corset friday 13/2/2009

 black-008 black-004black-009

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  1. A little Valentine treat, nursemyra?

  2. I’m wearing my horns to work for ♥ day. But *THAT* outfit is stunning. I love the big satin bow in the front. Undoing that must be outrageously fun!

  3. Love the colours. Very Valentine’s Day.

  4. Love the triptych Nurse Myra

  5. No fair, the middle (and best IMHO) pic doesn’t link to a larger version!

    Don’t worry, I can wait 🙂

  6. oooh – tasty! just picked up some ‘red/black’ gear myself!

  7. First time I’ve them gift-wrapped in red, Nursie! I bet they taste better than chocolates too!

  8. What a pretty bow. Would you like to see me untie it with my teeth?

    Happy Valentine’s Day, my little lamb.

  9. yummy-licious, nursemyra. another excellent way to start a friday…

  10. The most tantalizing thing about your Friday pictures is I always wish I could move the camera up or down a bit AND I CAN’T!

    Way to keep a fella interested, Myra. 🙂

  11. Hugs and chocolates and red to you to for Valentines Day my fave blogger!
    anita marie

    Mmmwah! and a big kiss back your way too AM

  12. mmm red and black always go good together. more so, together with you!

  13. Nurse Myra…

    *nervously toes the floor*

    …would you be my…um…valentine?

    don’t you have to send me a card?

  14. I’m wearing my house pants, a t-shirt, and flip flops.

  15. Sexy…..

  16. Very tasteful young Nursey …..

  17. I’d send you a card, Nurse, but you provided a bum link. Are you sending me a subtle, heartbreaking message?


    I just clicked the link to check and it took me straight to the site…..?

  18. I’m wearing some briefs and I’ve been having dirty sex all day. Your corset is making me horny again!

  19. Umm, nurse, are you sure you’re a nurse?

    [BTW, Tom, put a sock in it. Or over it. Or something. Some of us are at work, you know.]

  20. My, my, what a lovely red ribbon, and what a lovely package underneath!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful.


  21. Inkspot: yes, I am and I have the degree in plutonomy to prove it. BTW, naughty Master Tom is a raging Irish homosexual and only writes that way to taunt me.

    PS I can’t believe you read the Gimcrack at work!

    Mark: thank you. And I hope you have a great day too

  22. Looks like the outfit Elvgren’s “PA” would have worn on Valentine’s Day.

    [which is a compliment, in case that’s lost in reference]

  23. Thanks GB, I love Elvgren’s work. His illustrations have appeared at the Gimcrack on more than one occasion.

  24. Happy V day Nurse M. Where do you get your lingerie from-i love the red ribbon, it’s so pretty.

    all the corsets and babydolls that I put on for the Friday photos are from the 8 years I was with Stephen. I started collecting them in 1999, mostly from second hand shops and markets. the turquoise one last week was new, it still had a price tag on it of $89.95 but I got it for $7.00!

  25. I love the bow Nurse.

  26. Inebriated so I will restrain myself and wish you a wonderful Valentines day!!!

  27. Big valentines day kisses! x x x

  28. Well, this will certainly make spending Valentine’s Day day alone a hell of a lot more manageable.

  29. Friday the 13th is obviously not unlucky !! Gorgeous as ever hun x

  30. That’s hot!

  31. Hope you had a good Valentines Day Nurse M.

    Beautiful outfit.

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