may day may day

a pinch and a punch for the first of the month

pink-may-004 pink-may-005 pink-may-007 pink-may-008  pink-may-003 pink-may-0141

Published in: on May 1, 2009 at 10:19 am  Comments (40)  

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  1. Nice!

    • welcome to the gimcrack mapstew. did jimmy send you?

  2. Very pretty!

    • thanks Azahar. happy blogoversary to you!

  3. That last photo damned near poked out my left eye. I am not complaining, mind you.

  4. Aye, took a detour from Jimmy’s.

  5. Hooray! Hooray! It’s the first of May!
    Outdoor fucking starts today!

  6. As ever tasteful, as was your boudoir the other day, thanks for the tour. BTW I did find my wedding ring after all…

    The King

    • I KNEW it wasn’t in my corset drawer!

  7. Love the pink. So classy and feminine. Looking good, nursey . . .

  8. Im a married man Nursy but Geezzz.!

    • You could buy the missus a negligee like this for Mother’s Day Mick 😉

      This one is from that oh so classy store “Target” but sshhhhhh don’t tell…..

  9. lovely…

  10. i love fridays. this is your cutest one yet, myra. would you care to share some chocolate?

  11. That’s hot! I’m married, but hey… I can still admire.

    Thomas 🙂

  12. Deja Vu TGIF!

  13. Fridays have always been fine, with the addition of this particular little corner of the world they have become lovely. My compliments to the creator.

  14. Thank you Luv. What a wonderful way to start the Merry Merry Month of May, 😀

  15. Ooooh! That is so pretty!! Granted, it probably owes a lot to the person wearing it…

    Where did you find it?

    • sssshhhhh… I found it at Target

  16. That’s a beautiful piece nursemyra, and Ginny already made the comment that’s speaks volumes!

  17. Well, Happy Mammary Day.

    Rabbit, rabbit.

  18. Very virginal ……. tee hee

  19. Pretty in Pink again. Lingerie beats T-shirts!

  20. That’s a punch I don’t mind taking full to the face at all. Love that pink and black combo.

  21. You are radiating the essence of spring dear nurse.

  22. I picked a fine day to return to the site. Thanks NurseMyra!

  23. Roses have never been displayed more prettily.

  24. Pink! Gaaaaa! You know how I feel about pink!

    You can get stuff like that a Target? Is that true?

  25. Very nice. I think I need that pinch now.

  26. that’s just so freakin’ adorable! makes me want to cuddle you like a hot and sexy teddy bear!

  27. I’m always up for a cuddle with you daisyfae xx

  28. Oh Nursie – it’s beautiful. I want one. So ethereal!

    • If you read the comments above you’ll find out where to get one….. and if you do, we want pictures!

  29. Hi! Good to see you’re making a clean breast of things!

    • hi peter, nice to see you here again

  30. Very Pretty N.M.
    Hope you had a nice May Day

  31. was inspired by your purchase… and picked up something squishy-cute in target today while there buying socks. woo hoo!

  32. very nice dear NM.. just wondering have you lost a few pounds ??

  33. Absolutely gorgeous! You and the negligee. I wonder if they have that in size huge?

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