toss me that bladder

back in the day, before footballs were produced in factories, enterprising little boys used to make their own by inflating a pig’s bladder. In fact Addie Mailk still does

“My name is addie malik i want to tell you about product bladders are used in footballs, volly balls, rugby and like more games we also manufactured of rubber gloves if you want to buy than frankly you can tuch me with help of yours fingers see below”


animal bladders were also used in experiments such as this early attempt to harness gas conducted by Reverend John Clayton

“Flammable gas had been known for centuries, leaking out of the ground near coal mines. This gas would have been methane, or firedamp as the miners called it. In 1684 the Reverend John Clayton, rector of Crofton, while investigating one such leak bubbling from a flooded ditch near Wigan, realised the connection between the gas and the coal underground and experimented with heating coal in a sealed container, collecting the gas in a bladder, and burning it as a party trick for his friends’


Bladders were even used to make a musical instrument called the bumbass. Here’s what happens when an ass uses his bum to play around with flammable objects




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  1. I said it before and I’ll say it again, everyone needs a friend that can light their own farts.

  2. where do I find a friend like that?

  3. Ass is as ass does! Lol! What an idiot! Anyway, Politicians have been harnessing gas for years.

  4. lighting farts around a campfire… happy, happy memories… not me, of course. but if i ever had gaseous emissions (and of course, i never do), i would certainly know how to torch one!

  5. you engineers are so cool daisyfae 🙂

  6. Ahh, a flaming idiot! Usually this isn’t quite so literal…

  7. So wait a minute…back up. Inflatable dolls used to be made of pig bladder??

  8. If they ever get inflatable dolls to look like the ones in that ad, the human race will have a problem on its hands.

  9. Poor Governor Hotham. Hotham, hot hams – certain associations fairly leap into one’s mind, don’t they?

    The young man who flambeed his arse might well win a Darwin Award someday.

  10. I think that’s what they term “frying by the seat of your pants.”

  11. Nothing like getting a little fired up! Ouch!

  12. My 6 year old needs to see that picture, because I’m afraid fart-lighting (and jackassery, in general) is in his genes. Maybe I’ll wait till he’s 7….

    I’d recommend waiting for double digits

  13. Anyone for flame-grilled rump? This is why it’s often a good idea to drop and roll whenever you hear the words, “hey guys, watch this…”

  14. Launching fireworks out of your ass is big here in the USA. It’s a stupid idea, but funny as hell.

  15. lol read my latest post to see all about ass injuries…………. and every word is true!

  16. I sphincter it’s one of the main reasons bottoms were invented ……..

  17. I’ll pass on the flute but I want a couple of those inflatable dolls shipped ASAP.

    Its still cold and dreary over here. I can’t wait till we’re basking in 80’s whilst you guys are getting buried in 3 feet of snow or cold rain! It’s your turn! Brrrrrrr.

    Snow in Sydney? It’ll be a cold day in hell when that happens

  18. reminds me of a post I did at another site ages ago called “inflatable partners.” 🙂

  19. New meaning to “blow me”

  20. Inflatable women are alreet for a wee while, but trying to get beer money oot of their purse can be a reet bastart.

  21. their purse?


  22. Och.. See me reet? you’ll no get me blushing red on mah coupon doll.

    Ah’m a higher species than your average galoot fae the auld back schemies o’ Duntocher.
    Real class me.. reet? Velcro shoes and socks ainly worn wan time. All for you’se doll…. all just for you’se.

  23. that is such a ‘boy’ thing .. I bet that chap is so sorry he decided to join the boys club lol 🙂

  24. Inflatable dolls should never come with a free home trial. There are some items that should have a no-return policy. Like dildos. No one wants a second-hand dildo.

  25. That guy wasn’t just lighting his farts, and anyone that dumb needs an object lesson. Looks like he got it.

  26. Rump roast! Ah youth…all innocence and joy and setting your ass on fire.

  27. The guy’s an idiot, but 2nd and third degree burns with eschar are the pits. Fortunately, it’s not over a large area of his body, but from my experience working with burn patients, he is going to be very sorry.

    Maybe some day I’ll tell the story of the guy who decided to take a leak and light a cigarette at the same time near a propane tank.

  28. make that soon silverstar – I’d love to read it

  29. The bumbass link seems to be down. That is a nasty burn. Wonder how long that took to heal up. What a dumbass.

  30. Hmmmm… the link was fine last night when I went to bed. anyway, there wasn’t much to it. just another photo and a couple of sentences.

  31. Renalfailure: you remind me of a limerick coined by my late-and-ex-husband:
    A second-hand penile prosthesis
    Which used to be one of Ed Meese’s
    Caused testicle twitching,
    Acute anal itching,
    And also severe enuresis.

    (I guess Ed Meese is kind of passe but while he was Reagan’s Attorney General every overpass in Washington DC was stenciled by some industrious citizen, “Meese is a Pig.”)

  32. I usually don’t like limericks but that one is very funny sledpress 🙂

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