the lighter side of lunacy


Full Moon Hemp image found here

Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695) believed that Jupiter was the hemp capital of the universe….

“Our moon’s function, Huygens reasoned, was to aid mariners in navigation. If jupiter has four moons, there must be many mariners on that planet. Mariners imply boats, boats imply sails, sails imply ropes and ropes imply hemp.”

Quite the leap of faith wasn’t it? Hemp can be used for many other things besides making rope. How about theseย sneakers?


Hospital emergency room staff often say they see more accidents when there is a full moon. About 18 months ago, the Sydney Morning Herald reported on a study in Colorado which found significantly higher incidents involving animals at this time of the month also.ย 

“But at least some of the increase in veterinary patient admissions attributed to a full moon is quite possibly due to the influence of the moon on the owner, rather than on the pet.

“We also see more eccentric [pet] owners when there’s a full moon,” Allison says. “It might be someone who counts the biscuits that their cat eats every day and has come in because the cat has eaten two less.”


Dark side of the Moon cartoon found here

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  1. I always eat the biscuits my cat doesnt, they are wasted otherwise.

  2. I always get a little lunar when the moon is full. Want to dance naked in a forest or howl and bite someone.

  3. I have this image of our moon being a marijuana smokin, hemp bag toting hippie? Must be moon lunacy.

  4. I get annoyed when I see a full moon. I prefer verbal insults, because I can respond to those.

    haha Kyk, very funny…..

  5. my dear old mum used to say
    “Always plant your hemp seeds on the new moon”.

  6. mom was a psychiatric nurse, and swore there was a “full moon” effect. Me? of course there is – our bodies are up to 75% water – so it’s simply tidal.

    during a full moon i crave doritos and violent play. not at the same time, though…

  7. “Mariners imply boats, boats imply sails, sails imply ropes and ropes imply hemp.”

    The logic of fools . . .

  8. That’s one desperate moon…

  9. I believe that one day we are going to discover the marijuana is far more harmful than we ever imagined. How can taking smoke into your lungs be benign? Itโ€™s a ridiculous proposition. Weed sure did a number on me for a few years.

  10. It’s true. A full moon makes all kinds of things happen to people.

  11. Always saw more crazys in the ER when the moon was full…same at my husbands office.
    I think DaisyFae is onto something–could be a tidal thing. Is there one coming up because I have been particularly more cranky…

    the next one’s not until March 11

  12. I’m with Daisyfae ……. it makes sense ….. in my world anyway …..

  13. The fool moon allweighs affects m’eye spelling.

  14. I don’t think it’s just the Fool Moon Aristotle ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Funny… I was expecting a Nursemyra post about rope to be a lot more kinkier. Or does that say too much about me?

  16. My mom was a nurse and said the same thing about the moon – more accidents, more emergencies, more barking-mad whackos at admission.

  17. My favorite shirt is made from hemp but then I’m from Humboldt…

  18. Yes we know all about Humboldt ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. It’s a well-known fact that the biological rhythms of all vertebrates are greatly affected by the tidal effects of our moon. As our mental and emotional states are controlled by the levels—the flow—of various hormones and neurochemicals in our bodies, how can we think that they are not also affected?

    Nursemyra? Yes, you there. I’m looking at you… ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. You can see me from way over there….?

  21. I can see for miles, and miles, and miles, and miles, and miles.

    So to speak.

  22. There is usually so much cloud cover here I can’t judge the effects I just put the ‘weirdness’ down to hormones ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. That’s where the term ‘lunatic’ came from-luna being moon.

    It def affects some people i know,myself included ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I read somewhere that women mostly ovulate during the full moon, or at least they do if they get outside much. That scent we have when we ovulate is carried on the breeze like sweet perfume … you just don’t know you can smell it. When we ovulate, men tend to Get Their Testosterone On. Macho action, bizarre behavior and general hilarity ensue.

  25. Oh, as a nurse I can definitely testify to the effects of the moon on behavior. It is also said that more babies are born under a full moon. I know I was born right before a full moon. Which probably explains my lunacy.

    When I was in grad school I did a study on the full moon and drunk driving, and found there are more arrests under a full moon.

  26. My auntie’s name is “Luna” – she does get crazy when there’s a full moon!

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