a pinch of salt


Princess Soltykoff was the pseudonym of Margaret Prebble, a conwoman who operated in the early 1900s. She used grand but fake addresses such as Haydock Lodge (a lunatic asylum), Arundel Square (where she had been a nurse) and Brighton’s Metropole Hotel.

tired nurses

Described as “enchantingly beautiful” she impersonated Lady Muriel Paget in an attempt to defraud shopkeepers and also pretended to be a cousin of the Marquess of Anglesey. She claimed to have married the Russian prince, Alexis Soltykoff, though this could not be substantiated.


(image scanned from Prince Soltykoff’s book of Indian Travels)

When not conning rich folk out of their money, she supported herself by working as a nurse. Here is an excerpt from the British Journal of Nursing 1906 as they reported on their wayward sister

“The police regard her as an adventuress and a liar.  The police stated that she has had four or five situations as a nurse since her last incarceration. We wonder who employed her?

Her present husband had done his best for his wife but she seemed beyond control, breaking out when under the influence of drugs and drink.

drunk nurse

Let us hope before the expiration of the very lenient sentence of 18 months hard labour, the State Registration of Trained Nurses will be in force and Mrs Prebble will find herself outside the pale of the Register.


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  1. Nurse are you trying to tell us something with this story? Are you nurse by day con artist/cat burglar/swindler by night?

  2. Yes yes…i\’m as curious as Ricardo…spill please!

    • I’ll leave it up to your imagination guys…..

  3. It\’s all about making people feel better.

  4. She must not have been that good if she had to take up nursing on the side. UNLESS that was her in to the invalid

  5. Some of the other stories on the page of the British Nursing Journal are just as interesting as this one. Unfortunately for all, The Nurses Act wasn’t passed in Britain until 1919, and didn’t become effective until 1923, giving Ms. Prebble plenty of time to continue defrauding the public.

  6. Now my brain hurts from going cross-eyed to make that stereograph be all 3D…

    • About 6-8 inches away from the screen, let your eyes spread OUTWARDS as if you were looking at one of those computer generated 3D pictures which just look like dots. You will eventually see three images. If you concentrate on the central image, it is in 3D. (Assuming you have two eyes and are not a one-eyed Collingwood supporter)

      • You’re right Archie! It took a while but i got it

  7. Those nurses were so mean to her! Just because she was a little adventurous they got jealous and picked on her.

  8. I would hazard a guess that your minds eye is on a similiar level to my own. We are both fucked up.

    I doubt that there is any other blog on the internet as original as this beauty. Bravo doll.

    • *blushing* Thanks Jimmy xx

  9. I’m going to have nightmares now because of that pic

  10. “…beyond control, breaking out when under the influence of drugs and drink.

    well, d’uh! what the hell else do you do when you’re under the influence of drugs and drink? write sonnets? build rockets? read the bible?

    • rofl Daisyfae :-D… mind you there been some fantastic music written in this state ….:-D

  11. “enchantingly beautiful” works for me whatever …… *swoon*

  12. Is that book your biography?

  13. Good Lord! Keeping me on my toes with that last pic nursemyra. That’s just wrong! (freaky but wrong)

  14. I always make sure my labour is hard.

  15. Does evry drunk nurse gnaw on a bone like that?

    Or is that jus wishful thinkin?

    • Given half a chance I’d gnaw on a bone all day long

  16. Yes, Joey, nurses DO ‘gnaw on a bone like that’, even if it is allegorically speaking.

    My beautiful wife is a nurse. I always tease her after her ‘hard days work’ and ask how many pillows she puffed up.

    really pisses her off…

    hee hee

  17. 18 months doesn’t sound so bad for a con job or three. Wonder what “hard labour” meant for a woman in those days though? What a feast that nurse is having …

  18. Oooh! A stereographic image of naked nurses! I AM impressed!

    • It’s just for you Reverend 😉

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