corset friday 13.3.2009

It’s skulls and crossbones today because it’s friday the thirteenth. 

sk1  sk3  sk5 sk6  sk8 sk9

Today is my younger son’s 25th birthday. He won’t want a corset friday dedicated to him but he’s getting one anyway. Happy birthday Rob – just tell the therapist to send the bill to me………

rob-1 rob-2

Hasn’t he got the most beautiful eyes?


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  1. Great photos as usual, and a happy birthday to the handsome lad!

  2. Happy birthday Rob [if you need to have a chat about your mother just let me know!]

  3. Happy birthday Rob, and if that’s your Mum, you must have a lot of fun when people refuse to believe it.

  4. Amazing to think that boy came out of your nymph-like undercarriage, Nursie.

  5. Happy birthday, Rob. She must have had you when she was 10 years old.

  6. Happy birthday, Rob.

    [Rob does read your blog, right?]

  7. Love the skulls – i picked up a cute Dia de los Muertos t-shirt in california. tight black shirt with a metal stud skull… would look much better on you!

    and i’ll get my daughter on a plane. we TOTALLY need to get those kids hooked up. he’s adorable!

  8. very much enjoying the variety this morning, nursemyra. and, as always, lovely. good morning, Australia!

    Gnukid, are you still away visiting your son?

  9. Corsets huh? They take me way back to when I walked in on Mrs Bastard’s mammy undressing in the parlour.

    I still have the nightmares!

    She still has the corsets.

    hey James, welcome to the gimcrack. every time I read your blog I come away talking with a Scottish accent. why is that?

  10. Feliz cumpla anos Rob, i think that’s how it’s spelled in espanol, quite a fetching boy you have there Nursie.

  11. Happy birthday, Rob. Your mom? She’s something, no?

  12. Happy Birthday Rob
    and N.M Happy Friday, what neat people and fun stuff to celebrate the day with!

  13. Does Rob like Canadians? 😛

    Happy 25!

    He does now

  14. A Friday the 13th birthday! That’s fantastic! It’s tempting the fates.

  15. I say!!!

    Ding bloody Dong!!

    Happy Birthday to your adopted son. Must be weird having a mum the same age.


  16. You were how old when you gave birth to Rob (who, by the way, is indeed a handsome lad)?

    Happy Birthday to Rob and Happy Friday the 13th to you (though it’s now your Saturday).

    Do be careful when you return to work on Monday…you could put someone’s eye out with those things! 🙂

  17. Great Scot!!!(Literally)

    There appears to be a picture of Me in a Kilt on James Bastard esq’s Blog.

    How extraordinary.

    Drop the sporran and get over here now

  18. Tiptoes in silence-round my bed,
    and quiets the raindrops overhead.
    With her everlasting smile,
    She stills my fever for a while.
    Oh Nursie Dear, I’m glad you’re here.
    To brush away my pain.

    Jethro Tull

  19. You’re right – his eyes are gorgeous.

  20. Oh my god, that kid’s beautiful!!!

    this is the one who doesn’t wear pink Ginny 😉

  21. Your “younger son”? You have a son that is older than you? You truly are remarkable.

  22. Nice outfit–My younger son is into skulls and crossbones but I just don’t think you’re outfit is quite appropriate for a 13yr old…
    Happy Birthday Rob–hope he knows he has a cool mom

  23. Um, Nurse? Your son is hotter than fuck.

  24. Looks like I got back just in time.

    Casey! We’ve missed you

  25. Happy Birthday Rob!!!

    A bonanza of photos nurse. I like the skirt. Nice bad girl thing going on with that.

  26. Wheels and Dollbaby, eh? Clothes to snare a millionaire. Sorry babe, you’ve snared us instead.

    Inkspot I am so impressed that you know of my favourite clothiers. I have quite a few of their Clothes to Snag a Millionaire In but it hasn’t happened yet….

  27. Dare I pass this on to my 13 year old Goth friend? She’s already been grounded for stealing her mother’s bustier, she loves the skull stuff and she’d swoon over the boy.

  28. Lucky 13!

  29. VERY beautiful eyes.

    Feliz Cumpleaños, Rob!

  30. Oh my god. Holy Hotness!

  31. he is lovely just like his Mum … Happy Birthday Rob 🙂

  32. This is the non-pink wearing one? A part of me just cheered. Then, another part of me said “Forget about it. You’re an old married woman with 2 kids.” And then the first part told the second part to shut the hell up and mind its own beeswax.

  33. Oooooh LOVE the stripy top! And lovely eyes indeed…

  34. Happy Birthday Rob! Sorry to your mom I have not had time to visit as late. Got to make the US $ b4 they go worthless ya know.

    Is that why you haven’t updated your blog lately either?

  35. Happy Birthday, Rob!

  36. Happy birthday Rob, courtesy of your mom’s strange internet friends that she dresses up for every Friday.

  37. Yea happy birthday to the young chap… well slightly younger chap. I can’t comment about his eyes but he looks to have a rather attractive young lady attached to his face…

  38. Wow, I didn’t realise you got pregnant at 12!

    Happy Birthday Rob! P.S. You have a yummy mummy!

  39. Happy Birthday Rob! We Pisces people have to stick together.
    Very appropriate skull/crossbones for Friday, 13th.

  40. It seems your genes are particularly excellent, judging by your son’s handsome appearence.

    Your jeans, however, should come off more often.

  41. What a cutie – the both of ya!

  42. […] noticed the top from a previous corset friday post was from Wheels & Doll Baby which is the coolest shop in Sydney. I’m always on the […]

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