t shirt friday january 2009

here is the first t shirt friday for 2009, appropriately enough – it’s a nurse. I’ve teamed it with a skirt I bought in rome in 2001. the zippered sides come in very handy now that both the skirt and nursemyra are 8 years older. Is anyone else doing t shirt Friday today?

nurse-t-shirt-0031 nurse-t-shirt-008 nurse-t-shirt-012

renalfailure is in!

and gnukid

and my favourite 70s chick

followed by tobymarx

lucky last…. sledpress

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  1. Suddenly I’m singing “Three Coins in a Fountain”.

    Beautiful as always, Nurse M.

  2. Hey Archie – did you know gorilla bananas is doing New Zealand too today?

  3. You’re so sexy, Nursie. I’d like to see you do the Haka!

  4. T-shirt Friday! – I always forget ……. I must try and remember next month.

    tie a piece of string around your index finger, see if that helps you remember

  5. Bugger. I forgot again. I need to dig out my camera.

    Great t-shirt (and skirt!) 🙂

  6. T-shirt friday? T-shirt friday?
    Is this a tradition, I LOVE traditions.

    *looking in his closet*

    Yes Mick, it’s a tradition on the last Friday of every month. It would be fabulous if you joined in….

  7. I am totally confused why an 2 year old avatar appears next to my name…
    *sorting it out*

  8. I like it when you’re partly unzipped…

  9. Suddenly i’m singing Reel Around the Fountain by the Smiths, “fifteen minutes with yooooou, i wouldn’t say noooo” lovely as always Nursie.

  10. that skirt is spectacular!

  11. very wonderful way to wake up, nursemyra…

    i’m up… my tshirt post, i mean. well, actually…

  12. […] shirt friday january 2009 By thegnukid While nowhere near as lovely as our wondrous nursemyra, i nonetheless thought i’d play along again.  just because.  nurse had a slightly medical […]

  13. Love that zippered skirt!

    Since I have yet to start a blog about miscellany, the best I can do for T-shirt Friday is offer a link to a photo I’ve uploaded: http://www.box.net/shared/2pmji5c004.

  14. That the official nurse myra t shirt?

  15. Great post… bought a little warmth to a chilly Swiss alp 🙂

  16. That safety pin design on the skirt gives new meaning to being a pin up girl. Very pretty Nurse M 🙂

  17. Happy Friday!!!!

  18. I was doing ‘Lack of T-Shirt Friday’ on account of the hideous heat, but I’m really sure you don’t want pictures of that.

  19. YES I DO 😉

  20. Dang! I forgot it is T shirt Friday …. maybe I could race up stairs, change, take a photo…. power up old boy PC .. down load photo.. crop … save … post…
    ok ok I don’t want the wrath of NM …

    [you are looking good hun ;-)]

  21. Hooray…. you’ve still got time 70s!!!

  22. ok I have raced up stairs, changed, taken photo.. now awaiting old boy PC to crank up lol 😉

  23. Looks like in that t-shirt picture it’s also Bottomless Friday too, which I totally support.

  24. Here’s a better more accurate one: http://www.box.net/shared/tnj5ho7gkf

    This will be my last T-shirt Friday post, I promise. 🙂

  25. hey thanks for joining in tobymarx – this is your first t-shirt Friday isn’t it? great photo

  26. Great skirt, great legs … great stockings …
    T-shirt Friday? … great idea.

  27. why don’t you join in the fun in February Abigail? Just post a pic of yourself in a t shirt with a short story about what you’re wearing or where or why you bought it then let me know and I’ll link back to you

  28. I love T-Shirt Friday, almost as much as I love Knickerless Tuesday.

  29. I forgot about your blog after redoing mine (database boo-boo). I’m going to link to yours again. 🙂

    I’d love a link back, but it’s certainly your choice in the matter.

  30. It’s still Friday here.


  31. Oh my! You’ve certainly put some zip into my day.

  32. I wear a tee-shirt every friday, also monday through to thursday. It’s those darn underpants I sometimes forget.

    As always, very fetching

    The King

  33. I could do a few pics of me in my tatty old underpants if anyone’s interested.

  34. Willie: Has Pil made that promised film of you yet? I eagerly await a viewing

    Xoggoth: YES pleeze 🙂

  35. Nice T!

  36. You’re giving Dr Bruni a run for her money in that get-up, nursie. Mind you, she has sapphires; can you give us a jewellery post, just for comparison?

  37. What does she have a doctorate in? this is not a very clear shot but if you click to enlarge you can see my diamond heirloom…..


  38. It’s hard for me to concentrate after that pic of yours, nurse (basically, phwooar), but Dr Bruni has a PhD in particle physics from Harvard. She did once stoop to confide in me that she grew disillusioned with the prospects for string theory as a successful theory of everything, so decided to come and make money with Precision Handling. Judging by the sapphires she’s done pretty well; I can’t believe that grease-monkey Sarkozy bought them for her, he’s far too selfish. As well as being a total loser.

  39. Love the pics, very pretty – but am finding the comments just as much fun 🙂

    • thanks Z&G. I have some great commenters don’t I?

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