corset friday 5.6.2009

Today’s corset has pretty straps trimmed in diamante and fake feathers. The lengthwise image can be enlarged for a better glimpse, they proved quite difficult to photograph

black again 028

black again 008 black again 036 black again 010

and here’s one of the outtakes which I’ve included as it shows how red the streaks in my hair are. I heard one of the patients say to another today. “How do you think she gets that colour in her hair?” Her cellmate friend replied “She doesn’t do anything, I think it’s natural.”

black again 022

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panting for it

I like my men to go commando. But for those who are not comfortable with airing their testicles all the time, there are quite a few options on the market these days.

Pikante specialise in mesh fabrics and clever designs like these hand job briefs

hand job 

Spandex Men is a website devoted to boys who like to wear… well… spandex….

 Spandex men in swimwear and the benefits of wearing fem style swimwear for man who has a small penis. Spandex men at times are being forced to wear a g-string is a type of humiliation for most men but it has its sexy side too. Most spandex men are into the fetish fun and wear spandex bikinis, thongs and other tiny bits not only for how hot they look but how aroused they get.


There are also massage pants for men featuring high performance rechargeable batteries for exclusive use, energy and security. These have been around for a while so just click the link through to geekologie if you haven’t already seen them.

It’s not all about the men though. Japanese Massage Slimming Pants are for women. Particularly women with unusual features.

Wear during the day, night & sleeping, wearing for exercise can speed up calorie consumption! Improve the waist lines of the merger movement to speed up improvements to the elephant legs carrot legs and abdomen prominent phenomenon.

Patents have been granted for pants that absorb the offensive smell of farts and there’s even a Sound Muffling Anal Pad patent. If wearing one of these doesn’t appeal you may like to follow the advice at Educated Fart Analysis.

In social situations where the sound of flatulence would be particularly inappropriate a temporary remedy can be obtained by placing a piece of cotton wool or toilet tissue about 4 cm into the anus. If this is done whilst squatting then closure of the buttocks will hold it in place for a considerable period of time. This keeps the anus dry and reduces the velocity of the gas discharge, both of which help to prevent noisy events.


For acute situations, it is recommended to spread the buttocks, so as to stretch open the sphincter while the gas is passed. This is best accomplished by sitting on one buttock, shifting body weight laterally, then putting the body weight on the other buttock. The opening will not snap shut and the passage will be silent. If done incorrectly, however, this may result in a characteristic high-pitched squeal.


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protect your garden produce by irrumation

Priapus was thought to be the son of Dionysus and Aphrodite. As well as being the god of fertility, he was also known as the protector of horticulture.


As a watcher Priapus warns thieves and transgressors, threatening to sodomise or to sexually penalize in any other way whoever dares to steal the garden’s greens and fruits (following epigrams collected by Smithers & Burton in Priapeia):

“I warn you, my lad, you will be sodomised; you, my girl, I shall futter; for the thief who is bearded, a third punishment remains.”


“… If I do seize you … you shall be so stretched that you will think your anus never had any wrinkles.”


The third punishmen treferred to in the Epigram is irrumation or coition with the mouth. The Romans regarded irrumation as a far more shameful vice than sodomy. In the Kama Sutra a chapter is devoted to ‘Mouth Congress’, in which the process is divided into eight stages:

1 The nominal congress
2 Biting the sides
3 Pressing outside
4 Pressing inside
5 Kissing
6 Rubbing
7 Sucking a mango fruit and
8 Swallowing up.


 If the threat of punishment by  irrumation were to be resurrected I predict a sudden corresponding rise in the theft of root vegetables…….

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are three testicles too many?

Regular readers may remember a couple of years ago I wrote about Serge Voronoff, the Russian-born emigre who transplanted monkey gonads into human recipients.

rebellious monkey

In 1920 Professor Frank Lydston was impressed enough to have scrotal surgery himself. He had a third testicle implanted between the two he already had. Not only did his extra ball supposedly grant him an increase in sexual power and vigourous prolonged erections, it also lowered blood pressure, staved off senility and halted arteriosclerosis in its tracks.

He also claimed, after performing the procedure on a 22 year old man, that it cured him of “writing incoherent rambling dissertations on architecture.”



Lydston only used human testicles in his transplants while Voronoff used mainly chimpanzees and the occasional baboon. Baboons have much larger balls than chimps, so Voronoff divided these in two, giving his patients half each.

Another scientist who dallied with rejuvenating operations via the testicles was Steinach. Judge for yourself the successful change in his patient below

before and after

image found here

trial by impotence

France in the 17th century was not kind to the impotent as the inability to consummate a marriage* was grounds for divorce. Women who wanted to be rid of their husbands would accuse them of not being able to maintain an erection and it was then up to the husband to prove that he could.

please dave

A hands-on testimony could be demanded by either party to a case, either to prove or to disprove accusations of sexual inability under any of the three heads of valid sexual congress, be it erection,intromission, or ejaculation

Simply achieving an erection was not enough. Instead, literally hordes of experts would poke, prod, molest, and scrutinise the penis, assessing it for size, tensile strength, hardness, and curvature, all of which were deemed to play a part in ensuring capacity for intercourse.


Furthermore, the volume, size, and pendulosity of the “cullions” or testicles was also open for debate. Given all that, it really is no surprise that even with the greatest “libidinous provocation” of the duly assigned matrons in the case, having one’s member handled by a bevy of critics, combined with the pressure of knowing that this particular stiffy was nearly all that stood between the candidate and the loss of half his worldly goods, was almost certain to render even the most hot-blooded male barely able even to present a semi.


Even where the sexual capacity of the woman was not in question, a genital examination was still carried out as a matter of course. Why? Because if the man that the unfortunate woman married was indeed impotent, then she’d still be a virgin, at least in theory. Therefore it was necessary to discern such a state, not an easy task by any token. Theories abounded. Some thought that after she were deflowered, the maiden’s nose would change from a rounded, chubby shape to a more gaunt and pointy mien. Others looked for it in the manner in which she walked. But one system which most tended to agree on was a genital examination, in order to detect a hymen or the tight, narrow character which, to the minds of the alleged experts, signified that the woman had yet to experience penetration.

handwrench by martus

Even if her privy parts were found to be too distended, this was still not a cast-iron disproof of the impotence allegation. As one trial lawyer put it, a woman’s husband might “have done more work with his ten fingers over the past year than thought possible.”


*from Trial by Congress by Hazelnut

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