supernurse moves on corset friday

this will be my last post for a week or so as I’m moving tomorrow and won’t have access to my computer until at least next Wednesday (maybe not even then…. 😦 )


so if you could all collectively meditate on making my furniture as light as air it would be greatly appreciated…… see you soon…..

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  1. Good luck with the move. And no rush on the posts, I’m more than happy to look at this one for a week or so…

  2. Hope you like the new place, Nursie. Great looking outfit, but ouch!

  3. No it wasn’t *ouch* at all. Piercing only takes a few seconds. giving birth is MUCH more painful 🙂

  4. ^ pffft, lies Nurse…

    Oh by the way, people will now you’re Supernurse if you go around with a name tag on!

  5. Hope the house move goes well. Just try twitching your nose and it will all just fall into place!
    Don’t get the piercing caught in anything along the way!

  6. The jacket says Mum, and underneath is a pierced bra revealing a piercing. This is more disturbing than I can say.

    It’s not a jacket, it’s one of those old fashioned nurse’s capes. I’ll try and take a better photo of it one day

  7. Merciful God!! Giving birth and nipple piercings before breakfast..

    I’ll pass on the porridge methinks.

  8. Good luck with the moving. I will meditate on levitating your furniture.

    thanks silverstar

  9. Supernurse can do anything!

    Like the red.

    And good luck with the move.

  10. Good luck with the move. Wish I lived nearby. I’d give you a hand. DON’T FORGET TO PACK THE CORSETS.

  11. as if I’d forget them!

  12. good luck – may the furniture be light and the glassware indestructable! you’ll be missed! xxx

  13. collective meditation in progress, good luck with the move!!

  14. I hope you have a smooth move.

  15. I’ll be the wind under your furniture – no probs …..

    haha… thanks darlin’

  16. You furniture should be heavy. You are paying those guys to move it, let them work for it.

  17. I’d give it a hoist if I was there; I spent a half hour yesterday chasing some twittering old ladies away from a cafe set and fifteen minutes getting it down from their walk-up and into the vehicle where they wanted it. Don’t catch that barbell on anything… that’s the outfit you’re wearing to meet the movers, right?

  18. That’s so hot!

  19. I wish you light furniture. Alternatively, I wish you someone musclebound to lift it, whilst you order them around.

  20. Good luck with the move. Hope to see you back soon.

    Ram, that’s what everyone’s saying about YOU!

  21. I can’t concentrate on light furniture, I have sympathetic nipple pain.

  22. Shudder. Such a pretty corset, though.

    Hope your furniture moves itself. I always wanted a carpet bag like Mary Poppins and Merlin (Sword in the Stone) had.

  23. By gods you move alot, are you wanted by the law?

    I hope this is the last move for a long time

  24. I’m trying to help you move, but the air mattress won’t fit through the door. What do I do?

  25. Va va va voooooooom….

    Surely your whole house will explode if you add air to this mix?

  26. Will this time off for moving affect your commenting on other blogs? I’ll need Alex, Daisy, and SledPress to step up on the commenting (Inkspot too) in your absence.

    Also… a nurse’s cape? Have you been hanging with Crimson Paraplegic?

  27. I have hypnotised your furniture into thinking happy thoughts. It will now fly around the nursery as required.

  28. So is static electricity in your house a good thing or a bad thing?

  29. Meditate on nipples got it.

  30. Turn on the heat right away. It can get a tit bit nipply inside a new home…

  31. May your move go smooth.

  32. is it already button weather?
    best wishes on moving.
    at least, now you know where your clutter is.

  33. Hope the moving goes as well as possible, given that moving is always hellish.

    Nice shot to leave us with, and I was amused to see the reactions of some of your commenters. I swear, if my clients saw the piercings (my nipples have little men dangling from them) and tattoos that I keep oh-so-discreet, due to customer service ideals of my own, I wouldn’t probably be working in my industry.

    Red corsets and pierced nipples should always be a winning combination!

    hey kitty – nice to see you here. I’ll be visiting your blog more often as soon as I get an internet connection at home. for the moment I’m using a cybercafe

  34. Good luck with the move!

  35. Good luck with the move nurse. We’ll miss you!!!

  36. Do not, under any circumstances, consider attaching ropes to the nip bar in order to help you shift heavy furniture. It may seem like a good idea, but when I tried it things went horribly wrong.

    *splutter*…. jeesus WIB, that doesn’t create a pretty picture

  37. I am meditating .. of course a glass or 2 of white helps with that inner peace bit…. hope the move goes swimmingly hun 🙂 x
    [great Corest shot]

  38. so sorry that you have to undergo the agony of moving. Nice Nip.

  39. P.S. I had a bit of a corset Friday myself. Well, more like a lingerie friday, but who’s counting.

  40. Good luck with the move. We’re still without internet nine days later. What is it with getting things connected down here?

