I can prove it’s not a prosthesis


I’d never thought about a career in urology before, but the members of the Urology Association have hosted some pretty exciting conferences. The setting is the 1983 Las Vegas meeting of the American Urological Association…… 

Bottoms up

Accounts of the details of Professor Brindley’s 1983 Las Vegas presentation vary, but almost all agree on certain points:

  1. Dr. Brindley’s research focused on what is now commonly called erectile dysfunction and included injecting his own penis with 33 drugs prior to making the original discovery that phenoxybenzamine, an alpha-blocking smooth muscle relaxant that works as a non-specific vasodilator, would result in an erection.
  2. Prior to his presentation, Dr. Brindley privately injected his own penis with phenoxybenzamine.
  3. During his presentation, entitled something along the lines of ‘Vaso-active Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction,” Dr. Brindley revealed (a) the fact that he had injected himself with phenoxybenzamine and (b) the results of that action – his fully erect penis.
  4. The audience – consisting primarily of physicians who spent much of their professional lives performing examinations of the sort that tend to jade ones response to male genitalia – gasped.
  5. Brindley, a former athlete, then proved he was not using a silicone prosthesis, by descending from the stage to the audience, inviting them to inspect his erect penis.
    As Dr. Irwin Goldstein, a Boston University urologist who was present for Dr. Brindley’s presentation, describes it, “He walked down the aisle and let us touch it. People couldn’t believe it wasn’t an implant.”
    pipe dream
    NOT Professor Brindley

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  1. This is the first one of your posts that I actually remember as real. Not that the others aren’t but this one I actually heard this story.

    • don’t you wish you’d been at that conference?

  2. Urologists! Helluva buncha guys, eh?

  3. this is much better than my conferences. [furiously preparing applications to med school…]

  4. special. those madcaps.

  5. I would think a good carpet cleaning company could handle bukkake. In fact I can picture a coupon insert in an ad mailing. “Steam and stretch 2 rooms $65; bukkake special, $79”

    • Too funny sledpress.

      • Bukkake… and heres me thinking it was a japanese resturant.

  6. I agree….why can’t all medical conferences be like that…complete with a ‘Show & Tell’

  7. [gasp] He impressed the urologists? Something I haven’t been able to do – – –

  8. I’m sure he received a standing ovation.

  9. what a proud man he must have been that day!

  10. Dr. Brindley actually didn’t make that much of an impression ….. unless you measure in millimetres. Apparently had to walk through the audience so that people could see it ……

  11. Do ya think “bukkake” has been used in the “Word Power” section of Readers Digest?

  12. Not fair to tease us with the Not Professor Brindley.

  13. Y’know, my penis does not get this kind of reaction.

    Thats why I only take it out for small numbers of people, usually in a darkened room full of leather goods.

    • A handbag storeroom?

  14. Yes, but could he expel a centipede from his rod? That would have been memorable.

    • Best reply ever!

  15. What can I say? The splendidly funny T shirt cost me twenty minutes of cleaning coffee from the keyboard.

    • just my good deed of the day

  16. I bet after his discovery that phenoxybenzamine got him erect the good doctor said “If only I found this out sooner, I would have saved myself the trouble of those 33 other injections into my penis.”

    Also, if you’re going to bukkake in a carpeted room, invest in a plastic tarp. That’s what the watersports people do.

  17. I’m at a loss for words on this one. Great story!

  18. I guess it was all in the name of medicine, right? I’m so glad I was not a doctor in attendance. Would it have been seen as rude NOT to touch and refuse his offer? I’d be rude then.

  19. As we old nurses say, “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all.” Nope, I would have passed on that conference. Don’t want to window shop, as it were.

  20. oh yea. that spontaneous orgasm stuff is true.

    i saw it on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. hah.

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