t shirt friday 27.3.2009

laced-up-004 laced-up-010

laced-up-020 laced-up-015

Inkspot noticed the top from a previous corset friday post was from Wheels & Doll Baby which is the coolest shop in Sydney. I’m always on the lookout for their clothes and picked up this t shirt at a market for $5.00 🙂

any players for T shirt Friday?

GnuKid is in, so is Sledpress and renalfailure followed by 70s as Robin


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  1. HI Hun I will see what I can conjure up after work …. will be back in about 12 hours… great photos 🙂

  2. Nice T. Black leather … wo, ready for Friday night frolics?

  3. cool – I’ll be checking your blog baby xx

  4. Sweet suffering saints… is it the 2nd hand clathes you’re after buying the now?

    I’ll send you a few wee poonds so you can at least get yoursel a hot meal and a waish!

    Fecking economic misery.. t’will be the death of us all.

    I’d rather you sent one of your brothers over to gi’ me a wee waish

  5. From what part of your body is the milky white skin on the bottom left, Nursie? Is it your hip? I like it wherever it is.

  6. I’d play… but I’m not going to Mwuhaha, MWUHAHAHA HAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, and so on…

    But seriously I don’t have any interesting t-shirts… maybe I need to go shopping.

  7. It isn’t t-shirt Friday already is it? …… Ooooo – last month was February wasn’t it? ….. that explains it …….

  8. have already found wheels and doll baby – drooling and saving my pennies…

    love the skirt, too. but are you not wearing panties, you hot little vixen? tsk tsk…

    i’d have to do ‘pajama friday’ today. in bed. horizontal. not for the ‘good’ reason…

    hope you’re better soon daisyfae xxx

  9. love the skirt, dear nursemyra…

    i have a gentle and simple tshirt offering up at The Wilds

  10. “Wheels and Doll Baby”? What in the hell is that all about? Is it a low budget Hells Angels thing?

    Anyway, can we just make everyday Friday?

  11. or Saturday?

  12. PS Jeezus kee-rist, who pays those prices? Sharp outfits but no wonder you go the secondhand market, $69 for a guy’s T-shirt printed “I’m With the Band”?

  13. Cool t-shirt

    thanks Mr Vicious. I LOVE the cool chameleon video on your blog

  14. I’m in.

    That is an absolutely ravishing skirt. Don’t know if you’ve worn it on here before, but it’s got my attention and then some.

    Hadn’t tried this skirt on since Stephen died. Can’t do up the button at the top any more dammit! though as I’m not game to wear it outside the house that doesn’t really matter 🙂

  15. Dont look now Nursie. But I think you have another exotic admirer…..

    Yummy outfit BTW XXX

  16. Those are my colours!

  17. Yikes! things are hotting up…..

  18. Where’s the Harley?

  19. Must need my glasses, can’t see a thing!

    The King

    you need to get closer

  20. Nursemyra, I like this tradition of yours. Great shirt! 😀

  21. Love the skirt Nurse. that’s hot. Need to cool down.

  22. Definitely hot, but I’d need to go 2nd hand, too. And the skirt is hot, too.

  23. …I see your panty lines! Wait…strike that…there are no panties. Well…that saves on laundry! Nice.

  24. me so hawnee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Late to the party, but so glad I came!

  26. If you squint and pretend it’s a mesh t-shirt, I suppose these ‘boobs’ might qualify.

    (Couldn’t help but be reminded of you this week…)

  27. haha… thanks fracas

  28. Oooh, very rocker. I like. Sorry I failed this month. Will be back on for the next one, I hope!

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