Frigorific ways of restoring hair


Lightning is rumoured to be responsible for lots of strange things. In 1971 Edwin Robinson became blind and deaf as the result of an accident. Nine years later he was struck by lightning while feeding his chickens.


Tesla’s coil

Within hours he could again see and hear and was also conscious of another new and strange sensation. After being bald for 35 years he sprouted hair.

We’ve talked about “electrified” people and things here before. Galen thought electric eels could cure a prolapsed anus. He speculated that it was the “frigorific” principle of animal spirit coursing through the creatures that was responsible.


With the discovery of static electricity centuries later much stronger shocks than those of an eel could be produced. On one occasion at Versailles, 180 of the King’s guards were caused to leap simultaneously by all  holding hands and connecting the soldier on the end to a Leydon jar. A similar exercise was conducted at a Carthusian monastery where a “mile of monks” leapt together after also receiving a charge from a capacitator. 

In the 19th century hot and cold electric air baths were all the rage. Negative breezes were supposed to cure baldness. That theory has been thoroughly disproved but it still sounds a lot safer than standing around waiting to be struck by lightning.


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  1. At last someone has found a use for monks.

  2. Tuffy P had a cat who was on the front porch of their house when lightning struck their doorbell, just a few feet away from her. From that day on, whenever there was a thunderstorm, this cat wanted to be out on the front porch, where she watched the storm and presumably awaited further contact from the mother ship.

  3. I can’t believe that Robinson story! Can that possibly be true?!

    When I was a kid I use to put my tongue on the business end of a 9 volt battery. What a thrill!

  4. Regrow hair? Tanner are you listening?

  5. I like men with shaved heads and hairy chests 🙂

  6. i have a deep and abiding fondness for electrons… a “mile of monks”? there are better ways to conjure electrons.

  7. You could conjure an electric response from any man daisyfae


  9. Edwin Robinson got struck by lightning twice in his lifetime? Talk about bad luck! Poor guy. But hey, he got his sight and hearing back, and his hair, so it wasn’t all that bad after all, right?

  10. I learn something new every day. How shocking!

    Hey, Nurse Myra, what about about curly-haired guys with hairy chests?

  11. Getting shocked sure does get the heart pumping. Maybe there is something to it.

  12. Frigorific sounds like a genre of porn films.
    About that eel – if it works on prolapsed anuses, do you reckon it would work on gigantic arseholes? Because I work with one. And he needs a damn good eel-ing.

  13. Where do you find electric eels? ….. I’m asking for a friend …… obviously

  14. BTW …. I’ve just shaved my head and stuck the clippings to my chest …..

    daddyp that just sounds scary

  15. My mom was struck by lightning. Twice. And come to think of it, she does have lovely, thick hair. Hmmm.

  16. Such creative uses for lightning! And here I thought the best I could hope for was sparking myself up with electric carpet friction and zapping innocent passerby.

  17. Maybe Ben Franklin had a prolapsed anus. Would explain a lot.

  18. If it gave that guy a nice full head of hair back I don’t want to think what effect the eel had on hair growth for the other ones. 😐

  19. Nurse M you find the weirdest stuff.

  20. I’ve been drunk on lightning before.. no wait, it was moonshine. Mother Nature, just arse about face tis all.

  21. Lightning doesn’t strike Tag Larkin. Tag Larkin strikes the lightning.

  22. Another electrifying post, Nurse M. The things you learn blogging.

  23. Mmmmm . Men with shaved heads and hairy chests?

    That’s handy.


    The Bastard son of Sean Connory

  24. I bet his nickname after was “Sparky.”

  25. PS.

    Hairy chest Tuesday…comin right up xx

  26. I’ve touched electric fences for fun as a child – maybe that’s why my legs are so hairy.

  27. If you Google ‘Caviezel lightning’,there’s lots of entertaining stuff there too. Don’t read it underneath a tree though (unless you’re with Tag Larkin).

    I’d like to hang out with Tag Larkin. And Anonymous Doug too.

  28. How do you get to the point were prolapsed anus can be cured with electric eels… what research was that guy doing, and why wasn’t he hung for being a witch.

    ‘On March 30, 2009 at 12:17 pm nursemyra Said:
    I like men with shaved heads and hairy chests’

    *clears throat* really…

  29. There’s a film called Youth Without Youth that centers on a man recalling strange things after being stuck by lightning and goes from an old man to a young one. I will keep this post in ming should I begin to go bald. I will have lightning rods at the ready.

  30. um. no thanks.
    electricity makes my hair stand up
    and look funny.

  31. Tesla was a notorious tight ass.

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