flush it out with potent beer panties


found at geekologie

Buried Suns is a very interesting article by David Samuels about the men who were involved in nuclear testing back in the 50s and 60s. It includes some fascinating interviews like this one with William Gus Flangas talking about a physicist named Gary Higgens

“When a group including Flangas became contaminated with tritium in 1959, it was Higgens who helped come up with the idea of isolating the contaminated men in a room and having them effect a full fluid exchange in their bodies by drinking cases of beer.

“You know, if you want the maximum fluid in and the lowest retention–in other words, you want to be pouring it in on one end and a constant stream out the other end …,” Flangas explains.”


Beer has many uses besides flushing out tritium. According to Dr. G you can use it as a diuretic to help flush out a kidney stone***. And combined with a pair of silk panties beer can get you out of a tough spot…



“here’s the scenario. A bit far-fetched, but hey, if they can do it in a movie, so can we.

Let’s say you’re hopelessly lost in the wilderness, and all you have is a can of beer, a sewing needle, a small bowl, and a pair of extra-large silk panties. First, open the beer, pour some into the bowl and let it go flat. (Better drink the rest; this may not work.)

Next, magnetize the needle by stroking it repeatedly in one direction with the panties. (The needle, fellas…) This will generate a charge of static electricity. Then float the needle in the beer. When it stops, it’ll be pointing in a north-south direction. Haul ass so that you can make happy hour before sundown.”


“Goats” by Jon Rosenberg found here

*** disclaimer: Nursemyra is not advocating this method

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  1. if you’re lost in the wilderness and ALL you have is a can of beer, a sewing needle, a small bowl, and a pair of extra-large silk panties? you’ve got bigger problems than just being lost, honey…

  2. Ummmm. It does occur to me that the flushing of tritium could be just as effectively executed with water. Not as much fun, sure, but then, why stop at beer? If you’ve got enough tritium in your system to pose a problem, you may as well go for whisky poisoning…

  3. And Daisy Fae is funneeeee….

  4. Thanks Nurse Myra – silk panties, beer & survival tips.
    I am really impressed.

  5. As a matter of fact, my mother once passed a kidney stone (a great hullabaloo) and was told after radiography that there were a couple more in there. When she felt twingeing again, she sat down with a six pack and pressurized the sucker right out of there. No others ever developed.

  6. At last! Believable excuses to drink at work!

    “It’s a kidney stone, boss, honest!”

  7. The beer thing with the kidney stones is apparently fact, or just very well known rumour – doesn’t matter, should be fun to try either way.

    The compass thing with the silk panties is something that I’ve never heard of before! 🙂

  8. Lucky thing I ate all that tritium.

  9. Nylon ones work as well …… as far as magnetising a needle anyway ……. not sure if they’re much good for anything else though ……

  10. I’d opt for a few whiskey & waters, but that’s just me-

    Oddly enough, when I go backpacking, panties, bowls, needles, and beer are the first items I pack (and in that order, no less)…

  11. hmmm…. doesn’t leave much room for your bible…..

  12. So what items will lead a lost wanderer in the wilderness to the Good Nurse?

  13. I thought if you were lost in the wilderness you were sposed to walk in circles.

  14. beer tastes good too.

  15. Brilliant! After I suppose you could drink the flat beer. Just watch out for the needle.

  16. You could help me with my fluid retention problem Nursemyra, it would be very therapeutic. If all goes well, you might even enjoy the solution. 😉

  17. You had me at beer…

  18. Well its a bloody good thing I’m into cross dressing a nature hiking, or that information would be completely useless to me.

  19. Don’t clinics charge an arm and a leg for that treatment these days? Colonic irrigation? Cheaper to do it by the beer dozen I think.

  20. so beer is the perfect survival food.
    and always wear clean panties.

  21. Yep – clean panties or none at all. I hear you can get rid of the dirty ones on ebay for a tidy sum. Saves on washing….

  22. beer to pass kidney stones hu? Sweet!

  23. I’m going to get lost in the woods and try it!!!

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