corset friday 6.3.2009

the bronze shell I am wearing around my neck was made by my artist friend Tracey as a gift for one of my birthdays. I’ve had so many birthdays I can’t remember which one this was for. She cast it from a shell I found at La Perouse beach in Sydney back in the 80s…..

shell-003 shell-006 shell-007

You can see two shells that are very similar to my original over at sylvied’s. Look at the two peachy coloured shells in the bottom right hand photo 

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  1. Cool. It looks just great with the red of the corset.

  2. Lucky shell…

  3. Somewhat conservative this week nursie honey.

    Probably wise. You could end up sued. It’s all the rage these days.


  4. So pretty. The shrunken head is also tres stylish.

  5. Fab color – not red, not wine/burgundy. Just fabulous…

    oh, and the wasp called. she wants her waist back. how do you keep your body so perfect, hot stuff?

  6. You remind me a bit of a warrior queen in the right hand picture. Fancy a wrestle, Nursie?

  7. Oh dear – and I have sprained my right hand – – –

  8. ahh, to be nestled between those lovelies, like that shell is. wonderful pics, dear nursemyra

  9. A truly lovely setting, see you tomorrow when I kick your arse!!!

    The King

    If you didn’t have such a lovely wife I’d be asking you to do more than kick my arse at mah jong 🙂

  10. Yes! What Daisyfae said! What a waist!

    The third pic wouldn’t blow up for me. I like the hair.

  11. Lovely, lovely pendants, all three of them.

  12. Have you cut your hair?

    No I haven’t. In fact I was just thinking the other day that it badly needs a trim. I have had the red streaks redone though and they are neon bright – shame they can’t be seen in the photos

  13. You are wearing a corset.

  14. you naughty minx, you!

  15. Love the shell.. very cool

  16. No matter how many birthdays you have had, m’dear, you still look absolutely stunning.

  17. So if i put my ear to the shell will i hear the ocean?

  18. only if you have supersonic hearing Cew

  19. Ooooh, that one makes your natural assets look HUGE! Lovely!

  20. See…that shells knows its location, location, location!

  21. By gods you’re so hot, perspiration is breaking out on my upper lip… tastes yummy… by gods it’s so hit in here i need to take my clothes off…

  22. Lucky Mrs Beaverboosh. she can thank me later.

  23. gawd.. I can’t believe how quick Friday comes along when you are on annual leave from work.. fandabulous piccie dear NM 😉

  24. Gorilla thinks you look sort of Xena-ish in that rightmost picture. Well, Lucy Lawless is a kiwi, Nursemyra’s a kiwi… surely this cannot be a coincidence.

  25. Fabulous gift Nursemyra x

  26. Cheeky!!!

    The King

  27. This is one of my favorite ones you’ve done.

  28. Really? I think it’s one of my least favourites. the battery was running low on the camera and I just took a dozen shots in quick succession. I like the colour but it’s not a great corset either

  29. Shell? What shell?

    I must be going blind!

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