explosive breeders


Jay Savage discovered the sadly now extinct Golden Toads of Costa Rica in 1964. Until then there had only been rumours of their existence as they mostly lived underground, emerging only to reproduce.

These toads were “explosive breeders” with the males simply rushing to mount the first available female. Generally males outnumbered females by as much as ten to one, which often led bachelors to attack amplectant pairs and form “writhing masses of toad balls“. 


This behaviour is found in other toads and frogs too. 


SEX-CRAZED toads killed prime carp worth £20,000 at a fishing lake by dragging them down into an underwater ORGY.

The prized fish, weighing up to 8lbs, suffocated when amorous toads in a mating frenzy jumped on them as they basked in the shallows.

Each carp was attacked by up to a DOZEN randy amphibians mistaking them for lady toads.”


There are more sex issues for the unfortunate amphibians. Researchers studying the Australian Cane Toad report they are being unmanned.

“40 per cent of the males examined from a heavily farmed part of the state had become hermaphrodites, possessing both testes and ovaries, and taking on feminine colouring and body characteristics. Another 20 per cent, while outwardly male, had undergone some feminisation.”


It’s so confusing to be a frog nowadays that they are even resorting to inter species sex and necrophilia. Once in amplexus a male hangs on for days or weeks so who knows whether or not this salamander was dead when he started 


photo found here

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  1. So, ummm, if I came across one of those cane toads with both sets attached, would it do any good for me to tell it to go f* itself…?

  2. you could try but I don’t know if they understand Canadian

  3. “Generally males outnumbered females by as much as ten to one, which often led bachelors to attack amplectant pairs and form “writhing masses of toad balls“.

    yikes. sounds like ladies night at any bar outside the engineering dorms at MIT.

    • 10 to 1 at MIT?

      I like them odds daisyfae

      • “odds” is a good descriptor for a few of these boys… as they say the “odds are good, but the goods are odd”

  4. Who knew toads were so horny.

  5. If I get to be part of an orgy, I’ll be disappointed if we don’t kill 20,000 pounds worth of carp by the end of it.

  6. I’ve met a few Toads in my time, but sadly not got to join in such an orgy. What have I missed!

  7. that poor carp. i bet all the other fish in that lake are frantically growing legs so they can escape to someplace safer.

  8. I have exploding toad trivia (now there’s an opening sentence — what? No hello, nursemyra…?).

    “An exploding toad occurs when a crow, hunting for toad liver, attacks a toad which then puffs up as a natural defense. The phenomenon was first noticed in April 2005 in districts of Hamburg, Germany and near a lake at Låsby, Denmark, dubbed “The Pond of Death.” No other animals in the area were exploding.

    Yes, that’s right — The Pond of Death.

  9. horn toads…all of them.

    Just read a weeks worth of posts, Nurse Myra. You’re an absolute wonder.

    • Dearest Ram

      am working day and night to free you from your prison…..

      yours in Toadsville


  10. Love the ‘fish-eye’ photo Nursey ……. just up my street.

    Ooooo – you’ve just visited – CURB YOU’RE ADDICTION! – tee hee

  11. You can’t be a good game of leapfrog , but I will not play with those buggers.
    (I can here “original tango” music playing;-)

    • hi paddy, nice to see a new face at the gimcrack

  12. Always interesting nursemyra, and yes, you should do a nursemyra post on the behavioral ecology of the fig wasp…or not.

  13. Sorry, NM…

    I misread the poster at the top of this post. Imagine my disappointement when I realised it said ‘fancy’ trick and rifle shooting.

    These dodgy contact lenses in conjunction with a smutty mind, can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings.

  14. did you notice you were ‘cardially’ invited?

  15. I did – but didn’t have the heart to mention it.

  16. Explosive breeders and they became extinct.

    If the population had been 10 females to every male, there would be an overpopulation of the toads, but since there was only one female for 10 males, they became extinct.

    That’s because the males couldn’t tell the difference between a female and a carp!

    • sounds like some humans I know…..

  17. I take it now when they “kiss a frog,” they won’t know if they’ll turn into a real man or not? Sounds kind of like my life.

  18. Looking at that toad/ex-salamander coupling, I’m sure there’s a marriage metaphor there..

  19. These toads are rather desperate with the dead animal coupling and all. And I thought we human males were bad.

  20. ‘Sex Crazed Toads’ would be a good name for a rock band.

  21. I found the fish-eye girl a few days ago as well–still don’t know what I’ll do with her. Compliments on yours artistry.

  22. oh I’m sure you’ll think of something 😉

  23. Hmmm, the only horny toads I know about are actually lizards.

    • thanks for the link silverstar. interesting.

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