ray Gogs from the back of comic books.

  6. Where DO you find this stuff from?

    Endless trawling. I really should get out more

  7. fascinating – i have access to all the parts to make the x-ray machine. and like the frisky hospital staff photo… who else?

  8. Is that person taking the breathalizer?

    Yes, that’s exactly what’s happening…..

  9. “stand well behind the orifice ” – That’s good advice for us all.

  10. What fun!

  11. Thanks for the link to Harry Simon’s page, nm. I love to tinker (years ago, I was a prototype designer for Orban Electronics), and his experiments with home-brew X-ray machines are great fun to read.

    That last photo: anyone you know? 🙂

  12. Dude, whenever I’m by an orifice, I stand as far back as possible.

  13. “Never turn your back on the machine” I’ve been saying that for years. You just can’t trust those wily mechanical bastards.

  14. Now I’m confused. I have a frozen fish as an other body part. Can I still x-ray it?

  15. Why’s that person drinking a coke can flat up against a wall, I wonder….? 😉

  16. If I had an x-ray device, I would waste no time in deploying it in a responsible and sensible manner; i.e using it so look under women’s clothes.

    Actually, I inevitably get to see what is under most women’s clothes anyway, so forget that idea.

  17. Yeah, judging by your amazing adventures you don’t need ANY help Lord Likely

  18. AAHH! A bone in your hand! It’s a play on words. That made me laugh out loud.

  19. *phew* my job here is now done 🙂

  20. Proof that the term “boner” for an erection is a bit of a misnomer.

  21. i’ve got an old microwave we can use…

  22. Silverstar has no interest in suffering any more than background radiation, except at such times as a qualified radiologist is at hand to interpret it. She finds it useful when she breaks bones, but otherwise not necessary.

  23. maybe if i x-ray my closet, i can find things easier.

  24. I think I’ll stick to home brewing and skydiving. Both seem much safer.

  25. until the brew explodes or the parachute doesn’t open…..

  26. >>don’t tell me you’re not interested, reverend

    Ooooh. Yes. I was wondering what to do with that old Oudin coil I have in the shed.

  27. You have a shed now?

  28. You betcha.

  29. that do not look like a fish 2 me and to everybody who seen this

  30. Thats a very interesting fish you got there.

  31. does this really work?

    • please i need 2 no coz i think i have a fracture

  32. hmmm I havent tried this but I am studying electronics and from that schematic, something is incredibly wrong and all you would create is a short circuit, and funilly enough on top of that short there is only one polarity going all the way to the tube so even without the short it still shouldnt work, you need whatever device you want to power to link both the positive and negavite poles together. With this schematic, you create a short at the cap and another one at the junction of the 5 and 5000 wind coils.

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