corset friday 5.6.2009

Today’s corset has pretty straps trimmed in diamante and fake feathers. The lengthwise image can be enlarged for a better glimpse, they proved quite difficult to photograph

black again 028

black again 008 black again 036 black again 010

and here’s one of the outtakes which I’ve included as it shows how red the streaks in my hair are. I heard one of the patients say to another today. “How do you think she gets that colour in her hair?” Her cellmate friend replied “She doesn’t do anything, I think it’s natural.”

black again 022

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  1. Natural, eh? That conjures up some images that the corsets–though nice–keep hidden. Superb, as always.

  2. love the gemstones and feathers, but then i’m a drag queen at heart!

  3. ‘I heard one of the patients say to another today. “How do you think she gets that colour in her hair?” Her cellmate friend replied “She doesn’t do anything, I think it’s natural.”’

    You should start dying their hair when they sleep, just for shits a giggles.

    Feathers and diamante, very exotic.

  4. Is there such a thing as a tear-away corset? One that can be ripped apart without actually damaging it? I think that would be fun.

    • all mine are very secure 😉

  5. Très chic, chiquitín.

  6. What a way to say Hello to Friday! Saturday is SO jealous I just KNOW it.

  7. Sparkles! X

    • Hello darlin’

      the sparkles are just for you xx

  8. Fancy!

    The King

  9. Ah, red hair. You know how I feel about red hair.

  10. I had an ex girlfriend who’s eyes were that color. She said it was natural, too.

  11. Cool, nurse. And when I say cool, I mean hot, hot, hot.

    A lady’s hair is always her natural colour.

  12. And freckles too…. I LOVE freckles…….

  13. Nurse! Come hither!

    I need a foot message at once!

  14. What’s diamante?

    • Look up and to the left

  15. I’m beginning to wonder how big your wardrobe is …….

  16. Do the curtains match the carpet, as it were?

  17. Ooooh! Shiny!

  18. The tantalizing beginning “Today’s corset” leads me to think that there are other corsets elsewhere on this site. I may have to spend some time looking for them. Hmmmmm.

    • they only appear on a Friday

  19. Hmmm… but do the curtains match the carpet is what I really want to know.

    • Jimmy! You’re back…. I’ll be right over

  20. But of course it’s natural. We never thought anything else!

  21. Hey, what are you hiding behind your back?

  22. loving the diamanté subtle thing also your red streaks .. really loving the fact that some one thinks that the blood red streaks are natural lol .. life’s rich pattern.. don’t you just love it? [a timely reminder I must shock and stun and get my pink streaks put back in!!] 🙂

  23. oooh…..lovely mask.

    who’s the woman in the b&w photo? intriguing shot…

    • The mask was a birthday present some years back from my good friend Martino. The black and white photo is of me, taken when I was 44…..

  24. Have you considered a photograph of your smiling face? I am not suggesting a head corset but if you really want to share, the eyes are the windows of the blog.

    Phil Indeblank

  25. This is one of those moments at my computer where I want to get down on my hands and knees and thank God I was born a man!

    OMG! You’re going to give me a heart attack one of these days.

  26. just by chance I came in and remembered that it was corset Friday! My INCREDIBLE Good Fortune! Photos pf partially dressed sexy women are my second favorite type of photograph of sexy women.

  27. It’s natural like blue jellybeans are natural…

  28. I like Corset Friday.
    Why can’t there by a corset Saturday?
    Or Sunday?

    Or every day of the week?

  29. Very pretty!

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