it’s electrifying

electrostatic voltmeter

Kinsey spent some time studying the effects of sexual intercourse on men with cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. He noticed that the benefits obtained (relief of leg stiffness and muscle spasms) lingered on for some time afterward. Further research showed that a session with a rectal probe electroejaculator could ease spasticity for up to eight hours.  

rubex 19

Two of our patients at the Gimcrack have multiple sclerosis so perhaps it’s time to do a little research of my own……


“Electro sex equipment is usually expensive sophisticated electronic gear adapted to specific requirements, however it occurred to us that most people already have something in their own home that produces very similar electronic output. 


with a few simple connections you route the electrical signals normally sent to the speakers through your genitals.”

Nursemyra has not attempted sexual intercourse with her stereo system and doubts that she ever will. But who needs my endorsement when others say it so much better…..

I saw this in HBO and must try it” C & J from New York

I too, am an electronics engineer. This is ingenious” D from Georgia


“I hooked this up through the sound card in my computer and WOW with the MIDI I blow my own mind C from Washington, DC

“I am elderly and for years I have been so frustrated until you came along” V from Oklahoma

“I am a sound engineer and have a whole studio at my disposal. Some of the sound files I have created are beyond belief” J from Toronto

“I have tied a few different things but yours takes the cake” T from Nevada


” I saw this on HBO, and must try it”. C. & J. New

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  1. I must admit that for a while back in the early seventies, we did indeed experiment with electricity and the non payers scrotums.

    After a while the sheer pleasure of inflicting pain on bad debtors began to play havoc with my social timetable. It wasn’t long before we returned to the trusty hatchet and outstretched fingers.

    Less fun agreed, but time was money back in the day.

  2. So long as the hatchet was trusty not rusty

  3. Ah, so that’s why everyone is crazy about ‘that electronic organ sound’ lately!

    I’ll be firing up the convolution reverbs and routing it to my low frequency extension quick smart!

  4. sadly, a yodeling soundtrack gives the most incredible electrical pleasure. so i’ve been told…

  5. I’m still giggling at the safe word pic, too classic!

  6. Gee I think the one bit of gear I’ve overlooked for my studio is the ‘rectal probe electroejaculator’, sounds like it could work wonders with the bottom end!

    Thanks Nursie 🙂


    The King

    • Just make sure you also buy plenty of diapers as certain notes could cause you to lose your bowels.

      • oh bearman I sincerely hope you mean lose CONTROL of one’s bowels. Would hate for anyone to have the whole kit and kaboodle drop out on the road somewhere

  7. Actually I just went to the link where ‘every man and woman becomes an orgasm machine’. Looks a lot safer than Kung Foo – poor old David eh?

    The King

    • That link is seriously graphic. I hope your eyeballs aren’t scarred by the experience

      • Still working!

  8. Is it worse to be found dead of auto-erotic asphyxiation gone wrong or of accidentally electrocuting yourself with wires hooked to your genitals? I’m not sure of the answer.

    • the equipment needs to be properly placed — no crossing the ol’ heart — or you can go quickly from “le petit mort” to “le grand nap du dirt”…

      • daisyfae you really crack me up

  9. I used to say of a local hound dog that he had stuck it in everything but the light socket — now I may have to revise that.

  10. “most people already have something in their own home”

    Would an electric toothbrush suffice as a passable “rectal probe electroejaculator” 😉

    • I hesitate to offer a medical opinion on that idea duncan. Let me know how it goes 😉

  11. Love your blog…will be back for more! :p

    • don’t try putting any of these things in your ear Sabrina. I read about your recent mishap.

      • Hahahahahaha! I’ll try my best not to :p

  12. **she imagines the electric toothbrush idea**

    • Hi Lyn, welcome to the Gimcrack

      • Interesting, very interesting…another great post.

  13. We need convincing research that proves botty sex is good for you. I have been trying to convince the missus that it cures every ailment from colds to painful knee joints for years but she just won’t believe me.

  14. Just think of the electricity bill …… shocking

  15. I think they should have this set-up in every nursing home. I’ve seen too many frustrated men (and some women) with CP and MS who don’t have the ability to masturbate. And maybe a special therapy nurse to run the equipment. I would volunteer.

  16. I tend to stay clear of anything involving electricity … far too shocking for me lol 🙂

  17. You know myra, a cattle prod is already the right shape, as it were. But then if you couldn’t dial down the amperage, you’d be launching lovers out the window.

  18. I used to be afraid of electricity until I heard here that it had a sense of humor


  19. …still wondering if people are more kinky now or in the past…

  20. Fascinating stuff, as always, Nurse Myra.

    “a rectal probe electroejaculator”

    A phrase for the ages.

  21. Would it be able to fry the genitals off my landlord?

  22. I am resoundingly inspired to go out to the garage and dig up my old quadrophonic stereo system. Who cares if the lamination is peeling off the speakers- I have a feeling it is going to look better than ever in this new light. I believe I’ll start with “Switched On Bach.”

    Ohm Onderange

    • resoundingly huh? Let me know how that goes for you. We can do a follow up study

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