t shirt friday 29.5.2009

skullish 001 skullish 005 skullish 008

It’s the last friday of the month so it’s t shirt day. I know 70s is playing along – anyone else? 

ok, I’ve just seen daddypapersurfer’s effort 😉

Nobblysan seems to have his Fridays mixed up 😉

Gnukid’s is up 😉

Here’s silverstar

Can’t forget sledpress

ooops…. I forgot to check in with renalfailure


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  1. That middle picture isn’t a t shirt… I’m complaining to my congressman!

  2. oh goody, that’ll get me another reader

  3. Very skullish indeed. Cute!

  4. […] Shirt 28 May 09 By thegnukid Joining in the fun with Nursemyra again, although i’m not quite ready to match her on that middle picture (Woohooo!!!!). A gift […]

  5. Wonderful as always, dear woman. Mine is posted…not “in theme”, but wanted to play too.

  6. That’s just what I needed with my morning coffee. A well constructed ensemble.
    Do they make you cover those sweet panties at work? If so, tell me how to register a complaint.

  7. i am wearing a blouse. a blouse is not a t-shirt. besides it’s cold here. are all fridays t-shirt fridays?

    • No, only the last Friday of the month. The other Fridays Nurse Myra models her corsets for us.

  8. I don’t think anyone else will be complaining about one shot not being of a T-shirt. Mine’s up, too.

  9. the incredible edible nursemyra rocks a skull-T!

  10. I like it!

    • Sorry I was late with adding your sledpress. It ended up in my spam folder for some reason

  11. in honor of the skull tee i’m gonna rock out with my cock out, very nice as usual Nursie.

  12. Middle picture has nothing to do with a t-shirt, but you won’t hear me complain. 😉

    Thomas 🙂

  13. I like your ensemble. Sledpress has a t shirt up, too.

  14. I don’t wear t-shirts but I like seeing them on others.

  15. I can’t get enough of your thighs, Nursie!

  16. I hate to admit it Nursey but I think you look a tad sexier than I do …… oh well, it had to happen sometime I suppose ……

  17. Nurse Myra, are those pictures of you?

    Its just…well…its just that…I need to know…its , ehm, just that a ‘friend’ of mine wants to have a wank to the middle picture…

    This friend is not me.
    Its someone entirely different.
    Different, that is. Not me. Oh, no.

    If it is you, then you are a fine looking woman. If its not you then you are not a fine looking woman.

    Well, thats what I think…I mean …what my FRIEND thinks….

    I’m off to, erm..wash my hair.

  18. Sod the T shirt. Im lovin the panties…..Hey.. swindle…you can’t enlarge the pics. Arse!!!!

    Anyway back to the panties….are they for sale?

    • So ok you can enlarge the t shirts. Boo hiss!!

      Panties! panties! Panties! Paaaaaaanties!!!

      • Hysteria will get you nowhere Tom Laird. Red wine and gardenias are a different story….

  19. Hey girl, why not have panty friday, i’d be up for that!

  20. Lovin’ the t-shirt and so want your gorgeous tanned thighs… superb dear NM as always & thank you for the link my friend 🙂 x

  21. Skull T-shirts are always the right choice.

    • Thanks gullybogan – I’ve got several so expect to see more. Why don’t you join in for June’s T shirt Friday?

  22. Why not make june a wet T-shirt friday! After all the weather is somewhat inclement, and what with it being so cold I’m sure there’ll be a few headlights, I err mean highlights!

    Ahh the middle picture, the mystery of the laser work.

    I can confirm jesusbudda that that is indeed our good nurse in the photos, she takes a good picture, not much good at strip Mah jong though – keeps losing (suits me).

    The King

    • thanks for the confirmation King Willy

  23. @ King Willy: “I can confirm jesusbudda that that is indeed our good nurse in the photos”

    – Well, thats a load off my…er…MIND!

  24. Oh no, I was away from the Internet for much of Friday and couldn’t let you know I was in for T-Shirt Friday.

    Gotta love the underrated sexiness and simplicity of a woman in just a t-shirt and panties.

  25. Damn, that’s cute! I may just participate next month, I’ve got a hankering for some new tees…

  26. Well myra, what follows T-shirt Friday?
    I’m atwitter with anticipation.

  27. I would so love to look that good in a t-shirt.

  28. Ah my heart sores even in the face of a skull and crossbones.

  29. I still like your shot. I have answered your Corset Friday with my own version, Non-corset Sunday. Hope you can stop by.

  30. Oooh, the whole Nick Cave/Kylie duet springs to mind. Love that song.

  31. Cool t-shirt. Right up my alley…

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