The fabulously wealthy Princess Marie Bonaparte measured 243 women to determine the distance between their clitoris and their vagina.

clitoris pressure

“She concluded after analysing their sexual history that the distance between these two organs was critical for the ability to reach orgasm (“volupté”); she identified women with a short distance (the “paraclitoridiennes”) who reached orgasm easily during intercourse, and women with a distance of more than two and a half centimeters (the “téleclitoridiennes”) who had difficulties while the “mesoclitoriennes” were in between.

measurementsMarie considered herself a “téleclitorienne” and approached Josef Halban to surgically move her clitoris closer to the vagina. She underwent and published the procedure as the Halban-Narjani operation. When it proved unsuccessful in facilitating the sought-after outcome for Marie, the physician repeated the operation.” 

Kim Wallen believes that Princess Marie was onto something……

“In fact, there’s even an easy “rule of thumb,” Wallen says: Clitoris-vagina distances less than 2.5 cm — that’s roughly from the tip of your thumb to your first knuckle — tend to yield reliable orgasms during sex. More than a thumb’s length? Regular intercourse alone typically might not do the trick.”


(I wonder how many of my female readers are now thinking about retreating behind a locked door with a measuring tape and a mirror?) 

“Women with a large C-V distance should not be discouraged, Wallen says. “Personally, I don’t think the inability to experience no-hands, penis-only intercourse with orgasm says anything about a happy sex life”

Gals, when you’ve finished fooling around with the ruler, you might like to visit this link and check out the amazing trousseau Princess Marie brought to her marriage

french glovestretcher



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  1. Perhaps a better endowed gentleman is the answer, as opposed to surgery?

    • Can you send one my way?

  2. Ladies, autoclitorimetry is not easy. May I offer my assistance? Funnily enough, my thumb is exactly the right size for the task.

    • Offer accepted 😉

  3. I’m waiting for the wife to go to sleep before I get the measuring tape out 😉

  4. call it ‘scientific research’ 😆

  5. i might dispense with the tape measure and just use my thumb !!!

    • Wouldn’t you know by how quickly you satisfy her?

      • It varies, bearman – depending on whether she’s reading a book or texting a friend at the time 😳

  6. ooo fascinating! i will be checking soonest (thumb measurement technique i believe will be the easiest and most convenient)

  7. You poor women and your complicated plumbing. Getting off is so easy for men. It’s practically effortless! Sorry. I don’t mean to brag.

    • The prophet Tiresias had been both a man and a woman in his life and was unlucky enough to get called in to referee an argument between Zeus and Hera about who enjoyed sex more. He said women, without a question, and Hera smacked him blind for letting the cat out of the bag.

      Or as the wise French courtesan said, “When ze ear itches and you put in ze little finger nad scratch him, which has more pleasure? Ze ear? or ze finger?” 🙂

      • I will never again be able to scratch my ear without…hmmming contentedly.

  8. Fascinating, Nursie. I believe there’s a cock ring that men can wear which stimulates the clit during intercourse. Alternatively the man could just fuck the clit instead of the vag!

  9. Wise words GB

  10. I have discovered that there’s a correlation between women’s orgasms and the amount of times I get belly-rings tangled in my hairdo.

  11. Instead of having it moved, you could just lick it. 🙂

  12. I am so sorry I took writing classes instead of health and science classes in school.

  13. Is there a book on this topic? Is it called “A Clit Too Far?”

  14. As I have already pointed out in a previous article, both the clitoris and the female orgasm have been proven to be a myth by top Saudi Arabian scientists.

    Anyway what difference could it make? If it takes a woman a long time to cum it’s not your problem lads. Don’t drag yourself down to her level

    Tom Ibn Aziz Laird

    Marriage Guidance Councilor to the Unreconstructed Male

    • Have you got many clients Tom?

      • This is Scotland….of course I have.

        For the moment…..Especially as my services are free. x

  15. Princess Marie has a lot of time on her hands…..

    • And a lot of jewels in her trousseau. I think those dresses would be too heavy to wear. I want to know how she got the women to cooperate. And why a doctor actually attempted this operation.

  16. if you’re going to relocate a clit, why not put it on your tongue? d’uh…

    oh, and unbearable banishment – two words, baby: multiple orgasms. thbtbtbtbtb!

  17. Well, gosh …………. [someone throw some cold water over Daisy for goodness sake!]

    • She looks even hotter when she’s wet daddyp. And I’ve got the photos to prove it

  18. makes sense to me.

  19. There is nothing more stimulating than good, hard science.

  20. wait one I am just locking the door… now where the hell is that tape measure ????

  21. WOW! You have a great site here, nursemyra! Thanks for stopping by my page the other day. I hope you won’t be a stranger 🙂 I will be sure to stop by here more often, as this is definitely one of the more interesting and practical sites I’ve come across lately and you write in a very appealing manner. Peace!

  22. My turn to be speechless. And strangely aroused. But speechless, nonetheless.

    • That won’t last for long Ms Barely Knit. You’ve got a facebook interview to respond to

  23. This is fascinating stuff, nursemyra. I believe i heard some of my prison chums referring to it earlier. Their girlfriends had gone into the Clitness relocation program

  24. Mine was 3.4 cm… oh, wait…

  25. Quite interesting Nursemyra. But isn’t the female human brain one large functional clit. A good round of rub there usually fetches satisfactory returns. Furthermore (and this is a purely scientific observation), the nipples too are exquisitely erogenous. Going for the shudder by fiddling with the udder is not at all a bad idea 😉

  26. I’m pretty sure I’m a teleclitoridienne (or however you spell it). I envy women who can get off on intercourse alone. That would so great.

  27. There are many things in life that I don’t understand, including why the clitoris is not located somewhere just inside the vagina so that it could cozy up to the penetrating member. Perhaps lady persons can state the obvious why it is not.

    Newt Grousing

    • Maybe it’s too sensitive to get that cozy. I’d really love the chance to find out 😉

      • I guess my concern here is that talk like this could lead to clitoral relocation surgery and then someone will want one in their anus and once that is done successfully, someone will come up with a weird idea. I wouldn’t want that on my conscience.

        Artie Bottoms

  28. It all sounds very painful but it is funny to think of women using measuring tape or rulers down there as it’s something I always equated with guys in their teens who were insecure.

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