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nursemyra once had the unnerving experience of a request for assistance after writing a post about self trepanation some time ago.  I would hope that most of my readers know that none of the advice offered here is serious but just in case… please don’t try this experiment at home….


According to the Encyclopedia of Unusual Sexual Practices bee stings were once used as a folk remedy for arthritis. The poison and swelling caused by a sting relieved pain in the joints.  A man who was aware of this noticed, when accidentally stung on the penis, that a subsequent orgasm was longer lasting and more intense. 


The method he then used was to capture two bees in a jar which he shook to make them dizzy. Holding them by the wings, he placed them just below either side of the glans. According to this book, stings on the penis, unlike other areas, resemble the bite of a mosquito (?!)* causing the penis to become tender and swell.


A leather strap tied around the base of the penis restricted the swelling from dissipating back into the body but was not tight enough to cut off circulation (phew)** In this case the cicumference of his penis increased from 6.5 inches to 9.5 inches with swelling greatest on the second day……


* the exclamation and question marks are mine

** as is the *phew*

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  1. What was he doing to find this out in the first place?

  2. I think he was just airing the goods 🙂

  3. I bet he didn’t want to do anything with it after it swelled to twice its normal size though. Ohhhh, Ahhhh, ouchhhh! A very strange version of viagra indeed.
    And thus was invented the pee sting.

  4. Myra,

    You have been incredibly clear, and cautious, about indicating that no-one should try this at home. But somehow, I still anticipate a wave of casualty visits.

    Men, you know. Where sex is concerned, they have no sense of caution. We love them for it, mostly.


  5. I’m glad scorpions weren’t mentioned …….

  6. Where do you find those leopard-print willy-warmers? I want to get one for Sarkozy; he’d wear it, which would make him more amusing than usual.

    you can get them on ebay

    “G629 playful style”

  7. I have tried it this summer. I allowed bees to sting my cock, pushing my penis in a coffee cup containing a bee. The sting is quite painfull and exciting, but the pain does not last more than 10 minuts. The penis size does not increase like said, but it get a local inflamation (red and warm area) wich last a week to swell.

  8. I can imagine the scene: “Hey babe, forget Barry White. Sting is what you really need to get in the mood”

  9. Sting ain’t never gonna do it for me Kyk

  10. That’s just swell…

  11. 😉

  12. um no, guys. seriously, unless you are exclusively into self flagellation, no woman is going to want to um, be with you if you do this. talk to your doctor about viagra, if you must, but stay away from angry bees and cocktail blenders.

  13. My stuff would dissipate back into my body upon first sight of an approaching bee stinger.

  14. I will have to pass on the bee stings.

  15. I detect a strong odor of “urban myth” around that story. I checked out your link to the Encyclopedia of Unusual Sexual Practices and discovered that there are no citations for any of the claims that are made. The author merely tells a rather improbable tale and expects the reader to accept it as fact.

    Thank heaven none of this matters to you, because in your retelling, it’s a very funny story. Maybe it’s the pictures…

    That codpiece brings to mind Eldridge Cleaver’s version of men’s fashion.

    Inkspot: If you get one of those for Sarkozy, I want to see photos!

    Toby, while this particular story may not be true, the practice itself is not unknown. As another commenter wrote, there are google groups devoted to this type of thing. I’m not going to put the link up here as it’ll probably draw too much spam back to the gimcrack. but headbang8 is right: where sex is concerned some men have no caution….. DON’T try this at home

  16. Nevermind, I really tried it. You can see the pictures on the googlegroup BigBugBites. I just want to help some people who would like to try the expêrience. If you are not allergic, it is not so painfull, quite exciting and the cock swells quite fast.

  17. Yikes! Bee stings?! Look it’s got to be one mind blowing orgasm to justify that kind of extreme. Or maybe the guy just got off on pain?

  18. I’m good thanks…no bee stings for me.

  19. I once got stung on the bum by a wasp. That’s the closest to my penis that any stinging creature is coming if I can help it.

  20. For some reason I seem to swell for Bea Arthur, which is a whole nother kinda pain.

    Nate Proudaboutit

  21. The 3rd pic looks funny hehehe

  22. Safe to say I would never try a male ‘friend’ at home in an elephantesque thong type thing ….. 😉 (far to scary & weird)

  23. So a bee has to die so a guy can get his penis to swell like a roman column? Well, historically speaking men have done worse for less…

  24. Yikes.

    Back in grade school, this humble Rev. and a friend used to catch the fantastically large honey bees of the Southern United States and freeze them into tiny bee-comas, whereupon we’d tie string around their torso. Upon waking up, they were none the worse for wear, save for a bit of string dangling behind…but we certainly never got into any of this strangeness….not that I can recall, at least. 😉

  25. Hmmm, 9 1/2 inches – Oh!

    Forget the bees!

  26. i must be doing it wrong, relying on good ol’ nature to take care of things. but then, bees are part of nature, right? hmmm…

  27. NO! Just no!

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