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image by Angelique Caplette

Most people are familiar with the term arachnophobia. As I mentioned recently, we have some enormous spiders here in australia who often come indoors, even at the Gimcrack. Luckily it’s not my job to take care of them there, my fear of spiders is legendary.


So I find it surprising that there are people who become sexually excited by having a spider run over them. and stranger still,  it’s usually those who also identify as arachnophobes. For them, the adrenaline rush that is achieved by the proximity of a spider is intensified if combined with the same fear that is common to the rest of us.

So while this philia relates specifically to spiders it did remind me of an old Australian ad for Antz Pants

( if you don’t know what the title refers to, you definitely need to click on the link and watch the video)


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  1. But they’d tickle and I’d just end up giggling ……

  2. still non the wiser on the advert lol…. but I can tell you that a spider walking in me is nothing I would find stimulating one little bit ,…. shudder

    see Woeful’s answer…..

  3. “Incest” repellent…

  4. spiders? erotic? The only way i want to see a spider is when their nasty little bodies are splattered into a billion spider molecules, remaining leg-bits twitching involuntarily… we hates them. we hates them forever…

  5. I find I experience an involuntary reaction if I discover a spider crawling on me. Sometimes it happens when I’m out chasing trout with a fly rod in a small stream I fish. I’ll duck under some tree branches and pick up a spider on my hat. Once I discovered one on my neck and involuntarily slapped my arms about, slamming my hand-made bamboo fly rod against the surface of the water. Fortunately no damage was done, except perhaps to the spider, who found itself flung far across the stream.

  6. ewgh! who would want a big hairy tarantula anywhere near their gaping hole?

  7. guess i’m mundane and find no eroticism in this.

    to stimulate me? just give me good, old-fashioned guy/girl sex. Please? Soon?

  8. It doesn’t surprise me, you can understand the feeling of fear hightening sexual feelings. People get off on the idea of sex in public for the fear of getting caught. Horror movies and sex is another one. A racing heartbeat that is similar in fear and sex I suppose.

  9. Hottest use of an anteater ever.

  10. I’m glad you watched the video RF. an oldie but a goodie…

  11. Ants are just nuisances, but I regard spiders as sacred and will not allow any to be killed in my home. They eat other footling verminous critters. I had the loveliest jumping wolf spider in my home office one autumn. However, I am prudent about any spider I find in the characteristic deadwood habitats of black widows, brown recluses and violin spiders, all poisonous varieties native to my latitude. Fortunately they’re fonder of sheds and woodpiles than the insides of houses, except attics, which I luckily don’t have.

    Never found them erotic though, even though an obese Scientologist with an ill-advised crush on me once got drunk, stripped naked and accused me of being a giant spider before vomiting dramatically, at 5 a.m. in a convention hotel in Hershey, PA. Maybe that’s why…

  12. That video reminds me of that spoof the late show (degeneration) did, all those years ago. I have no problem wit spiders but they seem to have a problem with me… well thats the way I’m looking at it.

  13. I wonder if spiders have nightmares of crawling around town naked?

  14. Sean Connery had a spider crawling on him in Dr No. It turned out the shot was faked – there was some screen between them – boo, hiss.

  15. Perhaps he was being considerate. Mr Connery does have a lot of body hair which could be hazardous to spiders…..

  16. Sic ’em, Rex?…You folks down there let stuff down there that I can’t imagine…A spiny echidnea?

  17. you’d be surprised what we can get up to with a playtpus Kym 🙂

  18. That ad always bugged me, if you’ll pardon the expression.

    Now, if the joke is that she wanted a beast with a long tongue to lick around her crotchital area, then I would expect the expression on her face to be a tad more, um, raunchy.

    In all my years of attempted heterosexuality, no woman giggled while in the act. Perhaps they were too awestruck.

    Then again, in its day, the Federation of Australian Commerical Television Stations (Commercials Acceptance Division) would have objected to anything more faithful to the moment. I recall that they had something of a running battle with PacDun and the Campaign Palace over their work, at the time.

    Tell me, Myra, do you recall the fuss over NoKnickers? At one stage, the average Australian woman owned three pairs.

  19. “in all my years of attempted heterosexuality”…. oh my, there must be some stories to be told there….

  20. Is there such a thing? I really don’t get people sometimes. I guess they are aroused by fear?

  21. I would love to be the ant eater in the video.

  22. Pahaha. Clever girl.

    So what you’re saying is, “Antz Pants” is not actually underwear, but your very own echidna.


  23. While nothing to do with spiders or ants, this post reminded me of David Cronenberg’s Crash. If you haven’s seen it but get turned on by car crashes, you should…

  24. Um… I don’t get turned on by car crashes but I’ve seen it and I love nearly all the films Cronenberg has done. History of Violence was my least favourite. Videodrome is a classic!!!!

  25. Although like Sledpress I revere the spider, if one should crawl on me and startle me, I fear they would meet an untimely end. And it doesn’t turn me on.

    I would have had a hard time with the ants in that commercial, too.

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