Y therapy


Most of us have heard of graphology where ‘experts’ attempt to analyse people by their handwriting. Graphonomy is a more scientific approach with research being conducted to ascertain whether or not handwriting can reveal things about the state of a patient’s health.


Niraj Mancchanda practises something else called graphotherapy

“Lots of marriages in the world survive only because of good sex between couples. “I have changed the handwriting of many couple clients whenever I see one of them has lost interest in sex“. The change of handwriting is known as “graphotherapy”.

Niraj can tell a lot about your sex life just by the way you write the letter “y”



  1. Believes in healthy sex.
  2. Believes in having sex with one person at one time. 
  3. Likes to have sex only when feel like. Will not care for partners need.
  4. Does not even masturbate. Has removed sexual urges from their life.
  5. Wants sex but has stopped for some reason.
  6. Has stopped their sexual desires. Restricted themselves to a limit.
  7. Has desires for healthy sex but will stop at the last moment. 
  8. Avoids sex totally. Disinterested in sex. 
  9. Has great sexual desires and will take full initiative to fulfill it.
  10. Open to any kind of sexual activities. A person inquisitive to try all.
  11. Very fussy about what they want from their partner while having sex.
  12. Very selective of whom to have sex with.
  13. Has stopped all sexual urges & diverted their mind to fitness or sports.
  14. If this stroke is once in the handwriting then it means fetishes. But if it is repeated in a person’s handwriting then it means the person is a gay or lesbian.
  15. 100% gay or lesbian.
  16. Irresponsible. Will not care if other person is hurt while having sex.
  17. Twisted attitude towards sex. Attracted towards their own sex.
  18. Sexually frustrated.
  19. Despondency towards sex.


I like it written like this

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  1. My “Y” isn’t on this list 😦

  2. Perhaps that’s just as well. do you really want your sexual peccadillos up on my blog for all to see ? 🙂

  3. I have very bad handwriting apparently, so I dont really know if any two y’s would come out the same.

  4. I like your Y. (bishops get all the luck)

  5. I write my letters, including my y’s in all sorts of different ways depending on my mood on the day. Does that mean I like it all/every/which-a-way???
    I suspect it does … the y’s have it!

  6. Oh yes – mine is there and interpreted very accurately …… tee hee

  7. She’s taking it up the tradesman’s, Nursie!

  8. So she is GB. Very observant.

  9. Puts me in mind of that famous poem about unsafe sex:

    Theirs not to make reply,
    Theirs not to reason Y,
    Theirs but to do & die,
    Into the valley of Death
    Rode the six hundred

  10. Although it says on the T-shirt that the handwriting is prescription strength, it most decidedly is not. It is legible. If I had a nickle for every time I had to call a doctor to get him to translate his orders, I’d be rich.

  11. Sex & money… The marriage destroyers (or builders).

  12. I like the y at the end. hahaha

  13. Brings a whole new meaning to “eating out at the Y.”

  14. Imagine making a living changing people’s handwriting to improve their sex life. I see career opportunities on the horizon.

  15. Nine. And that ain’t german for no. That’s Dolce for YES, with a capital Y!

  16. dolce and i share a “y” style… 🙂

  17. sad very sad–you know every one of us grabbed a piece of paper and pen and spent time writing our “y”s….pathetic. I am a toss up between 1 and 9 and of course I always enjoy the very last one…

  18. Interesting. I am a number eight, as far as handwriting goes. Unfortunately, my hand has yet to communicate my lack of interest to the rest of me. It would sure keep me out of trouble.

  19. The young lady at the end looks quite affonted – – –

  20. My Y is number one… but you already know that Renal Failure is number one.

  21. Clearly I am living in the wrong place, though I must say that I’d be happy with a tail of just about any size or shape these days.

  22. Yes Renalfailure you really are number one.

    tobymarx: I like your new avatar

  23. toss up between 9&13, but I swear its not about the economy.

  24. time to reinvent my handwriting !!!

  25. My “Y” isn’t there. Figures. I have weird handwriting.

  26. I seem to be sometimes 10, and sometimes 13 (reviewing the telltale carbons in my checkbook). Which sort of says it all — one day you’re buying a butt toy in the sex shop, the next you’re kissing a weight bench. This guy may be onto something.

  27. Graphotherapy has changed my love life.
    Y, you may ask.
    That’s right!

  28. I think it was really the margaritas Joe….

  29. It seems too cut and dry to me. But people have ideas. I write like a doctor. barely legible.

  30. […] I’ve written about graphology before but I found an extract from the 1928 Dallas Morning News that made me think the subject could be […]

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