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Remember when nursemyra investigated the popularity of tight dry sex? Here’s the other side of the coin. Vaginismus is a condition which causes the vagina to tighten up to such a degree that it’s almost impossible for sexual intercourse to take place. If a partner does manage to gain entry, it is often an extremely painful experience for the woman.

One way of treating it is by injecting botox into the muscles inside the vagina to stop them from going into spasm.

“A team from the Tehran University of Medical Science treated 25 women with botox injections in muscles inside the vagina, while the patients were either lightly sedated or under general anaesthetic.

injection 2All but two were able to have pain-free intercourse with their partners after one or two treatments.”Dr Shirin Ghazizadeh, who led the study, told BBC News Online: “Vaginismus is a vicious cycle of pain and spasm.

But once a patient can be engaged in satisfactory intercourse, the problem will be solved forever.”Achille_Devéria_-_11

Having a clamping vagina would be no fun at all. But clamps of a different kind are erotic for some.

collared nipple clamps

“When used properly electric sex clamps can stimulate shocking pleasure, literally. The design makes the clamps easy to use with or without  other toys.  One of the clamps is the negative pole and the other positive.”


Then there’s the vibrating nipple clamps to consider. this is marilyn_monroe’s opinion… (no, not THAT Marilyn Monroe)

“I bought them, received them in an acceptable time period, and starting using them immediately. I love how they are wireless. Could you imagine all these wires hanging from my breasts?!! That would suck.

Wow, that’s all I can say. This pleasure put the everyday nipple clamps to shame. I will never use the average nipple clamp again. I am sold on this whole vibration thing.”



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  1. ‘I love how they are wireless. Could you imagine all these wires hanging from my breasts?!! That would suck.’

    Yes because they look so conveinient with those dangly bits on them.

  2. “it is often an extremely painful experience for the woman.”

    But does it hurt the guy?

  3. Tehran University? In Iran? That’s is pretty much the LAST place I’d look for studies on sexual dysfunction. Isn’t the Muslim world sexually repressed? Or am I reducing an entire segment of the human race to a stereotype?

    • The most generous-hearted gynecologist I ever met was one who had left Iran when the Shah fell. I can’t recall any other male in this role who struck me as actually LIKING women. (Most of them telegraph the feeling that they’re there to teach us how to be women, dammit, since we’re ignorant and don’t know a thing about it.)

      Who knows who’s left there now, but I get the sense that there are quite a few secular people in Iran who stayed there because it’s their home, dammit, and they refuse to leave it all to the religious fascists.

  4. Does the Botox also remove the wrinkles?

  5. Never got the ‘nipple clamp’ thing – a playful squeeze really hurts …….. perhaps I’m a wimp ……

  6. I love all these self-portraits, nurse. More please.

  7. electrons rock. fully….

    • Tell us more daisyfae… 😉

      • ;-D that’ll have to be a different blog!

  8. What if you could get, like, just a TOUCH of vaginismus? You know, just enough to counteract the effects of having given birth to two large children. Ahem….

    • Yeah, a touch of vaginismus and a smidgen of anorexia!

  9. But wouldn’t Botox make it all go numb? That’s no good. What kind of a nurse are you, anyway?

    • Good point Ms. Wayne-Bough. But there aren’t many nerve endings INSIDE the vagina. so long as they avoided the clitoris, the outer edges and the G-Spot everything should still feel pretty damn good.

      Does botox make you feel numb? Does that mean all those hollywood starlets can’t enjoy the sensation of a good tea-bagging? my heart bleeds for them.

      • Actually I’ve seen a documentary where a gynocologist (or just a eager amateur) injected a womens clitoris with something to make it bigger, to aid her to orgasm. It was on SBS of course.

  10. This botox and vagina trick…….. Does said method also work with manginas? Bumholes? Vaganuses? I ask because I’ve been getting fisted rather a lot lately, and I fear my bottom is all loose and sloppy!?

    • Tom, I fear for your old age. Start kegeling now. and for the love of god, don’t come to the gimcrack when you retire 😉

  11. I’m pickin up good vibrations
    (oom bop bop good vibrations)
    Shes giving me excitations
    (oom bop bop excitations)
    Good good good good vibrations
    (oom bop bop)

  12. wow! Really? People clamp those on their nipples?

    I really do lead a sheltered life !!! 😉

  13. Might I point out that a team from Tehran have also conclusively proved that the clitoris is in fact a myth.

    Sounds feasible to me.

  14. A warning on electricity on the breast. Electricity near and through the chest can kill. Don’t do it.

    Quebec woman dies during kinky sex: police
    Last Updated: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 | 4:41 PM ET
    CBC News

    A Quebec man may face criminal charges after a woman died while they were having sadomasochistic sex.

    The 39-year-old woman died Saturday night in a home in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville on Montreal’s South Shore, police said.

    She went into cardiac arrest while engaging in “out of the ordinary” sexual practices using “very particular” accessories, said Longueuil police agent Martin Simard.

    When police arrived at the residence on Sommet-Trinité Street, the man was trying to resuscitate the woman, but she died, Simard said.

    Police say they found torture devices in the homes, but would not give specifics.

    The man was arrested and questioned but released without charge, police said.

    Investigators are waiting for the autopsy report to determine if he’ll be charged with criminal negligence causing death.

  15. If you combine Vaginismus with vagina dentata would that be considered grinding your teeth?

  16. This post really makes me miss my nipples in a big way. Oh well. It could be worse: I could have vaginismus.

  17. Wow. (I seem to say that a lot around here.) This may sound like an old joke, but I’m quite serious… What’s the difference between vibrating nipple clamps and a car battery. I’m scared. And tingly.

  18. Talk about going out with a bang!

    Seems Darwinian somehow…

    The King

  19. If my car battery dies, will you give me a jump???

  20. Would that they had botox when I was very young and scared, and had vaginismus. In my case it was cured with a liberal application of ethel alcohol.

  21. Ethyl alcohol? you mean you just got drunk?

    • Precisely, Nurse Myra. When you’re drunk nothing hurts that much. A lot of the problem was inhibitions, and alcohol, of course, is disinhibiting.

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