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Some movies seem particularly accident prone. The Omen was one of these with accidents befalling many of the cast and crew who worked on it. 


John Richardson, the special effects designer for that film was involved in a fatal car crash.

“As he came to in the minutes after the crash, he saw something that chilled him to the bone: his passenger, dead from injuries which bore an uncanny resemblance to the ones he had prepared for the film. And a road sign marking the distance to an otherwise insignificant Dutch town. It read: Ommen, 66.6 km.”


Two months before filming the son of lead actor Gregory Peck killed himself. Peck set off for London in September in a sombre mood which wasn’t much soothed when his plane was hit by lightning high above the Atlantic. A few weeks later, executive producer Mace Neufeld also left Los Angeles. You think lightning doesn’t strike twice? It does in this story.

The hotel in which Neufeld was staying was bombed by the IRA. So, too, was a restaurant where the executives and actors, including Peck, were expected for dinner on November 12. A plane they had been due to hire for aerial filming was switched to another client at the last minute and crashed on take-off, killing all on board and a tiger handler died in a freak accident….


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  1. Interesting. Hadn’t heard the curse of the Omen. Do remember all the talk about Poltergeist though.

    • Yeah? What happened on the Poltergeist set?

  2. Now if you could get who killed the Kennedys into the story, it would be complete.

    • oh how weird – I was just over at your site leaving a comment…..

  3. jesus was my co-pilot. but we crashed in the mountains and i ate him*.

    *shamelessly stolen from a bumper sticker…

  4. Obviously God really didn’t want this movie being made if he’s crashing planes, hitting planes with lightning, and sending the Irish to bomb places.

  5. I love all this random stuff. Makes me feel better.

  6. The car crash one sounds a little urban mythy (they have signs that measure in fractions of km?), but I take your word and I think that stuff is fun to hear anyway. 🙂

    • It’s not my word….. I’m just reporting the “facts” as Barry Didcock wrote them

  7. That’s fantastic! I’m sure it’s all coincidental. Isn’t it?

    Interesting item up top. How does the Video Scope work? Is that yours?

    • I’ve had that Video Scope image on my hard drive for ages, can’t remember where it came from unfortunately

  8. Apparently all the actors in Poltergeist careers went tit shaped after that.

    Spooky huh?

    Whatever other tragedies befell them didn’t seem to deter them from making the woeful Poltergeist 2.

    Just when you thought it was safe to put all your ornaments back on the mantelpiece.

  9. It’s all beginning to make sense now – I stubbed my toe when I went to see it ……..

  10. I don’t know about what happened on the Poltergeist set but:

    The little girl- Heather died from a medical complication, the girl who played her sister- the actress Dominque Dunne was murdered by her boyfriend and the actor who played Kane in the second movie was dieing from Cancer when as he was filming ( he knew he was ill )The actor who played the Medicine Man died from kidney failure after surgery.

    I remember hearing about the Omen set having bad luck but hands down, the Poltergeist Cast had some terrible things happen to them.

  11. Oh dear. You don’t really want me to debunk it, do you?

    • Oh please…. Anaglyph. I would consider it an honour if you did

      but you already know this post is tongue in cheek don’t you?

      • Yes, dear Nurse. But I thought you might want me to put on my Tsk Tsk Tsk hat.

  12. I do I do I do!!!!!

    • Very well. I will devote a future Cow Post to the myths of The Omen and Poltergeist. And possibly The Crow, since I have a more than passing involvement with that particular film.

  13. ‘and a tiger handler died in a freak accident….’

    With a tiger, because I would have kind of expected that. Now if he died in a breakfast cereal/mongoose related accident…

  14. I had heard the Omen rumours .. just as well they didn’t do the Egyptian tombs in the movie .. that would have been way disastrous ….

  15. What about the Video Scope? I was planning to add multimedia and don’t know what would work to make me telegenic. So what do I do? Hold that thing up in front of my face and press that dark button in the lower half? Does it run on vacuum tubes? Where do you plug it in?


    • apparently Bunk Strutts (see below) has the answers

  16. Whoa! I recobanize that Video Scope. It’s a prank from the 1930’s… a block of wood covered in thin cardboard with a circular screen and a button.

    I found a similar one in my grampa’s stash, same size, same lettering, but his was titled “Echo.” The directions said to speak the word “Hello” loudly and clearly into the screen, and then to firmly press the button to hear the “echo” of your voice.

    What the gullible folks didn’t know was that the button had a small hole in the center, and when you pressed it hard, your thumb got pierced with a hidden tack (making you say “OW!” Get it?).

    I bet that a lot of blood poisonings and tetanus cases were caused by that piece of idiocy. I’ll send you a photo of it next time I’m back east.

    • I want one!!!!

    • or post on on your blog where we can all see it

      • Yes Bunksy, please do…..

  17. Well this is all rather unsettling. I’ll stay away from any productions like this. Good film otherwise. Very creepy.

  18. And the moral is … stay away from Damiens?

  19. […] over at Nurse Myra’s Gimcrack Hospital, we had cause to discuss the ‘curse’ on the 1976 movie The Omen, starring Gregory Peck & Lee Remick. […]

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