do you swallow or spit?

people put lots of things in their mouths. Most of the time it’s food, or oral hygiene related products but sometimes it’s something less expected.

X-Ray Technician School has a list of the 25 weirdest things eaten by a human.

A woman swallowed her lover’s false teeth while kissing. The woman says that they were experimenting with a “special type of passionate kiss.”

A woman in Israel had a cockroach jump into her mouth as she was cleaning her home. In an effort to remove the pest, she used a fork, which she accidentally swallowed along with the cockroach.


A prisoner who has being held in a cell with wire mesh walls attempted to eat his way out of jail. The man would twist off pieces of the wire mesh and hide the pieces by swallowing them.

The Great Waldo, also known as the Reguritating Geek, didn’t actually eat items, he swallowed then regurgitated. 


“In the image above, Waldo is performing his signature regurgitation, swallowing a white mouse and then bringing it back up alive and unharmed after a few moments. In the middle image, Waldo is puffing on a cigarette and smiling at your disgust before regurgitating the mouse.”

The Children’s Hospital has an online collection of items swallowed and subsequently removed by doctors between 1918 and 1962. You can see 20 of them here. The puppy pin is my favourite, I also like the name of the doctor who was removing pins in the 1950s…..

sewpin dog

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  1. The most distasteful things I’ve had to swallow are excuses from certain of my minions.

  2. “…Waldo is puffing on a cigarette and smiling at your disgust…”

    i want waldo for my next dinner party. he’s kinda hot…

    ps: children’s hosp link isn’t there…

  3. oops! thanks daisyfae – I’ve fixed it now

  4. My uncle worked in the ER for a number of years. A guy came in once with pieces of a light bulb down his throat. Ugh!

  5. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I once worked in an emergency room. We had one guy come in because he swallowed a toilet brush while being held at a local jail.

    To make matters worse, someone had already used it.


  6. eeeek! Thomas, that’s the worst story yet….

  7. I swallowed a five cent piece when i was, like, four.

    My parents were very thingy about making sure that i passed the coin, and that it didn’t get lodged in my appendix or something.

    Every ten minutes they were asking if i’d been to the toilet and done a poo; they impressed upon me that it was very important to them that they get that coin back.

    I misread their concern over the reappearance of the five cents, and, my eyes full of tears, found and gave them another five cent piece to make up for having lost them the first one.

  8. gosh darn you must have been a cute kid Gully

  9. Hidden away in my ancestry is a six-times great aunt, Mary Harris. In 1796 she died aged two, having, in the words of the parish burial register, “swallowed a farthing six months earlier and failed to pass it.”

  10. hey we’re getting some interesting stories tonight….

  11. Great collection of removed objects. Love that Junior Red Cross pin that Dr. Flake extracted.

    Speaking of famous regurgitators, did you know about Hadji Ali? Watch until the very end to see what was really amazing about this guy.

    wow thanks tobymarx. I’d never heard of him – what a great act

  12. And then there are the trials and tribulations of drug mules ingesting umpteen packets of coke and smack until one of them bursts into a painful good-bye.

  13. I remember watching a guy many years ago on TV swallow a mini Rubik’s Cube and actually turn the pieces in his stomach before bringing it back up. He also swallowed two fish, a gold fish and a gray fish at the same time, and he could bring up which ever one you requested.

  14. I swallowed a goldfish once. Fucking college.

  15. When I was a kid, I was riding my bike and a moth flew down my throat. Also, I use to take a teaspoon into the backyard and eat dirt.

    you weren’t pregnant at the time were you UB? Pica is more common in pregnant women. then again, my mother tells me I used to eat slaters as a child so who am I to talk? 🙂

  16. Funny!

    I hate swallowing my pride. It doesn’t taste very good!

  17. I had a terrific little black and white tuxedo cat for fifteen years, When she was about seven, unbeknownst to us, she ate most of a dried flower arrangement and a large part of the kitchen broom, and it all annealed into a wad that required surgical extraction (she kept trying, unsuccessfully, to throw it up). The vet found it all tied up in a red ribbon which was the last thing she had swallowed and said it was the darndest thing she had ever taken out of a cat. I still have it in the freezer as a conversation piece. I remember yelling down the phone at the vet, who was asking if I was sure I was prepared to tackle the price of the surgery, “THIS IS WHY GOD MADE VISA CARDS!”

    After that we hid every crunchy or crispy or stringy thing that we noticed lying around the house. It made housekeeping weird.

  18. Wow, that makes me feel a lot better about the things I’ve swallowed in my time. Probably not as dirty as you’d think, but it’s more fun to leave that up for interpretation, ha! 😛

  19. *Gulp*

  20. I know this is not so exciting as the other items but the worst thing I can ever remember swallowing was my sister’s cooking. It is really that bad.

  21. I can’t even begin to recall the filth I’ve put in my mouth!

    I see you’re back online naughty Tom 🙂

  22. My son put the erasar from the top of a pencil up his nose when he was about 2. Dr. told us to go to the ER to have it removed because if he went to sleep like that it could be inhaled and go into his lungs..(it was after hours of course-kids never do anything like that during business hours.)
    When I worked in the ER we had a guy come in with a jar of pickels-(full-lid and all) inserted into an area that is just not right. I believe he may have read your post on Anal Expanding—tried his own way of doing it. Wasn’t successful..Needed surgury–EEWWW

  23. One of my friends swallowed a safety pin as a baby somehow, and it still there – shows up quite nicely on X-rays.

  24. I think swallowing is nice. Though I don’t complain when someone spits either.

  25. Wow, all those links are really interesting. The only thing I can remember swallowing was a quarter, but it came out in the end.

  26. The rusty screw in the bronchus.. I know a kid who did that, only the screw wasn’t rusty when he swallowed it.

    That lady with the fork though? Sheesh… how does that even happen?

  27. Interesting. The people in my store tend to ingest more traditional things like turkey jerky and cheezies. They don’t get picked up on x-ray but something tells that they’re just as deadly as bed springs…

  28. Do you know that there were special surgical tools designed to remove swallowed objects without surgery? That’s right WITHOUT.


  29. I’d rather spit than swallow some of the objects listed. Although one of the strangest TV programmes I ever saw (for about 2 minutes before I switched it off) was what folk turned up at hospital to have taken out of their rear ends. Yeesh!

  30. Way back in my Catholic childhood my little brother swallowed one of my Grandmother’s holy pictures. A few days later on opening his nappy an open armed Virgin Mary was looking up from her nest of poo. We could have been rich.

  31. That is quite a list, yuck.

  32. If I was in jail, I would eat my way out… 😀

  33. Why would a cockroach jump into someones mouth, and why would you try o get it out with a fork… spit woman spit!

  34. What a find Nurse. What a find. it really is amazing how these freak accidents happen. And kids will put anything in their mouth. I recall a more recent story about a girl swallowing a bunch of magnets from a toy that was out on the market. She could offer no logical reason as to why she swallowed them when on the evening news.

  35. Eeeeew!!!!….I always spit out my fork!

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