balloon to the size of a beer can


my oh my, some men sure can find some strange things to do with their genitals. Dr Jeffrey Summers wrote this report:

A patient presented with scrotal cellulitis as a complication of infusing 900 ml saline into his scrotum. Patients who are considering scrotal inflation, as it is called in the lay literature, should be warned of the potential complications of this procedure.


He had found a web site that supplied him with a “scrotal inflation kit” consisting of a 1-L bag of saline, tubing, and needle-catheter combination. The stated purpose of using such a kit is the infusion of saline into the scrotum to cause significant scrotal enlargement. The patient had been told that the infused fluid would be reabsorbed during a 2- to 3-day period.


An examination revealed that the patient was afebrile. He had a greatly enlarged, erythematous, tender, warm scrotum. The swelling of the scrotum completely consumed his penis. 

Everything you Know About Sex also reports on this practice saying “Men do not report any pain with this procedure and one advantage is found the next morning when the fluid filters into the penis causing it to swell to the size of a beer can. “


Do I have to say this again? Don’t try this at home

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  1. Sweet inflatable jesus, why would you do that. A catheter for fun… and how does having a beer can down the front of your draws help you out.

  2. Thanks Nurse Myra and not a minute too soon.

    I’m sending my kit back first thing tomorrow morning!

  3. My nether regions just flinched. Ow!

  4. I flinched doing the research – you should see the stuff I left out!

  5. What a drip! Crikey Moses why god why!

  6. too much time on their hands?

  7. I had a patient with an enlarged scrotum like that one time. He was a paraplegic and the day before had a device inserted into his scrotum to control his bladder.
    Since he was paralyzed, he didn’t complain about it. A couple of shifts before me had not even checked the incision site. So when I pulled back the sheets, oh my what a surprise.
    They were as big as cantaloupes, I swear it was awful.

  8. You guys are KILLING me with these stories. It’s hard to imagine balls that big and not flinch. As you may have heard, that’s a very sensitive area with a low tolerance for pain.

    really? I’ve never heard that before 🙂

  9. Only a dickhead like Dr. David Reuben would call a beer-can-sized penis an “advantage.” This is the man who advised women, if they wanted to “catch” a man, to give him milk at every opportunity. Arrested development, much?

  10. I avoid performing any medical procedures on myself.

  11. Holy crap. I don’t want a needle anywhere near my scrotum.

  12. Where would you get pants???

  13. I want to burn my eyes out, but it’s too late.

    I swear, nursemyra, compared to you, Krafft-Ebing was a bloody amateur!

  14. Makes me very glad I do not have these ugly appendages. omg that last photo is the worst thing I have ever seen. What femme would EVER find that attractive?

  15. Boy-people can be really silly sometimes. Why?! would anyone even think of doing something like this to themselves? 😐

  16. Oh dear oh dear oh dear …………………. oh dear

    sorry daddyp – I forgot to warn those of an advanced age not to read this post. do hope your ticker’s ok

  17. That’s nuts…

  18. I must say I have seen some messed up shit on BMEzine, but wang distortion has always made me scratch my head…

  19. The couple of times I’ve visited BMEzine I’ve hightailed it back to Bananas in Pyjamas as fast as I could….

  20. First ever usefulness for MC Hammer pants. Condition handy for emergency landing at sea. Preservation technique inspires song: “Scrotal Boatmen.”

    Luka Head

  21. I have an uneducated feeling that scrotal enlargement was big in Scotland, considering they wouldn’t have to worry about getting their enlarged nutsack into a pair of pants.

  22. Perhaps they were only trying to emulate fruit bat genitalia.

    aw.. he’s pretty cute.. balls and all…

  23. Why in the hell would you want to do this?

  24. Try as I might… I have nothing to say to this.

    oh, other than I can honestly say that a woman has never complained about the size of my scrotum… 😐

  25. Well, that’s just swell…

  26. LMAO!

    (daisyfae beat me to the punch)

  27. Daisyfae beats most of us to the punch Twinny 🙂

  28. only if the punch is spiked with good vodka… my reflexes generally suck, but i can sense liquor from 40 paces!

  29. I defy an male reading this not to be squirming in their computer chair just now ……

  30. I’m going to agree with Daddy Papersurfer on this one.

  31. i searched for penis’ on google and this came up. i just had to get a closer look!

  32. cada pinto melhor que o outro

  33. Amg. What a swelled up penis!!

  34. his balls are bigger than my GF’s tits,maybe i should try…on her.

  35. W-O-W.
    Just. Wow.
    I was totally NOT expecting that from the title of the post 🙂
    (Is it wrong to say i was strangely, yet pleasantly surprised? ;P)

  36. An inflated ego will be hoisted on his own petard.
    I must be going now, my diabetic bladder is calling.

  37. Awesome stuff!

  38. Awesome stuff!

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