raise hat and withdraw at once

be thankful you weren’t around in 1898. the rules for etiquette were very stringent with no margin for error.


“A gentleman driving a phaeton in the park with a lady by his side must acknowledge all salutes by raising his hat without endangering himself or anyone nearby. The Prince of Wales, when driving a coach, can take the cigar from his lips, use his whip hand to raise his hatwhile still retaining admirable control of the reins with his left.”


 image of Channing Tatum found here

“Should a man be so fortunate as to provide a service to a lady in the street, such as picking up a dropped parcel or parasol, after doing so he must raise his hat and withdraw at once


In later years it was permissable for a woman to leave her hat on indoors or during the playing of The National Anthem, unless her hat is considered a unisex one like a baseball cap. When wearing such a unisex cap, a woman should follow the same guidelines as for men.


image found here

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  1. I find it best to withdraw at once… what with the screaming and yelling ‘he’s got my bag, he’s got my bag’. But I’ve always been a gentleman

  2. It was obviously preparing them for a lifetime of juggling life’s little challenges. Hat’s off!

  3. I am not a believer in withdrawing at once – – –

  4. good for you darlin’


  5. Absolutely withdraw at once.
    Throw her a towel to wipe it up, then throw her a kiss goodbye.
    I’m always considerate that way…

    ps.nursemyra, thanx for your visit, my lady!

  6. Kevinjohn – the pleasure was all mine, you have a very funny blog 🙂

  7. I’m not one for wearing hats, however I do keep my whip hand strong.

  8. Love the Art Frahm panty picture. Those are classics…

  9. so playing with hats while driving was the 1890’s equivalent of cell phones?

  10. improbable as it may seem,
    doffing a cap is desperate
    indeed when one can simply
    use a pleasurable pillow.

  11. Ohhhhhh, Channing Tatum. Dirty, dirty love. Seriously.

  12. In the pic of the woman coming out of the phone booth, why have her pantaloons fallen around her ankles? The only scenario I can come up with is that she was having phone sex on a public phone.

  13. Shoddy elastic. It happens all the time at the Gimcrack (to the patients, not the nurses).

  14. UB: Click the chick to enter.

  15. Interesting link Sledpress. Thanks.

  16. If you didn’t know better you might think that “Etiquette” sounds like something that involves fruit.
    Just saying.

  17. I have no idea who Channing Tatum is….but that image is stunning.

  18. I prefer not to withdraw. It keeps me warm.

    My thanks for the link, too, Sledpress. Very interesting site.

  19. I prefer to proved a service to a lady in a bedroom. Then there’s no need to withdraw at once. Or wear a hat.

  20. provide, even.

  21. I have withdrawn from civil society only but all at once, not one person at a time. Mr. Lileks of the Frahm site is well worth exploring, especially if you like old motels, cookbook art or matchbook covers and postcards. Funniest guy ever to support Geo Bush.

    Gray Fixlover

  22. adore the frahm link – and will refrain from buying celery. unless i’m in that kinda mood…

  23. Ooooh. I’m alikin’ that image of the boy in the hat…mmmmm

  24. I never withdraw at once, I normally fall asleep inside

  25. Life was so simple then. Ankle-flashing forbidden, hats to be raised when meeting a lady, no pink latex after Anzac Day.

  26. Jesus, Inkspot – you are way too funny to be only blogging every couple of weeks. Can’t you update a bit more often? I want you on my Daily Reads

  27. I actually had something similar to the phone booth picture happen to me last summer. I pulled on my shorts I’d worn the day before and a random pair of panties off my laundry pile on the floor beside my bed. Walked over to the drug store, where a spare pair of panties fell out of my shorts leg. Managed to scoop them up and put them under some newspapers in my walker basket before anybody noticed. Thank heaven.

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