corset friday 6.2.2009

nursemyra is wearing turquoise today


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  1. Nursemyra,

    There’s something comforting and motherly about that ensemble.

  2. come to mama headbang8


  3. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours!

  4. Inspired. Happy Friday!

  5. ‘Tis a very pretty colour.

  6. Cough, splutter, call the mica unit.

  7. Yep, NOW i’m wide awake. with fingertips tingling to trace the edges…

  8. I think the only way this picture could have been better would have been to see the barbells. But this…this is just fine as it is. Lovely. 🙂

  9. gorgeous! but it seems to have slipped just a little… 🙂

  10. I’m not sure if i like turquoise or aqua better. I think aqua because it has more green in it.

  11. Stunning 🙂

  12. Hello, girls.

  13. I remember reading a complaint from a TV studio guy in the 60s about the constant admonitions not to let the underside of the breast show when women appeared before the camera in scanty costumes. “Perhaps the censors think moss grows there,” he grumbled. Now we know that wasn’t the problem anyway.

  14. And a Happy Friday to you to my favorite Health Care Provider!

  15. nursemyra – Not sure if you are aware of this, but you can see part of your boob in that photo.

  16. Shout out to everyone who can remember how to spell turquoise after seeing that photo.

  17. You are the very definition of eye candy. (Be still, my heart!)

  18. I do wonder, though, how you are able to wear such things in the midst a heatwave. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable wearing nothing at all? 🙂

  19. yes, I did learn my lesson a couple of fridays ago. you may remember I posted photos of the indentations left on my skin after wearing one of the corsets all day.

    so I’ll change the “wore” to “is wearing” as I only put the turquoise corset on for the photo…..

  20. I’ll not likely forget those photos, my dear nurse!

  21. hhhhhm, can’t breathe… I’ll make myself a latte and I’ll be fine… I think…


    You don’t happen to have a Farley’s rusk in there do you?

  23. A lovely corset Nurse Myra.
    But is it in keeping with Feb 6th being world nude day?

  24. phoar lady you so sexy!

  25. Jack: I had no idea it was WND. How uninformed am I?

    Tom: and you, young man, are an extremely naughty boy!


  26. This one appears to have snaps instead of a zipper. I keep trying to take a closer look but my eyes keep being drawn upwards for some reason.

  27. did that corset shrink in the wash? ….
    [gorgeous hun!];-)

  28. How embarassing….I’m wearing the same thing.

  29. Your wearing… tourquoise… really?

  30. OG: I’d like to see that

    Alex: Are you asking me or OG?

  31. You… though now I’m also interested in OG

  32. I Love it as always nurse.

  33. you know, if you ever needed someone to… hold the camera… I could do that…

  34. well Shnewt, I do have a vacancy for a photographer but it’s only open for a bachelor……

  35. Hey, if those are your terms, I qualify… 🙂

  36. you’d need to have one helluva telescopic lens to shoot me from San Fran…..

  37. Ah! So it’s not a live-in position then. I suppose I am a bit old to be a houseboy…

  38. I’m attempting to keep abreast of your posts Myra, but somehow I fear I’m falling behind again…

    Friday, I recall I was bent over the console twiddling knobs for one of my clients…

    Such is life.

    The King

  39. Dare I suggest “Choker Chewsday”?

    The King

  40. Do you mean for mah jongg Willie?

  41. Mah Jongg is strictly a weekend exercise! I meant for your blog…

    The King

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