corset friday 19/6/2009

my son has taken my camera to prague so I’m resorting to the out takes file this week. I love the fabric in this old boned and moulded corset top. the scarf was a present from my well travelled friend Martino. I think it was from Cambodia though it may have come from India. He’s been so many places it’s hard to keep track…..

out take 1 out take 2

out take 3 out take 4

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  1. Oooohh me likey….corsets are just soo soo sexy! Love the 4th pixx especially *drooooool*

  2. Is that the dance of the single veil, Nursie? It must feel good against your skin.

  3. Well, they say recycling is a good thing. In this case, I wholeheartedly agree.

  4. love the little black bowties on the corset! great idea on what to do with all those scarves i brought back from cambodia, vietnam and thailand, too!

  5. delicious as always and a wonderful way to wake up to Friday here. and those gams are wonderful encased in those stockings. and the last? *grrrr*

  6. Tsk. Was this post really necessary? Why, of corset was!

    • hi Atlas Cerise, welcome to the Gimcrack. any friend of tetherdcow is a friend of mine

  7. πŸ˜‰

  8. pierced nips eh, you know this sort of thing drives me nuts when i am hung… tease…

  9. Boned becomes you.

    • Being boned regularly would be better

      • Shush, there’ll be a queue halfway across Oz…. LOL

  10. Careful with the wristwatch close to the body jewelry. πŸ˜‰

  11. Friday is a good day…

  12. outtakes rule

  13. Okay, maybe I’m looking at the photos too closely, but are there scenes printed on the fabric of that rather elegant corset? Love the scarf, too. But I’m a sucker for beautiful fabrics.

    • Yes there are images of 18 century bucolic pastimes – fishing, picnics, frolicking dogs, a man playing a lute under a tree

  14. That is really pretty.

  15. i see you are kickin’ it up a notch with the last image. i’ll let Rip know so he can look too. like the corset, where (country) did you buy from?

    • All my corsets have been purchased in Australia with the exception of four, one each from New York, London, Rome and Barcelona. I think those ones were featured on various corset fridays last year. If you type Spain into my search engine you can see the lime green one from Barcelona with the added attraction of daisyfae

  16. You winked at us; D

  17. Lovely color, soft, a vibrant sheen, elegant…oh, and the scarf is nice too.

  18. Psssst – your wotchermercallit has escaped …… shusssssh

  19. That there is one lucky scarf.

    And don’t worry about dipping into the archives. Your new readers probably haven’t seen it and your old readers need to be reminded of it.

  20. Gosh Nurse Myra,…. how do you manage to get through airport security? Do you have to remove them and put then in the tray for the x-ray machine or do you set the scanner off and go for the body search?

  21. Only one nipple is pierced Bruce, the other one is still pristine πŸ™‚

    I’d be more worried about the metal in my hip setting off the scanner – but it’s never happened yet…..

  22. Lovely bucolic corset! Displayed for maximum effect.

  23. you wild woman you!! πŸ˜‰

  24. Nice! will be back for more…

  25. You could use a scanner. Remember You could start

  26. myra,if this keeps up (heh) you’ll be featured in spassfabrik.

    • Then I’ll really know I’ve made the big time….

  27. Very pretty. And I love the colour of that scarf.

  28. Hah, I thought the last few were a bit tame, now of course the ‘out-takes’ are back. Keep up the good work, you make me think evil thoughts!

    The King

  29. Oh good god. Do you need a photographer who’s discrete and professional? πŸ˜‰ The wife won’t mind (I hope).

  30. I think the outtake file needs to be explored more in depth if for nothing more than my own selfish needs.

  31. That is one beautiful corset- shame it has to be covered up at all!

  32. No wonder men are always biased towards one breast than the other.
    The scarf does look Indian. Type ‘Choli’ and do a image search, you may like it.

    • I did as you instructed – the fabrics used are really beautiful, as are the women modelling them

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