disco t shirt friday

T shirt Friday seemed to come around very quickly this month. Is anyone else playing along?

disco-001 disco-002 disco-005

and here are the players…..

Cheek of God


70s teen



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  1. Did someone mention disco??? Great photos NM … must try & get mine done later… I will let you know when I have done it 🙂

  2. you’re going to join in? fabulous xx

  3. You want me to play, Nursie? My legs and boobs aren’t in your class.

  4. That’s a t-shirt?

  5. GB: I’d love you to play along – men, women, gorillas… all are welcome on t shirt Friday

    Azahar: well I suppose technically it’s a tank top but doesn’t that still fall into the category of t shirt?

  6. I like the zipper on your skirt. Did you also wear your zipper earring? (Is it just the lighting, or do you no longer have red streaks in your hair?)

    By the way, when I finish the third volume of Up from the Deep, I’ll probably resume making daily posts on my other blog. You’ll be the first to know when that happens! Right now, it’s just too distracting.

  7. I’ve still got the red streaks. they tend to taper away at the ends so they’re often not visible in photos from the neck down

  8. Terrific! I’m sure it’ll be a great night down under..

  9. I spy with my little eye something beginning with P

    The King

  10. It did come around quickly for sure. Ahh, black is the best.

  11. NIce . . . um . . . .accessories! Yeah . . .

  12. I like it!

  13. A bit like a couple of Zeppelins. Oh the humanity!

  14. Love it! I think Casey and I were going to post “guitar friday” shots – but I’m not back from travel til later today. Have a “corset guitar” shot in the works… Casey? You ready to rumble?

  15. […] it’s T-shirt Friday at the Gimcrack Hospital, and because my wee one is so darn cute, I offer you this . . […]

  16. We’re playing along at The Cheek . . .


  17. […] 27, 2009 by sledpress I was going to put up a favorite microbrew shirt, but in Nursemyra’s show-some-skin spirit, and remembering the recent mortgage closing that sidetracked me into a sex […]

  18. Can’t get quite that foxy, but I went for somewhere between goofy and edgy.

  19. Magnificent! Very nice way to start my weekend. Thanks Nursemyra!

  20. You are the dancing queen!

  21. That’s more of a tank top.

    Hmmmm….. two dissenters in the ranks. yes it is a tank top but I still maintain that tank tops fall under the category of t-shirt

  22. Ye Gods, woman, what a fine rack.
    I have the breasts, but not the legs. I mean, I have legs. I don’t have to be pushed around on a skateboard, or anything.
    Although I’d like to be. Especially on the walk home from the pub.

    haha… WIB, you crack me up. I think you, daisyfae and me could be breast best of friends

  23. I like the ninja throwing star. Must come in handy to keep the gropers groupies at bay.

  24. I was going to but I couldn’t find a string vest – just for you obviously …….

    daddyp you KNOW how I feel about string vests. don’t make me lend instruments to TG

  25. Howl.

  26. Mines up now…. still Friday here 🙂

  27. […] Friday”, held at the one and only gimcrack hospital.  In the spirit of the incredible edible nursemyra, along with my desire to show off my new Gibson, here’s a go at “Guitar-Corset […]

  28. a hybrid ‘guitar-corset friday’ over in the the trailer park…


  29. Sleek and shiny! Magnificent.

    I’m in!

  30. Egads you’re fine.

  31. Definitely not a t-shirt, but I don’t care it looks nice on you.

    thanks Dekonstruct – I really like your T shirts too

  32. The Disco Tshirt is very sexy. the whole thing is sexy. Let’s go dancing nurse!

  33. Yes very shiny, and tight. Can’t beleive I missed another t-shirt friday… oh well maybe next time…

  34. I’m gettin’ Disco Fever, Nursie!

    And next month…something with the Union Jack 😉

  35. Quite a crew this time around. Amazing how you all were in the “show a little skin” phase. And they were all lovely, too, even Renal Failure. Oh, btw, the link to 70’s goes to Sledpress’s blog.

  36. shit! I didn’t realise that. thanks so much silverstar – I’ve fixed it now

  37. That’s a great shirt! 😀

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