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In 1957, James Vicary annouced the results of an experiment concerning consumer behaviour and subliminal advertising. It was later revealed that the results of his coke and popcorn experiment had been falsified but that hasn’t stopped people believing in the power of subliminal stimuli.


“Subliminal messages are a by-product of hypnosis, and are indeed a 
form of hypnotic induction. Every national store uses subaudible background sounds in the recorded music they play. Often a 
monotonic, rythmic voice will repeat the words “OBEY”, “BUY MORE”, 


Every newspaper, every children’s book, every magazine has the words SLEEP, OBEY and SEX embedded in the background of pictures.

The goal of these mind manipulators became clear: by manipulating the subconscious mind of every person, the mind manipulators intend to lull us into an altered state of consciousness, have us equate material possessions to sexual gratification, greatly reduce birth rates, and promote homosexuality. Homosexuality is of couse the most effective 
means of birth control (population reduction).


SEX is usually written much like a person would write the word with a pen – thin lines. However, GAY and SLEEP are generally written much 
larger than SEX and have a cloud like (puffy font) appearance.


Most every child you see in print (Time Magazine, Vogue, Your Daily Paper, etc) has the word KILL embedded across his or her forehead.


Many authors omit symbology from the subliminal discussion, but 
often times what is not said is more important than what is said. 
What about that lovely girl “doing” the hair spray ad. See at what part of her anatomy she aims her phallicly (penis) shaped bottle of spray. See how she gently shakes her bottle of spray – symbolically masturbating the container, and when all the hairs are just right, she releases the contents on her

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  1. Gasp!!!! That last picture? 3 Play Wigs? It’s obviously a subliminal gateway to FourPlay!!!!!

    Possibly involving merkins…

  2. i prefer my stimuli overt. oh, and i gotta get those wigs for my costume collection. they might also come in handy when i get the motorcycle licence later this year….

  3. Rumor had it that the famous poster of Farah Fawcett from the ‘70s had the word “sex” repeatedly spelled out in her hair. I cannot confirm the truth of that.

  4. I don’t find the word ‘sex’ all that stimulating, personally. ‘Sex’ is what you study in school.

    But it is true, this subliminal stuff. Every widget we ship has the words “BUY MORE WIDGETS” subliminally embossed on the interface.

    Sadly, we forgot to make it read “BUY MORE OF OUR WIDGETS”, so now the company is going bankrupt.


  5. Fnord!

  6. Sleep sex and obedience. What more could one want.

    • ….um. Food and alcohol?

      • chocolate. don’t forget the chocolate!

  7. I’m not very easily manipulated by advertising. Whenever I see an ad, I can’t get the thought of 12 people sitting around a large table pitching their ideas. I picture sad little poster boards and powerpoint presentations. I never worked in advertising or anything, so my images could be completely wrong. But it really takes the magic out of the ads for me. And I like it that way.

  8. Gwen…I was and you are right.

  9. I wish the SLEEP part worked a bit better 😦

  10. I don’t care how often you try and make me sleep, I won’t obey 😈

  11. Nurse Myra is the bee’s knees
    Nurse Myra is the bee’s knees
    Nurse Myra is the bee’s knees
    Nurse Myra is the bee’s knees
    Nurse Myra is the bee’s knees
    Nurse Myra is the bee’s knees
    Nurse Myra is the bee’s knees
    Nurse Myra is the bee’s knees
    Nurse Myra is the bee’s knees
    Nurse Myra is the bee’s knees
    Nurse Myra is the bee’s knees
    Nurse Myra is the bee’s knees

    …… that should do it …….

  12. Merkin makin bacon takin’ god foresakin’ peel the skin back plunge the snake in…

    Hmmm, wonder where on earth that came from?

    • Can’t you just share the drugs instead of taking them all yourself?

  13. They didn’t need subliminal originally – they just brainwashed little girls with silly fairy stories.
    I mute all TV adverts and go for a pee or make a drink. But then I was always disobedient.

  14. The subliminal messages were put there by aliens who walk among us and can only be seen for what they truly are via special sunglasses. And our only chance for salvation from this alien threat is a well-armed Rowdy Roddy Piper.

    Now people have told me that John Carpenter’s They Live is just a sci-fi movie and not a documentary, but I think all those people are in the aliens’ employ. Just like all those Highlander deniers. The truth is out there.

  15. I was going to comment that the subliminal “sleep” seems to be ineffective for a large part of the population these days, myself included. Then I remembered that I zap on past the adverts on my DVR, so I’m probably not getting an optimal dose. I never was much good at the obey thing, and do just fine with the sex, so don’t think I’m missing much.

  16. I will now embed the words “all hot women must sleep with Ricardo”in the background of my blog.

  17. I don’t think subliminal words do anything as they have to be translated by the brain into a meaning. Too much work. I did see the word “sex” in the famous Farah Fawcett poster when someone showed me. It is in the hair.
    To see a picture that is subliminal get a package of Camel cigarettes. There is a guy with a boner at 90 degrees, hidden in the camel leg.

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