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nursemyra has been reading about Dr. Arthur Aufderheide, an expert on mummification. He owns scores of eyes (including a pair of prehistoric Chilean eyeballs) , they are the organs that have the highest survival rate, still existing in 93% of mummies that have heads.


eyeball stickers from geekologie

He also has a box of penises. These are much hardier than breasts which tend to flatten and disappear, though even the penises mostly  resemble vacated butterfly cocoons now.


(Burt Lancaster’s penis. Not a cocoon.)

Another of his boxes contains mummified bowels resembling loops of sausage casings. One sample, still flexible, looks grotesquely overstuffed with something. Aufderheide says it could possibly be Chagas’ Disease which can kill you by making it impossible to defecate.

Remember Harry?  He’s no longer with us but when he was alive I wonder if it would have been possible to give him a mild case of Chagas’ Disease? We could have saved a fortune in plumber’s fees and continence aids…… 


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  1. Well thank you for that picture of Burt Lancaster’s penis! LOL!!!!

  2. Thanks for the eyefull! 😉

  3. i have a box of penises too…….. i keep them under my bed………. and correction, the plural of penises is

    PENII! lol my favourite word!

  4. Oh my. Eyeballs survive? Ew!

  5. we all learn something every day at the Gimcrack 🙂

  6. Wow. The original “dick in a box”.

    Need to rush order some of those eyeball stickers – i’m at yet another conference, and keeping my eyes open after late night drunken debauchery team building is gonna hurt…

  7. Is that really Burt Lancaster’s penis?!?! I saw a production of King Lear with Ian McKellen and he exposed himself to the audience. It was SO unnecessary!

  8. The act of exposure was unnecessary, or what he exposed?

  9. You certainly have an eye for the finer things in life, nurse.

  10. RIP, Harry. You gave us (the good nurse’s readers, anyway) some good laughs.

    Sausage casings brings this to mind.

    Unbearable Banishment: was McKellen having fun with Lear’s insanity, or what?

    Eeewww…. I just clicked that link….

  11. I need some eyeball stickers …… it’ll make me look as though I’m concentrating on the TG – tee hee

  12. I think you need to take a trip to the US to Philadelphia to check out the Mutter Museum. I think it would satiate your medical oddity needs.

    RF, have you seen Erroll Morris’ interview with Gretchen Worden? Unfortunately, I didn’t see it until after my one and only visit to Philadelphia, otherwise I would have been camped out at the Mutter for my whole trip. I’ve been to Sydney’s pathology museum three times though 🙂

  13. The mummy room in the Egyptian Museum is worth a visit.

  14. i feel rather funny
    about people who keep
    body parts in boxes
    (like they are weird
    or something) until
    i remember i have a box
    with a child’s tooth in it.

  15. Vintage sexiness is soo cool, kinda sexy. Don`t know why, This its honest, no photoshop and stuff.

  16. I saw Burt without his shirt
    But that’s not all
    I saw his ball
    His fists were clenched
    his grimmace wrenched
    my eyes away
    from his Jose
    he needs a trim
    and highlights maybe
    to accent the part
    that makes a baby.

    The end.

    Emily Dickinsuch

  17. Haha Mark, very witty 🙂

  18. Of all the things you could possibly collect, why eyeballs and dicks?

    Sounds a little creepy to me.

    Thomas 🙂

  19. Burt seems very happy to have his wang out. Good for him.

  20. So Burt was a flasher was he? Eww! I bet it is a cocoon now. Why would you wanna collect other folk’s eyes and dicks?
    I’d rather collect vibrators.

  21. Dr. A is a specialist in mummies. He collects all parts of them, I just emphasised the eyes and penii for fun 🙂

    Personally, I’d rather collect corsets than anything else…..

  22. A box of penises – it’s kinda like life. Or maybe chocolates…

    I think the line goes, “Life is like a box of penises, you never know what your gonna get. Watch out for the chocolate covered ones.”

    Yeah, that sounds right.

  23. and do you have any mummified remains handy dear nurse?

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