I can see clearly now


Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen discovered the X Ray by accident in 1895. The London Pall Mall Gazette reported in 1896:

“You can see other people’s bones with the naked eye…..On the revolting indecency of this there is no need to dwell.” 


Shortly thereafter many scientists including Edward Waymouth Reid began conducting experiments with x rays before the safety issues were considered

“Passage of the rays for an hour through the head of a laboratory boy of medium intelligence did not in my hands cause deterioration or improvement thereof.” Scot.Med.Surg.J. 1897

“Professor Kuenen, who in those days himself made all the college vacuum tubes, was my colleague in the sport. In his attempts to get a picture of a fountain pen in the pocket of my waistcoat worn front to back, he succeeded in damaging a good square foot of the varnish of my casing, though luckily the insulation of my field coils held out, and I can still command enough amperes to electrolyse a lobster mayonnaise.

“The early X-rays shadow pictures were a real delight. We groped for swallowed teeth within the entrails, of criminals supplied by the Bell Street authorities, and located bullets within the skulls of living men.”


The use of protective goggles became commonplace in the early 1900s but sadly it was too late to save the sight of many of the early experimenters who had not understood the risks.


Advanced Intelligence say they can give you x ray vision in colour if you buy their glasses for the introductory price of $2800.00. Here’s a sample of what to expect if you’re prepared to spend time hanging out at the pool in a pair of their specs


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  1. How do you discover X-rays by accident??? Those sorts of revolutionary accidents never happen to me ;-(

  2. If you look at porn sites (not that I ever would of course) there are quite some bizarre interests, midgets, manga cartoons, old black and white photos. Wonder if anyone has ever seen X-rays as porn?

  3. Terahertz (THz) radiation (aka “T-Rays”) is the latest threat to public decency. They image ‘soft’ matter, rather than bone, providing a nice fleshy naked image. Being used in some airports.

    Given the general state of physique of the typical US business traveler – myself included – i wouldn’t want to be the TSA agent in charge. Would probably want to burn my eyes out with x-rays at the end of a long day.

  4. Champagne was an accident. Why not x-rays?

    Revolting indecency is going to be the name of my retro punk band.

  5. Yes, I expect that if I was T-rayed it would scare the screener. Sometimes my x-rays scare them.

  6. I think you can buy a $20 filter for your video camera and achieve the same effect….NOT that I know from personal experience.

  7. i think i’d prefer to be x-ray-ted rather than T-ray-ted.

  8. AI’s glasses probably look like those protective googles so the purchaser can seem extra creepy.

  9. I remember spending 3 shillings and sixpence on a pair of X-ray specs, as a bairn. I never did get to see through Mrs MacDermott’s underskirt.

  10. I think the laboratory boy of medium intelligence works for my company now.

  11. It’s easier just to come to this blog on underwear day.

    Come to think of it, that’s every day. Go Nurse!

  12. Isn’t T-Ray a rapper?

  13. Of course I remember having my feet x-rayed regularly in shoe shops – heaven knows what happened to the assistants in later life *shudder*

  14. X-ray glasses are real now? Boy am I getting old! I remember back in the day, you could get fake ones for $1 each in the back of comic books! Who would have known!

  15. Sure, the boy whose head they shot x-rays through for an hour was of “medium intelligence” BEFORE the session; what about after?

  16. hey thanks for all the comments guys…… I’m moving house in 4 days and the preparations and packing are really taking up most of my time.

    I’m still writing a post a day but visiting your blogs and commenting has been curtailed somewhat….

  17. I bought new boots today *grin*

  18. Once they have checked out 1 million fannies, I guess they might finally get over it … maybe!

  19. See? Even in X-ray form, women look good in boots.

    Now what about that lobster mayonnaise?

  20. I actually shuddered at this line: “We groped for swallowed teeth within the entrails, of criminals”

    hey Ms. Pony – welcome to the gimcrack

  21. I better be able to see more than that for the price of those glasses.

  22. you know what’s better then a still x-ray?
    those x-rays that show someone chewing and then swallowing ( FOOD ) they tickle my funny bone you could say.

  23. I want to see Dolce’s new boots! 🙂

    Moving house again Nurse?

  24. I can still command enough amperes to electrolyse a lobster mayonnaise, so do not trifle with me.

  25. Twin: unfortunately – yes. but to a house instead of an apartment – yay!

    Bunk Strutts: Haha… very funny…

  26. Perhaps an X-rayted version of Corset Friday or See-through T-shirt Friday?

  27. I think there have been a few of those already 🙂

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