foot licking

In the 1890s Dr Hocken, a New Zealand doctor watched a fire walking demonstration in Polynesia. He then made a thorough examination of the native walkers’ feet, even licking them all over with his tongue to ensure they were free of foreign protective substances. 


There is a scientific explanation for safe firewalking. In fact it has become so popular that some companies even use it as a team building exercise.

It was meant to develop leadership skills, but the fire-walking exercise for 30 managers of the KFC fast food chicken restaurant chain was too hot to bear.

Among 20 taken to Hunter Valley hospitals for treatment to a range of burns to their feet was Roger Eaton, the CEO for Tricon Restaurants Australia, which owns the Australian franchise rights to KFC.


image by Lawrence Edwards found here

The hilarious Bearskin Rug has some advice for anyone unlucky enough to have a foot just “drop off”

“It’s important that you all remember — I’m NOT a medical doctor. The information I give on this site is not always as up-to-date as I’d like. Feet are a usually quite dirty, and if your foot does fall off, make sure you’re wearing rubber gloves before you lick the foot.

Oh! On your tongue — your tongue. It wouldn’t do any good on your hands, silly! Well.. actually it couldn’t hurt…

You know what? Wear one on the foot, too.”

You’ll need to go to his website to view the accompanying cartoon.  spend some time checking out his other work – it’s well worth the visit.


this image and the top one were created by Bela Borsodi

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  1. Is it really that important that the people managing KFC stores are good leaders… I mean honestly.

  2. if you don’t know how to walk on fire, maybe you shouldn’t try it.
    but the thing that’s strange… if you see the person in front of you get their feet burned walking on the coals, why would you even try?
    i mean, being a true manager is to trust your own judgement.
    who wants lemmings in management?

  3. Anyone mad enough to walk on fire wouldn’t get hired by me. Lol! I would think them very simple.
    I certainly hope that my foot never falls off.

  4. Kentucky Fried Instep has a nice ring to it.

  5. You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out!

  6. How utterly appropriate that a bunch of KFC execs should fry their feet.

    KFC bosses – 0
    Chickens – 1

  7. Foot licking? Eeww! In the words of Meatloaf… I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that!

  8. my guess is that there was a weather anomaly that fried all that boss meat! temp/humidity likely play a key role in firewalking…

    now, how to convince my senior leadership that this is a brilliant demonstration of vision and commitment?

  9. I can just imaging those KFC executives burning themselves one after another. They must take their chicken seriously.

  10. I ain’t licking no feet and I ain’t taking my shoes off to run over hot coals either. You can have my shoes when you pry them from my cold dead feet.

  11. …. but you can’t wear your shoes when you’re in my bed RF. Eat biscuits and leave crumbs maybe but I draw the line at keeping your boots on

  12. New KFC slogan: “Foot Licking Good” 😀

  13. I might take that proposal to them if things get slow at the gimcrack

  14. My, my, we do seem to have developed a foot fetish around these parts. Personally, I enjoyed having my toes sucked the one time it happened, but I also got a sensual footwash first.

  15. Hard to find a good Doctor who’s willing to lick your feet these days. That’s why I see vet. It’s $15 an hour and she’ll do anything I ask. Plus she gives me treats if I’m good.

    Amusing about KFC. Can’t imagine old Harland Sanders getting into anything like that…not really the adventerous type.

    You post the most interesting things Nursemyra. Well done!

  16. It’s nice to know my readers enjoy the long hours spent trawling the net to bring you these tidbits 🙂

  17. Thanks for the link to Lawrence Edwards. I enjoyed reading his Statement and FAQ quite as much as I enjoyed his work. Anyone who considers Hieronymus Bosch a major influence can’t be all bad.

    Also enjoyed Bearskin Rug.

    The story about KFC managers braising their feet brings to mind what Milgram discovered about obedience with his (in)famous experiment.

  18. So glad you enjoyed the links

  19. Those photos on top kinda creeped me. I never got that foot-fetish deal either. I mean, I understand asian girls and octopi, but feet?

  20. I had a friend (and I mean that, it really isn’t me) who started going out with a hospital consultant. He was very attractive, rich and good company, and she was excited when – a few dates in – he suggested taking her shopping. During the shopping trip he was continually drawn to shoe shops and insisted on buying her several pairs of very expensive high heeled shoes. Back at home, he asked her if she’d wear the shoes in bed because he thought it would be sexy – she did, it was. He then asked her to wear the shoes EVERY time they went to bed together, and she had to tell him that occasionally was sexy, every time was a bit weird. He seemed to agree.
    A few nights later, she woke in the middle of the night and noticed that he wasn’t beside her in bed. Hearing strange noises in the bathroom next door, she went to investigate and found him having sex with one of her shoes. Worse still, it was a pair she hadn’t worn yet.
    She took them back for a refund after judicious cleaning with a wet wipe. She sent him back, too.

    what kind of strange noises? was he screaming endearments or did she just hear squelching?

  21. I’ll take my boots off if you’ll keep yours on, nurse.

  22. shoes .. ahh heaven!! KFC .. urgg hell 🙂

  23. Doc Hocken sounds Freee-Kaaaay. Cool. And I always thought shoes would be smokers. They’ve just got that world-weary, we’re here for a good time not a long time vibe about them.

  24. hey Ginny – I’m glad you commented on that last image, I really like it too

  25. Can the people who run these huge corporations like Tricon be so dumb that they keep fire-walking even though (for one of them at least) SIX PREVIOUS WALKERS suffered severe burns in front of them.

    Obviously, yes.

  26. Pil, I told this story at a staff meeting today and no less than TWO people said they’d had friends/acquaintances who’d burnt their feet doing fire walking team building exercises here in Australia!!!

    Not KFC employees either. Man, I would be suing the socks off any company that sponsored something like that…..

  27. I would have loved to see the KFC executives being carted off from a botched fire walking drill. Not that I’m evil or anything.

    I will pass on the foot licking!

  28. Maybe the KFC employees went too far in the team building by dipping their feet in the batter before walking on the coals.

  29. hi bearman – I like your cartoons

  30. As I mentioned to Pil – anyone who takes part in stupid fire-walking team building exercises deserves to get burned to a crisp. 11 different herbs & spices optional.

  31. […] ***This is not the first time we’ve tackled firewalking at the Gimcrack. you can reread the previous post here […]

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