diamond dealers and their knobs

Diamonds are like new cars. The minute you take possession of them they lose 20% or more of their value. Still, that never stopped women the world over from wanting to own one or two.


Jean Baptiste Tavernier was a French explorer who purchased what eventually became the Hope diamond for Louis XIV back in 1668.


He wrote about the extraordinary way diamond trading was conducted in the Golconda region at that time.

Tavernier was fascinated by the silent way in which business was conducted in the large trading hall – probably in the Carawan-i Sahu Bazaar in Golconda – so that only the would-be seller and potential buyer knew of the prices.
Hands together as if in a handshake, and hidden under a cloth, they would exchange appropriate signals.

‘When the seller takes the purchaser by the whole hand, that signifies a thousand, and as often as he squeezes it, it means so many thousand Pagods or Roupies.’

Lower values were done on the fingers; all five indicated 500, down to 100 on one; the knuckle of the middle-finger indicated 50 and 10, if only the fingertip.


(ever wondered what a goose’s penis looks like? this is one.)

He described them touching each other beneath the cloth of their waistbands like lovers with a secret language.


Diamonds have been used in watchmaking for many years. Not necessarily to the extent that the Nixon uses them though…..


Remarkable as the watch may be, it’s just one of many diamond toys for the boys. Girls may like them dangling from their ears or slipped over their fingers. Boys prefer knobs…….


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  1. What a delightfully rude and expensive young lady.

  2. Thank you…. oh wait, you mean the one in the bikini…

    • But not _only_ the one in the bikini.

  3. I really could have done without the goose penis. And the Bently knobs. Fortunately for me, The Boyo’s taste runs more to tools than knobs. None of which are improved by diamonds except saws.

  4. Apparently the Chinese gem traders prefer to wear dark glasses to hide the fact their enlarged pupils betray when they see a stone they like. I wonder if that also works for corsets.

  5. Guess I’ll have to quit bragging that I am hung like a goose. Sigh… I always thought it sounded so hot.

    Pete Pate

  6. Jean Baptiste Tavernier has really bad hair.

  7. I love the idea of a “secret language” communicated by hand signals beneath a cloth. It’s so mysterious and intimate.

    I’m not a diamond girl. The only diamond I have is my engagement ring, a 1 carat solitaire diamond on a platinum band. I never wear it because I’m afraid I will lose it. I’m always losing things, especially my mind. I’d get in more trouble for losing the diamond! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting over on my blog. I love when someone new comes by – and I click over to his or her blog to check it out and discover something wonderful! You have a new reader in me.

    • Isn’t that why people have insurance? You could have saved your husband alot of money if you just told him to get you the 1/4 karat cubik zerkoniam (sp?)

    • welcome to the Gimcrack gwen, you have a lovely blog. We need to thank cheekofgod for sending me in your direction

  8. Diamonds never looked so good as (barely) on her…

  9. According to the hand print, that homosexual is at least ten feet tall. Legend refers to him as Mega-Gay. He doesn’t ask you to dance, he tells you.

  10. I prefer playing footsie ….. although the price might get too high …..

  11. Have you ever seen Damien Hirst’s diamond encrusted skull? I like it!

    • Yes, have seen it before and like it also

  12. mmm – I like bikinis – – – especially sparkly ones 😉

  13. A diamond bikini, eh? Well, apparently not all fashion designers are complete idiots.
    And no, I never wondered.

  14. I will never understand the allure of diamonds and but I wish I had a few on me to trade in for some cash.

    The trading stuff is rather interesting.

  15. I’ve always been a sapphire girl myself-
    what I like about diamonds is the obvious power they have over people.

    I never get tired of watching that.

  16. Here in Norfolk, land of the black turkey, we pay people a good wage to do what appears to be being done to that goose.
    Damn that decision I took to become a journalist. I could have made a fortune as a turkey/goose stimulator and bought my own diamonds.

    • hey WIB, so glad you’re back

  17. Did you ever see the all male Swan Lake. Oh my!

    • No, I haven’t. Is it wonderful?

  18. I must insist I have that gear stick … love to touch diamonds rather than wear them .. hey I live in Manchester I may get mugged if I adorned them 😉

  19. Tavernier looks like a cool dude who knows his diamonds and wouldn’t mind at all the procedures of purchasing them.

    I’d like to get my wife that bikini, though! 🙂

  20. Convenience store owners also have secret handsignals used in the procurement of dairy products

    I can’t provide many details but to negotiate the price of milk we tug slightly on each others fingers as if gently milking a cow.

    I won’t tell you how we negotiate the price of butter.

  21. I was going to link to Damien Hirst’s skull, but Unbearable Banishment beat me to it… dang.

  22. Dude, that diamond gearshifter is supergay. In the best way possible.

  23. The goose pecker drawing was interesting. Who posed for that pencil sketch?

    The gander certainly has a bigger pecker on his face.

  24. Not all boys prefer knobs Nurse…

  25. @Alex L.– True, but many of us are easily distracted by a woman with a nice set of knobs…

    • Where are the women with knobs?

      • Oh my. I musta had a dyslexic moment. I thought you said “boobs.”

  26. But boobs have knobs on them. they’re called nipples.

  27. I call them “volume controls.” It gets real loud when they’re turned up to 11.

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