    *sigh* I dunno…. we gave our isp SIX weeks notice….. it’s still not going to be until after Easter now……

  41. NEXT time how about you move nearer your family! Let me know how your feathered friends cope with the transition. Good luck and much love. Your mother.

  42. Hope your move goes smoothly sexy mama.

  43. don’t… move… I think you may have snagged your broach on your nipple…

  44. I feel something move every Friday.

  45. Good luck, hurry back.

  46. Hope the move goes swimmingly dear NM … speak soon hun 🙂

  47. Happy moving! Light as a feather, stiff as a, well…a couch, I guess. I don’t know if you’re one of those crazy folks like me who actually enjoy moving, but either way I hope it goes as awesomely as a move can.

  48. just saying “hi”. miss you. hope you get your interwebs back soon…

  49. Per Doing!

    No heavy lifting now, wouldn’t want you flat on your back for a week now would we?

    Or would we..

    The King

  50. they say the first thing you should set up when moving is your bed.

  51. er…that’s my favourite shot ever.
    what camera do you use?

  52. Heh Supernurse… SuperSense here.. wow. can wait to see the other half of you when you return…I mean read your posts that is. Hope the move is a smooth as smoothie movie thing.

  53. Trixiebelden: It’s a little Canon – several years old now. gave it to me as a present when he bought himself a new one in 2006

    Brucehood: the move itself wasn’t too bad. It’s the cleaning up afterwards that’s the killer. and now the long wait for an internet connection…… 😦

  54. […] was coming to Seattle, and we decided to do an impromptu T-shirt Friday, partially in mourning for Nurse Myra’s continued absence from the ‘Net. To make it more interesting, we did an exchange. She brought […]

  55. i know this is a leftover from last corset friday… but it was like being reintroduced all over when i opened the link this friday… lovely…

    hope the reclamation project on your belongings is going well

  56. Oh and ahello to you N.M. 🙂
    Hope the move is Drama Free
    The bad kind of Drama anyway.
    Hugs from

  57. Hope the move goes smoothly.

  58. light light light make the table light light light make eveything light light light so nursey can move her shight sight sight.
    how was that nursypoo

  59. excellent fevah! now can you just make my isp get their act together so I can blog again?

  60. Nice to see you again! How come you can comment but not blog?

  61. I’m using a cybercafe to check my email every day. Theoretically I could blog I suppose but I really need peace and quiet to come up with an interesting post. And people can read over my shoulder here too….. that’s a little unnerving when you consider the topics I usually write about….

  62. You made Good Friday really, really good, m’dear!

    I hope all goes well with your move. How many boxes does your collection of corsets take up, I wonder?

  63. I can certainly understand the need for peace and quiet and no one looking over your shoulder! I miss you, come back soon.

  64. Here it is, Tuesday afternoon and people have been back at work for HOURS! How come thy haven’t got your ISP connection fixed? Slack, Slack, Slack!

  65. Makes sense. Hope you get this settled soon.

  66. Hope you’re back in business soon NM, the Rev’s camera work – well it just isn’t in the same league!

    If you feel like a spot of MJ gives us a tinkle.

    The King

  67. I sense a restlessness in the stands — Friday is approaching! Say the corsets are safe?

  68. Yes, this has (or hasn’t) been going on long enough!

  69. oh I am so over the waiting and bored out of my brain too… my incompetent isp says another week yet 😦

    but the corsets are safe…..

  70. Still checking in. Hope all is well,

  71. where did you go…saw you on another post but not here yet–please enthal us with your moving exploits..(tell me you didn’t use the nipple ring as a sofa pull)
    miss you..come back soon =)

  72. […] 17, 2009 by sledpress Just in case Nursemyra is still offline for the second Friday in a row, I decided to give it my best shot and schedule […]

  73. I’m still here in purgatory guys *sigh*

    Enjoying my new house but am going stir crazy being unable to blog. Another few days yet….. 😦

  74. I so look forward to your next
    you are the best!

  75. We shall wait Nurse, but its torture, surely you can tell your lousy ISP you’re more important than all other customers.

  76. We miss you nurse!!!!!

  77. Another few days????? I miss you Nursie.

  78. It’s obvious from the number of comments on this thread that Nursie is very much missed by all.

  79. thanks guys. I’m still meditating on the art of patience


  80. Cyber cafe less beach more 😉

  81. The art of patience? More like the hell that having patience requires. I’m sure you’ll be back on line soon. Right?


  82. missing you. fingers crossed that you’ll be back soon! xxx

  83. We’re still doing T-Shirt Friday, right?

  84. With or without Nursie, Renal Failure. Preferably with, though. We might even let her wear a corset for T-shirt Friday.

  85. Missing you 🙂 Hope the move went smoothly and everything settling.

  86. […] I thought I’d wear the other T-shirt that Daisy Fae brought me.  Enjoy! Oh, and BTW, Nurse Myra is back, but doesn’t have a T-shirt or corset post up yet. Breastages and […]

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