corset friday 20/3/2009

ashley-corset-008 ashley-corset-013

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  1. I’ve had a terrible week. It has, however, been entirely transformed by your generosity of spirit. So much so, that I’ve just spent ten minutes on a critical assessment of your previous Corset Fridays, and as a result, am thoroughly exhausted.

    A debt of gratitude is proffered in your direction.

  2. Pretty in (hot) pink!

  3. It only took you ten minutes to view 2 year’s worth of corset fridays? wow – you’re quick.

    have just been over to your blog but can’t figure out how to comment on the posts that don’t have “continue reading” on the bottom of them…..

  4. thanks Abigail xx

  5. Love the coral color.

  6. Mmm … ten minutes is bit of a record for me.

    Many thanks for pointing out commenting issue. It’s fixed.

  7. oooh, I like that the corset zip is in pink. Lovely!

  8. I still don’t know how you breathe in those things!

    Nice colour combination.

  9. It is a very nice combination.

  10. Ja, that’s short enough for me! P.S. I do read your other posts…

  11. coral mini tank dress with a leather corset? nice! at first, i thought it was a latex mini dress… great colors!

  12. What fun. It’s like a three-piece jigsaw puzzle. Fortunately, that’s all my brain is able to cope with at the moment.

  13. How come my corset never looks like that when I am wearing it? I think my junk gets in the way too much. Maybe I need to tuck more. (Sorry, just having a conversation with myself…carry on).

  14. Very nice!

  15. TL…at least its not blue junk (well then again, not sure how often your wife is willing)

  16. Pink and black. The best of both worlds.

  17. Hey how come I can’t enlarge the pic on the right.

    Not fair.


  18. Yowza.

  19. Oh Lawd – I keep forgetting what day it is. I meant to take a sedative …….

  20. TGIF!

  21. Very nice indeed, they kind of get me to stand to attention on all fronts.

  22. Awesome!!!

  23. very lovely NM … spring has sprung 😉

  24. Nurse, I’m with Tom Laird. That right-hand pic features the finest thighs [god I love that word] in the southern hemisphere, but I can’t get a decent look at them.

  25. Captivating. I’ve always liked the combo of black and a strong pink.

  26. I’m not sure if you realise or not, but if you take the left-most picture, spend ten minutes or so in Photoshop adjusting the contrast levels and midtone shadow and colour saturation, and then posterise the result, and then process it through image enhancing software hacked from the CIA using a zombie-pc render farm, people can quite clearly see the outline of your areolae.

    I thought i’d better let you know, so that you don’t risk being embarrassed walking down the street in this outfit.

  27. oh my gosh I’m mortified. how many people have this technology?

  28. I love this! It’s like that super hot outfit Peggy Hill wore when she accidentally became friends with a lady of ill-repute – Tres sexy! The bf and I were just talking about corsets too, what timing 😉

  29. Asymmetrical warfare.

  30. Oh I’m so jealous. I would look like a hippo in a thimble.

  31. “oh my gosh I’m mortified. how many people have this technology?”

    Not only that, but apparently it’s quite easy to “uncrop” photos and see the original. Not a problem unless you don’t want your face seen or, like me, cropped out wobbly bits.

  32. Splendid as always nurse.

  33. Thanks Azahar – but I’m safe on that one. I don’t even know how to “crop” them in the first place.

    Ricardo: xx

  34. Looking good (as usual)!

    Thomas 🙂

  35. Work it sista.

  36. Da da da DAMN! (better move up my trip to Australia by a few years… 😉 Very nice!

  37. You may want to crop that last image:

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