pink latex friday 20.2.2009

zipper-0011 zipper-005 zipper-008

a blog I visit quite often featured some zipper jewellery recently, but I can’t remember whose it was. I left a comment saying I’d try to incorporate some zipper earrings in the next Friday corset shot so here they are with a pink and black latex brassiere

PS: the zipper jewellery is here. I found it via tackyracoons

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  1. Reminds me of that old Motley Crew song which starts with a zipper being pulled down and a girl laughing. Loved that song. That one and “smoking in the boys room”.

  2. Interesting sets of lingerie you have there. Latex sort of reminds me of Kings Cross and Priscilla. Lol!

  3. “Spring is bursting out alllllll ooooooooover” tra-la

  4. rubber baby buggy bumpers rubber baby buggy bumpers rubber boobie buggy bumpers… rats. blew it again…

    gorgeous in pink!

  5. Delightful!

  6. That doll in the corner is creeping me out… 😀

  7. OK nurse, point proved, you’re gorgeous. And I’ll bet the doctors aren’t pissed, they’re just stunned by lust. Even the lady ones.

  8. Jack: wow – you’re observant! That’s Rosie, she’s 45 years old, and she has a wardrobe almost as varied as mine.

    Inkspot: Nope, they’re all too busy cramming for their plutonomy exams 🙂

  9. love the earring… and, as usual, love the wake up pictures… you’re gorgeous in pink latex, dear

  10. Do you know why I love the zipper earring? Because I’ve never seen it done before. Doing something original is the hardest thing ever.

  11. By the way, how long is your hair? Is it long enough for you to cascade it down onto your chest? Because that’s hot. Do you do requests?

    Hey UB you’ve already had your request/dedication. Remember the white?

    My hair is only a couple of inches past my shoulders. Doesn’t really do too much cascading…..

  12. It’s nice to see you covered up.

  13. Latex and zippers what more could anyone want?

  14. Man you have the coolest appliances!

  15. Ya for Friday!
    As hard as it is to pull your eyes away from the pink, so to speak, you have a very beautiful neck.

  16. “Cramming for their plutonomy exams” . . . HA!

    Love the earring. You would look fabulous in anything, or nothing.

    The plutonomy comment is even funnier if you go here:

  17. Is it wrong that I want to bite your neck? I’m not a vampire. I just really, really, want to bite your neck…really.

  18. a zipper earring!
    be careful undressing in the dark.

  19. nursem– I had a link on my site to Crooked Brains; you can find your zippers there.

  20. We had an old couch down home covered in material like that, except white. It was fun to bounce on, but really easy to slide off. I spent a lot of time crashing onto the floor while playing on that couch.

  21. Thanks Bunksy, I’ve added the links now!

    Gullybogan: You had a latex couch? The other kids must have been lining up for play dates with you 🙂

  22. Cool earring!

  23. Pinkie & Perky just sprang to mind…. 😉

  24. can’t find the link to the earrings… help appreciated! they’d go well with… ummm…. an outfit i have for work. yeah… work…

  25. well the link to Crooked Brains doesn’t feature the zipper earrings but there’s lots of other cool zippery stuff. I bought mine at Rozelle Markets in Sydney.

  26. Oooh stretchy, I don’t think I’d like the touch of latex on my skin, I think I’d get all sweaty to quickly. You look wonderful though Nurse as always.

  27. Latex? In the middle of summer in Australia? That’s some devotion to your audience right there.

  28. what renalfailure just said…

    and I went to the zipper stuff blog… the dress, the shoes and the pond are totally awesome!

  29. I have been so busy that I had neglected one of my favorite days on your blog!!! Lovely and quite robust if I may say nurse.

  30. You found your breasts on Tacky Racoons blog? Lucky guy!

  31. He didn’t give them up without a struggle 🙂

  32. Fortunately the vinyl vaporlock was only temporary. The zipper is a wonderful invention.

  33. I’ve been searching for latex in that nudish pink color tone… Where did you find it?

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