breasts and sodatic zones

According to the research of science writer John Grant, it is illegal to seduce the wet nurse of an heir to the British throne. This is because it was believed that you might taint the royal blood with your plebian characteristics, which would then be transmitted in the milk to the infant.


Sir Richard Burton (1821-1890) believed there was a belt encircling the world which he called the Sotadic Zone. Within this zone could be found concentrations of homosexuals. I am loathe to pass this information on to my gay son as Sydney, Australia, despite often being called the gay capital of the world,  is firmly outside the belt. Perhaps I was astral travelling during his conception.


“In our modern capitals, London, Berlin and Paris for instance, the Vice seems subject to periodical outbreaks and it would be invidious to detail the scandals which of late years have startled the public in London and Dublin.”

I wonder if Ireland’s Naughty Tom* (definitely NSFW nor for the faint hearted – you have been warned) or Germany’s sweetheart,  Headbang8 were influenced by Sir Richard’s theory…..


* this is about the cleanest photo of naughty tom I could find. Unless  you’re into hard core gay material I wouldn’t recommend rooting around too much on his site

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  1. I think I will pass on visiting this Tom fellow. I had no idea Sydney was known for having a high homosexual population. I just know girls from your neck of the woods were beautiful and hated bras and I loved it!

  2. What have breasts and sodatic zones to do with one another I may ask? Where one zone is, there is likely to be a distinct lack of wet nurses … one’s with real boobs anyway. I’ll give Tom a swerve.

  3. good question Abigail. And one I don’t have an answer for. Yet…..

  4. Penfold has been in London and Dublin fairly recently – with Tango. It just doesn’t add up …. mmmmmmmmmmm?

  5. Perhaps they were just balancing the scales 🙂

  6. all of north and

  7. let’s try again… having that kind of morning…

    all of north AND south america in the zone? shit. my odds of getting any serious action just went way down!

    ha ha daisyfae, we already know you’re getting plenty of serious action

  8. Gotta love teh interwebs…the things you find 🙂

  9. tom rules!

  10. The “sotadic zone”! HA! Leave it to a closet case to come up with something like that. 🙂

  11. I don’t know what NSFW means but I am going to heed your warning and steer clear.

    It seems to me that the entire planet is bathed in a Sotadic Zone light.

    NSFW means Not Safe For Work

  12. Wet nurses have always been an attraction to me – Now, if only we can persuade you to take part in a wet nurse t-shirt competition – – –

  13. Theater must be a sotadic zone.

  14. Uh Oh–I don’t think the Middle Eastern countries are going to be happy to be in the Sotadic Zone…
    It is said that the act of conception is a heavenly experiance for some–Must have been for you…Look what a wonderful son you concieved…I knew a Surgical Resident from Aussie–we definently ??’d his preferences–we wondered if his decision to get married was just to put an end to rumors…Loved him though–one of the best guys you could ever meet.

  15. LOL!
    I was wondering why I was getting so many hits from my favourite Nurse…………. please keep directing single gay men to my blog though, one of them might want to marry me! (even after seeing the filthy shit I write on the internet! haha)

  16. ‘Scandals which have startled the public?’ God, they had it good in the olden days. I can’t remember the last time I was startled. Although it may have involved a firing pistol on a school sports day.

  17. Hey, womaninblack, welcome to the Gimcrack. I love your blog – very funny writing

  18. Ooooh! Free gay porn. Why do they like pink so much? I recall one bar in Kings Cross back in 73 that had a few very over the top gay sorts. The strip joints were a bit crap in those days though, hope they’ve got a bit ruder since.

  19. Is Brighton and Canal Street Manchester on the map?

  20. Sometimes when you google “wet-nursing heirs to the British throne” you get very disappointing results. Not so today. Thanks. I tried to fuel your blog but am really inept and ended up leaving a message that reads like I’m a particularly uneducated hillbilly (another good google search by the way!)


  21. I googled uneducated hillbilly and all I got was pictures of American politicians.

    sorry to read about your seizure 🙂

  22. Only Nixon could go to Gay China.

  23. Nurse, thanks for the delicate veil over Tom. His blog is excellent, but a bit spurty.

  24. Ummm…. is there EVER enough?

  25. Stodiac belt, well the gays love their accesories don’t they.

  26. Tom has apparently decided to disinvite us naughty heterosexuals. Or somebody rode in on your coattails and started trouble. No gay porn for me.

  27. Probably the latter. I think he was enjoying the heterosexual hits

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