you turn me on, I’m a Leyden Jar…..


I went to school with a girl who didn’t wear a watch because she swore her body made batteries stop. She also once demonstrated the art of giving head using a paper napkin so I’m not sure I trust her word on the battery thing. But according to Bob Rickard there are people out there whose bodies can do amazing things with electricity.


Not surprisingly, many instances of electric people have been noticed or recorded by doctors. In January 1869, the doctor who delivered a baby in St. Urbain, France, said the infant was charged up ‘like a Leyden jar’ ( a type of electrostatic condenser). The baby shocked all who touched him, and luminous rays emanated from his fingers. 

Douglas Hunt records two similar cases in Prediction magazine (January 1953). In the first a doctor received a sharp shock while delivering a baby. The baby’s ‘electrification’ lasted 24 hours, during which time he was actually used to charge a Leyden jar, and sparks issued from him. The second infant gave off a ‘feeble white light’ and caused ‘vibrations’ in small metal objects brought near his hands or feet.


Bob also mentions a report by Dr Julius Ransom in 1920 about 34 prison inmates who developed botulinus poisoning.

During convalescence, one of them screwed up a piece of paper and tried to throw it away, but the paper stuck fast to his hand. Investigation showed that the man was carrying a high static charge, and so were all of his fellow sufferers. They could deflect compass needles and make a suspended steel tape sway by moving their hands towards and away from it.The phenomena ceased when the men recovered.


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  1. Date with a hifi… um… thats got to be some itchy underwear she is knitting there.

  2. Hmmm. I see you have a photo of Daddy Papersmurfer – – –

  3. Tee hee Archie – and I’m wagging my tail …….

  4. wow! need to find me one of these ‘electrostatically charged’ gentlemen for some field work…

    oh, and a nursing naked smurf? perhaps the most disturbing image i’ve encountered here… [shudder]

  5. oh come now daisyfae – what about the bisected penis? Surely that was more disturbing than a happy little Smurf 🙂

  6. I watched a TV show about folks like this. One guy they profiled had magnetic properties and nobody could explain why.

    By the way, loved the smurf photo! hahaha

    Thomas 🙂

  7. How cute is the girl in the cloche hat?

    OK, it’s a rhetorical question. I think she’s very cute.

    Maybe you could introduce us?

    Purely platonic, of course.

    Do you want her for Sybylla?

  8. My electrifying personality has never been able to cause a watch to stop. But I have been told that I have a face that could stop time. Is that a good thing? I am taking it as such.

  9. Lascivious Smurf… who says all the good band names have been taken.

    Beau Knagent

  10. I once knew a woman who claimed that her body had some sort of electromagnetic force that damaged electronic equipment, including battery powered watches. Whether or not that was true I’ll never know, as she was in other ways a disaster waiting to happen and I avoided her like the plague.

    Love the Smurf GIF. 😛

  11. I am so electric, it’s not even funny.

    what happens when you get wet?

  12. You have to feel sorry for your school chum. If her body kills watch batteries, I’m guessing she has a similar effect on vibrators.

  13. What an electrifying post … I hope that evil blue smurf fries when the electric boobs fire up! Lol!

  14. Every time I get in a line at a store it comes to a complete stop.

  15. That’s because your store has magnetic floors. electricity is innocent.

    hey wait… you haven’t been shopping at Food Here have you?

  16. Thank God you didn’t show the neon blue penis. That would have sent me straight over the edge.

  17. I haven’t seen Watchmen….

  18. My father used to swear by his ‘internal clock’ which included an ‘internal alarm’. The alarm was set by banging your head on the pillow the number of times that matched the hour you wanted to wake up (seven for 7am, for example).
    It didn’t work.

  19. hey that’s pretty funny 🙂

    I don’t use an alarm and I very rarely oversleep. My body clock wakes me automatically at 7:00 each weekday and at 8:30 or 9 on weekends.

  20. If I make love to an electric woman, will my hair stand up on end when she climaxes like I was touching a Van de Graff generator? Because I think that would be a handy way of judging if your partner is truly enjoying your lovemaking or just faking.

  21. What an enterprising smurf! Hats off. And I hope the young lady returns the favour. No, you don’t need to post about it.

    ok I won’t. but when are you going to post again? your blog is too quiet 😦

  22. …hello gal,
    may you provide a bit more info about that “Karate for the family” poster?
    killer one!
    very nice scene, art, light, combo
    kind of a record front sleeve


    Hi Reverb – welcome to the gimcrack. I don’t have any information on that album cover – it’s an image I found a long time ago and now I can’t remember where. sorry.

  23. …dunno but that icon avatar is not mine
    so I blocked “gravatar” image
    I do not want any fuc—g avatar

  24. All becomes clear!!!

    Thanks Nursemyra for your help. You are a wealth of information. Your blog is a rare treasure.

    Not to dwell on the smurf but the wagging thing is a tail right? Not some inverse, electrical erection…?

  25. I don’t know about electric people, but I am one of those who kill watches. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be one that has a battery. I can do it to wind up ones and self winding ones as well. Additilonally, we have a telephone with a cord rather than a cordless phone because the cordless phones simply do not function correctly for me and die a quick death long before warranty runs out. After the third one, we gave up. why I do not screw up cell phones is beyond me. also, remote controls that use a radio signal do not agree with me, but the ones that emit infrared are not affected.

    Actually it is quite a nuisance to have this “talent”. i attribute this to the fact that I channel energy all the time during my massage work, but i don’t’ really know why this happens. I only know that my husband will not allow me to wear his watch. He has seen what happens.

  26. My mother used to ruin watches, too. This was long before watches had batteries, though. I don’t think she was channeling energy, though. The only thing I remember her channeling was beer.

  27. Gosh I had no idea there were so many people out there whose bodies stopped watches…..

  28. I’m thinking high levels of static electricity here.

  29. Nog can’t wear watches either – says they always stop working after a very short time.

    That smurf image is totally creepy.

  30. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog. You’re blog is rather interesting and funny! =) yea.. i have this problem alot when it comes to guys. I find their heart just stops when I open my mouth. It’s something I’m learning to deal with.

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