corset friday 8.5.2009

may 8 1 may 8 2 

may 8 3may 8 4

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  1. Ah I see good and ready for your next spanking!!

    The King

  2. ps. I hope your King Willy Doll gives you endless enjoyment…

    The King

    • Can your lovely wife send me a photo of the bits I haven’t seen? I want to make it as accurate as possible

  3. Very pretty.

  4. “The hills are alive…with the sound of music…”

    very scrumptious

  5. very cute – is that a slipdress, or strappy corset? ou could almost wear that out under a long black jacket…

    • I’m not sure…. It ends at the hips but it doesn’t cinch the waist like a boned corset. I did wear it to work today, but under a cardigan that had the top couple of buttons done up.

      Didn’t want any patients falling into my cleavage…..

  6. nice nice

  7. Boobilicious, Nursie! Geometric perfection.

  8. No matter how murderous my week has been, I always have these to look forward to on Friday. Thanks, tons.

  9. i like this one

    the raw edge/frill makes for nice detail

  10. oh my this one is ever so sexy!

  11. I do come here on other days of the week, not just Fridays. Honestly.

    • I’d like to believe you…..

  12. So proverbial; black and white works anywhere.

  13. That is so hot!

    (My wife is older than me. I love older women. Women who are older than me are more attractive than their younger counterparts. They’re more experienced and much more attractive.)

    Thomas 🙂

  14. I thought that spring was meant to bust out all over – it’s autumn over your way isn’t it?

  15. It’s free samples Friday, right?

  16. Always the perfect end to the work week… spectacular.

  17. I prefer these colour combinations to the hot pinks!

  18. Glorious hun 🙂

  19. No words needed. Lovely as usual. Bring that for the massage. LOL!

  20. Tease !!! 😉

  21. As wholseome and as gratifying as ever nurse.

    • Thanks Alex, I think this one is pretty wholesome too 😉

  22. Delightful. What a wonderful way to begin the weekend.

  23. may come live under your bed? lol mike

  24. How many corsets do you own…or do you rent them? Still, you look great in them.

  25. I own about fifty. Some were gifts, some are vintage.

  26. Very elegant.

    • thanks Azahar. Did you get the other photos I sent you?

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