corset friday 22.5.2009

brown bow 001 brown bow 008 brown bow 009

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  1. Hi Sexy Mama,
    Just stopping by to say hi, I always get some excellent entertainment and education when I visit. We just moved– these storms are killing me– my entire bedroom is flooded. Hope you’re faring better than we are!

    Though I’m assuming you wouldn’t mind being all wet:).

  2. Sydney rain is wild isn’t it?

  3. love the detail on the belt… that’s a fabulous color. sort of coppery…

  4. phwaaaaaHHHH… um, I… yes, I’m enjoy this particular friday.

  5. What? No boobs?

  6. standing ovation

  7. Is it me? Or is it hot in here? 😉

  8. Fabulous Friday Flesh as always, Nursie.

  9. very sexy, nurse myra. mmm.
    i’d wet my bed just to
    watch you change the sheets.

  10. Beautiful, tasteful, excellent artistry in the photography. Wonderful corset, too. But….bikini waxed? shaved? Doesn’t that get a little uncomfortable? Oh, I know, we must suffer for art and beauty. Whatever. I loved your presentation this week.

    • Thanks for the compliments HMH. I’ve still got plenty of pussy hair, I just had the “sideburns” permanently lasered off a few years back. IPL is the best invention ever, works best on dark hair and fair skin, 3 sessions did the trick.

      • “I’ve still got plenty of pussy hair”. That is the best line I have heard all day.

        Excuse me while I clean the beverage off of my keyboard.

  11. Thank God its Friday… and no, I don’t mean that chain of cheap food outlets

  12. That reminds me – buy new razor – thanks Nursey ……

  13. I’ll make sure this is the last thing I see before I go to bed. It’s going to be a good dreaming night for certain.

  14. Those images are, like, life-size, huh.

  15. Goodness gracious, you have made the boys happy today. And probably a few girls, too. Very pretty.

  16. My favourite colours again. Nice.

  17. I really must stop hyperventilating on Fridays – – –

  18. HHhoooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwllllll!!!!

    (Kicks back of head repeatedly with own foot as tongue rolls out along the floor in an hilarious Tex Avery fashion.)

    Can you do a little red riding hood outfit?



  19. If you do special stuff can I have photo numero Uno without the red & black ‘jacket’ thingy?
    Please…. pretty please….

  20. Risqué, daring and completely exquisite… 😉

  21. You have got some pretty cool blogs going on. Thanks for checking in on me.! Each of your posts have their own beauty! : ) d,

  22. Oh wow! Reading other’s comments, it seems like everybody is frustrated,

  23. Are you free next Friday night?

  24. Damn near burned up the internet trying to find a photoshop filter that removes lace, pathetic male that I am.

  25. Please tell me there’s no such thing as photoshop filter…..

  26. BINGO

  27. Delicous and you have brightened up my very gloomy past couple of days.

  28. Good Lord… Now I’ve seen it all!

    Well almost…

    Luckily there’s a cool wind up here on the battlements, and quite a view too!

    The King

    • Hey… you’re not that far away and your balcony is pretty high. Do I need to put curtains on those two little windows at the top of the bedroom stairs?

      • Perish the thought my dear!

        The King

  29. NurseMyra, you have probably the weirdest blog I’ve yet come across.

    Thats a compliment!

    PS: Stop posting pictures of me in corsets, please.

  30. “!”

  31. there’s something about straps that’s sessy.

  32. Oh my god! If the misses caught me reading this one, I’d be chained-up in the doghouse without Wi-Fi for sure.

  33. Whoa!

    (Sorry, it’s not profound or funny or insightful, or sleepy, or happy or dopey or doc, but it’s all I got.)

  34. Flip! That’s incredibly…um…ja…ok….I forgot what i was saying.

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