corset friday 15.5.2009

 two for one 010two for one 016two for one 008

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  1. Sto…cki….ng……to….ps…..

  2. yowzah! Im back. hows things foxy?

    • Charlie! where have you been? Are you going to blog again?

      • maybe. ive been off working for a living – unlike you my brain doesnt have the capacity to do both. I plan to start back writing, but maybe something longer. I hope to start the blog again, assuming I can think of something funny to write.

        great photos by the way. You still single?

        If so, I’m coming over there, lathering you in baby oil and throwing you over the walls of a prison.

  3. As always, another splendid display. Call me naive, or inexperienced in the ways of women, But I’m having a little trouble identifying the corset in this one. Is it blue, or black?

  4. ah well, there’s the rub.

    I don’t want to use all my corsets up so I’m alternating them with various other underwear combinations. The turquoise top has reinforced panels down the front which do hold everything firmly in its place, but you’re right, it’s not a corset.

    Let’s see if there’s any objections from the straight men 😉

    • Only the most unreasonable straight man could object.

      BTW, I don’t want to blow your cover, NM, but did I detect a snap of that same nursely figure being proud of her gay son?

  5. Splendid :-))

  6. A perfect little hourglass, Nursie! What are those black pants made of?

    • stretchy sequined spandex

  7. love that blue on you!

  8. Delightful. And I’m not all that fussy about the definition of “Corset”. On you they all look good.

  9. Very nice!

  10. want to see what’s beyond the blue horizon! lovely.

  11. I was watching Eurovision – for some strange reason it’s comforting to see ugly europeans singing appalling songs – makes me feel better about my work. Still I find even more solace on fridays here – what a nice end to the week!

    And we like nice ends, and other nice things.

    The King

    • hey I was watching Eurovision too. how about that Bulgarian outfit?

  12. Nurse if you ever ran out of corsets i’m sure your lovely followers would gladly send you more. the show must go on you know. 😉

  13. That blue really suits you. Very nice.

  14. Is it Friday already?! Holy Mother of God! You know how I feel about powder blue and soft colors. Grrrrr.

  15. Ah the Bulgarians – was that the awful gypsy thing – mine Gott. Did you see the backstage ‘interview’ with that blonde idiot. He was so interesting he sung his song again (which was on the minute before), and why not, with great lyrics like “I can see your eyes can’t lie,” I’m sure it was better than anything he might have said.

    Well my eyes ain’t lying anyway – nicer costumes at Gimcrack than Eurovision – keep up the good work.


    The King

  16. “Let’s see if there’s any objections from the straight men”

    Um . . . no.

    Fridays ROCK!


  17. Thank god it’s Friday! Hot!

  18. The good news…you always look great in your corsets.

    The bad news…your crappy photographer keeps cutting your head off.

  19. Good Gracious!

  20. This is a funny coincidence – we’re both wearing the same underwear. It should be fine as long as we don’t end up at the same cocktail party… How mortifying would that be?

    • oh I think it would be great fun!

  21. nice stockings, myra.

  22. envying those legs hun .. glorious colour combo too [mm note to self .’get on that stepper ;-)]

  23. The good nurse brings the total package as always, much to the delight of my own package.

    • “The Delighted Package” sounds like either an indie band or a very dubious gift shop.

  24. I agree with Tannerleah, when are we going to see your face???

  25. Powder blue – very pretty.

  26. Hot daaahling! BTW,you have delicious gardening tips!

  27. You get more fuckable every day!

    Cheers. 🙂

  28. Sorry I was so late for this. But better late than never as they say. And I’m glad I stopped by! Inspiring as always!!

  29. Are those dancin’ pants lady? Gorgeous. Love that blue.

    • they are indeed. but what a lie – I can’t remember the last time I went dancing. Maybe around the kitchen…

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