I love a new word and today I discovered a very sexy one indeed. Apophallation. From “apo” as in detach and “phallus” as in penis.  Or as it is known in the world of banana slugs – the art of chewing your partner’s meat off.


“So what is so interesting about banana slugs!? Well, these slugs are hermaphrodites, which means that they can act as both males and females. When they mate, they insert their penises into each other at the same time. The unusual thing (in case you don’t find that unusual enough!) is that sometimes, but not always, when they finish mating one slug will chew the penis completely off the other, a process called Apophallation. Sometimes it happens that both slugs engage in chewing so that at the end of the mating encounter, both slugs are penis-less.”

The castrated males become obligatory females and the eater gets to produce many offspring. Those that are very successful can amass a harem of castrated slugs.


Okay, I bet this has got my male readers crossing their legs. And I may have turned a few female readers off their chocolate for at least the next half hour. If reading about slug sex has made you feel queasy then DO NOT click the link at the bottom of this post. Just look at this pretty picture by Elvgren instead. You can read all about him and see more of his lovely work here


You have been warned………………………………………….. NSFW link

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  1. I took a photo of a real banana slug a couple of years ago when visiting the redwoods in northern California. I’ll send you the jpeg if you’re interested.

  2. How cruelly ironic that a species of slug that is best known for its phallophagic tendencies should be labelled the Banana Slug.

    I expect “Sausage Slug” was taken.

    I betsta go follow that link now…

  3. I think if a slug ate my cock that would easily qualify as my worst day ever. Even worse than losing my job at Benevolent Dictators, Inc.

    • I just clicked on the banana slug link. Puked my morning bagel all over my lap. Thanks a lot!

      • Hey! I DID warn you……

  4. I wonder if anyone will reach this page by searching on the phrase “harem of castrated slugs.”

  5. So in th slug-world, success is measurd by (a) how seldom yer dick has been in somone elses mouf, (b) how many eunuchs you got followin you around, (c) how many babys youve had, and (d) whethr you still got yer own dick.

    Heck! If if wernt fer (d), Id be prayin to fail!

  6. Wait a minute. Your nip hanging out is SFW but a slug covered Penis isn’t? ha ha

  7. i think i have an explanation.
    everyone knows how satisfying it feels
    to smoke a cigarette after sex…
    but poor banana slugs don’t even have
    dried bananas to smoke, so what else to do?

  8. I’m at work and the final link was block. it’s wrong, I tell ya, just wrong.

  9. Banana Slugs is the nick name of University of California Santa Cruz.. They have some cool T Shirts. Travolta wore one in Pulp Fiction. 🙂


  10. Not clicking ….. not clicking ……. not clicking ….

  11. I’m curious, but not that curious. I’ll just have to let my imagination take over. 🙂

  12. I find Elvgren’s work very soothing, especially after clicking that link. Pin-up girls make the screaming stop.

  13. I knew I shouldn’t look. I just knew it.

  14. I have had a lover go at me orally so hard that I thought I was going to be ophalliated (sp?) but that really just added to the thrill.

  15. Ha, its like having a big red button with the words ‘do not push button’ written on it. As soon as you say something ‘isn’t safe’, you know people are going to click it…

    As for the pic, I really shouldn’t have clicked.

  16. I was too much of a coward to click on the link. But this whole thing made me think how horribly sexist and unfair the situation is. We men can’t completely desex our partners simply by chewing. I feel left out, and oh so horribly exposed.

  17. I have unfortunately seen these slug pictures before. Someone sent me a link once. I don’t get it. While we humans may not practice the literal form of apophallation, I think some men who have been slighted can say it has happened figuratively.

  18. The entire slug fest is a kind of phallus-y !

  19. Now this is the way I like my science.

  20. Banana slugs also infest Washington. I’ve had a couple in my home a time or two. If I’d know what they were up to, I’d have watched instead of throwing them out.

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