the dangers of coitus


Many “sex experts” of the 19th century believed that frequent sexual intercourse was unhealthy.

“Even in animals this is sometimes the case. Young bulls and stallions have fallen into a faint after first congress; boars may be seriously affected in a similar way; mares have been known even to fall dead.


For more taxidermy delights, check out Walter Potter

In the human species, not only death itself, but innumerable disorders and accident have been known to follow immediately after coitus, these results being mainly due to the vascular and muscular excitement involved in the process of detumescence. Fainting, vomiting, urination, defecation have been noted as occurring in young men after the first coitus.


Epilepsy has been not infrequently recorded. Lesions of various organs, even rupture of the spleen, have sometimes taken place. In men of mature age, the arteries have at times been unable to resist the high blood-pressure and cerebral hemorrhage with paralysis has occurred. In elderly men the excitement of intercourse with strange women has sometimes caused death, and various cases are known of eminent persons who have thus died in the arms of young wives or prostitutes.”



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Robinson refers to the case of a judge who died shortly after connection with a girl in a brothel, and to the case of a man of seventy who died after intercourse with a prostitute. He also mentions the case of a man of 48 years of age who was found dying in a Chicago hotel after cohabiting with an accommodating widow.

friendly widowAlso the case of a young man who fainted away at the first coitus, and that of a man sixty years old who had connection with a strange woman and fell dead as he walked to the door immediately after the act.senorhand

and of course there’s always first hand proof to be found at the Gimcrack

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  1. Hey! I’ve seen that face before!

  2. No such thing as ‘Safe Sex’, then? 😯

    Well, for men, at least !!! 😉

  3. Given the risks involved, might be more appropriate for men to be pleading ‘a headache’ when their partner is feeling ‘frisky’ 😆

  4. good god those taxidermy diorama is freakin WEIRD. where did he get all the animals do you think?

    • I love the dioramas he created. How about the frogs?

  5. oh and i once had a bf get a hernia from trying to impress me during sex. it was funny.

  6. “The Friendly Widow”–that’s classic art there, and a hilarious title. Nice find myra.

  7. i once vomited after coitus, mainly because i was very drunk, stood on my friend lawn with my pants around my ankles yakking while my lovely, lovely lay naked in the backseat of her car smoking. oh to be young and dumb again.

    • I take it your friend’s parents weren’t home at the time?

      • his parents were not but i’m pretty sure his neighbors enjoyed the show… or maybe not.

  8. All of these side effects remind me of my first time and how awkward it was.

  9. I bet all those men are dying because the women kill them because the men fail to satify the women.

  10. I KNEW it was dangerous …… I just knew it ….. *polishes nails* [Am I coming across gay?]

  11. I enjoyed the look back at your gimcrack story. You’ll have a digital camera ready for the next time, right?

  12. Well, I see I’m in no imminent danger.

    • Come over here and say that….. 😉

  13. Sometimes it takes a 2nd reading to make sense of a sentence. I was trying to figure out what could have happened to the 48 year old man after cohabiting with an accommodating wiNdow…

  14. The Victorians did have a strange fascination for stuffing small creatures 😉

  15. Fatal coitus… that’s how I want to go out. Or if I’m dying of something, I want to attend a kitten tea party before the end. Am I asking the universe for too much here?

    • This is why I’m your #1 fan renalfailure xx

  16. Sorry…I had to rush through you post without reading much of it b/c I am sitting in an airport and didn’t want people thinking I go to pervy sites.

  17. does Walter Potters do children’s parties? actual children? hmmm….

  18. Oh my God! That puppet looks like Harmony!!!!!!!!!

  19. I wonder why no woman has died of coitus so far.

  20. so coitus is careless talk?

  21. Will I endure such a fate after a wonderful night with you nurse should I be sent to the Gimcrack? I’d hate to check out early, but what else would there be for me? I couldn’t possibly top the experience. Except maybe having several nights with the nurse.

  22. You’re one classy broad, nursemyra. And I’m not jusy saying that because I want a job at Gimcrack.

    • seriously? We’re always looking for good help 😉

  23. It’s interesting how the moral attitudes (read: puritanical) of those time periods created a panic/paranoia about a natural behavior (sex). It sort of seems like our culture does that with weight now. Everywhere you look the dangers of overweight are being expounded and largely inflated…fear, panic, paranoia about natural behavior (eating). I don’t know if that makes any sense at all because it’s late and I’m nonsensical in general these days.

  24. Sylvia Plath nearly bled to death from her ruptured hymen the first time she had sex.

    Happily, that experience didn’t affect her writing in any way.

  25. I feel I die a “little death” each time I have sex.

  26. Good Pixels

  27. Informative Page !

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