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Sir James Frazer studied magic and religion in diverse cultures across the world.

“For four days before they planted seed in the earth the Pipiles of Central America kept apart from their wives “in order that on the night before planting they might indulge their passions to the fullest extent; certain persons are even said to have been appointed to perform the sexual act at the very moment when the first seeds were deposited in the ground.” The use of their wives at that time was indeed enjoined upon the people by the priests as a religious duty, in default of which it was not lawful to sow the seed.


The same means which are adopted to stimulate the growth of the crops are employed to ensure the fruitfulness of trees. In some parts of Amboyna, when the state of the clove plantation indicates that the crop is likely to be scanty, the men go naked to the plantations by night, and there seek to fertilise the trees precisely as they would impregnate women, while at the same time they call out for “More cloves!” This is supposed to make the trees bear fruit abundantly.


A couple who have given proof of extraordinary fertility by becoming the parents of twins are believed by the Baganda to be endowed with a corresponding power of increasing the fruitfulness of the plantain-trees, their staple food. Some time after the birth of the twins a ceremony is performed, the object of which is to transmit the reproductive virtue of the parents to the plantains. The mother lies down on her back in the thick grass near the house and places a flower of the plantain between her legs; then her husband comes and knocks the flower away with his genital member. Further, the parents go through the country performing dances in the gardens of favoured friends, for the purpose of causing the plantain-trees to bear fruit more abundantly.


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In the Ukraine on St. George’s Day the priest in his robes, attended by his acolytes, goes out to the fields of the village, where the crops are beginning to show green above the ground, and blesses them. After that the young married people lie down in couples on the sown fields and roll several times over on them, in the belief that this will promote the growth of the crops. In some parts of Russia the priest himself is rolled by women over the sprouting crop, and that without regard to the mud and holes which he may encounter.popesoap1

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  1. Interesting that Sir Frazer’s studies would focus on magic and religion. To me, they are one in the same.

  2. I think it would be rather fun to roll a priest through a field.

  3. How do I get me some of that Pope Soap-On-A-Rope?

    • I think they’re handing them out after confession Rassles

  4. I’m a twin.


  5. Pope on a rope. Have a friend who didn’t believe that existed.

    • you should buy him some

  6. And to think, all that time that I was fucking in the fields to keep from getting caught my my parents, I was doing the crops a service.

  7. I used to have a lot of sex in cars and that just produced cramps and bruising.

  8. I like knocking over flowers with my member. Let’s those damn flowers know who’s boss.

    • What else do you knock over with it?

  9. Now I know why my vegetable gardens never flourished. Couldn’t get the ex to do it outside.

  10. Not even in summer?

    • Something about being the police chief and not having a high privacy fence…never made any sense to me.

  11. I’ve been looking for a new catchphrase and I think I’ve found it — “More cloves!”


  12. does burying a pair of gently used panties in my window box help my herb garden?

  13. This is gardening on a whole other level…

  14. Oh dear me! My virgin eyes!

    Just kidding. 😉

    Thomas 🙂

  15. Is that where rolling in clover comes from then? I must try it … but I’m gonna wait until summer.

  16. I certainly look upon the ‘use’ of Mrs. BB as a reglious duty… thank the gods I am so full of spirits!

    • and how exactly does Mrs BB view it?

  17. The TG makes me pee on the compost heap – does that count?

  18. In your case Daddyp – yes.

  19. There’s nothing hotter than a woman with plantains between her legs. LOL!

  20. What great timing.

    My landscaping guys probably are still wondering why I would look out the window and start laughing at them for no apparent reason

    • Don’t let them get the last laugh…. 😉

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